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Merald Drive was a great experience for me in many ways witness and to be apart of it’s birth with creator Marc VanClaggett.  I learned first had what it was like to put together the musical pieces of magic, fine tuning and where the music comes from in the depth of the soul of this artist.  Marc has had many years experience in this industry but it is almost like he is coming into a new stage with excitement and passion for himself to share with others.  Yes, artist on a whole creates for the the enjoyment and pleasure of others but always remember that art, music is something that come from within themselves and is very personal with stories of their own.  Some stories will may come to learn as others is strictly up to our interpretation.

Originally, at Marlex Records planned to release this album in 2012 and obstacles came into play almost making the labor of it’s birth so challenging.  I knew that  this was part of her story and there needed to be a delay.  Many do not know stories that go into the process of creation and producing.  With many artist, there is just that one thing that needs to be changed or tweaked.  This rings very true when it comes to Marc VanClaggett.  Merald Drive was my true experience into understanding the sound as I heard some of the pieces change over time and learned to really hear the change.

Windsor Mill Road is one I listened to in variation as as this particular piece took on the life of it’s own through the loss of a dear friend and Marc’s father in 2012.  So when I listen to it, I understand.  You would have loved the first version and even the 2nd but what you get to experience today from Windsor Mill Road is Marc VanClaggett’s heart.  Close your eyes and listen. (Windsor Mill Road is Dedicated to John Wesley, Marc’s father)

I have said it time and time again, how proud I am of this man’s work ethics, creativity and heart.  I thank him for allowing me to experience the music in a new way and to learn and grow from his industry knowledge along with allowing me to explore my own path to enhance what we do at Marlex Records.

Yes, Marc VanClaggett is the create of the music but Merald Drive feels like my baby too.

Please check out snippets of Merald Drive at CD Baby but to let you in on a secret if you purchase it through Marlex Records or off any of the other sites I listed above…We make the most money from this fine piece of music magic.

We just want you to have a copy of your own so it really does not matter from which site you purchase it…just get your copy TODAY, help spread the word and then send us an email with your personal review on your own experience to:

Enjoy the journey onto and into Merald Drive by Marc VanClaggett…Make it personal and your own!

Susan “”Lady Flava” Koshi

Marlex Records Business Manager

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Merald Drive is Now Available on CD Baby at:

Merald Drive is also Available at:


The HOTSPOT Ward 8 Book Festival (Washington D.C.)


The HOTSPOT Ward 8 Book Festival

LaCarey Entertainment, LLC is proud to announce that we are bringing the first book festival to Ward 8 in Southeast Washington, DC. The HOTSPOT~ Book Festival will be held on Saturday June 15th, 2013 at 1202 W Street, SE. The corner of MLK, Jr., Ave. and Chicago Street SE across from the famous D.C. landmark “The Big Chair”. Lamont Carey, the President and CEO of LaCarey Entertainment created The HOTSPOT as a way to combat illiteracy and to make published authors (especially local authors) accessible to impoverished communities where we can ignite the desire to read, write and support the aspirations of authors. We need your support.

LaCarey Entertainment, LLC has made a difference in communities by providing individuals with opportunities to experience their dreams in the arts. We offer a variety of creative services that center around developing confident and creatively dynamic artists. The HOTSPOT furthers our mission of supporting artists reach their fullest potential by bringing authors and publishers into impoverished communities where high illiteracy rates exist. This event aims to inspire a passion for reading and writing as the authors create a lasting impact on the lives of people who don’t normally read or have the opportunity to meet published authors’. The HOTSPOT also provides an opportunity for the authors and community to interact and communicate through relevant panel discussions, booth presence and the availability of authors books for purchase.

We are expecting to attract over 500 book lovers and residents from around the DMV.

Funded by DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities


We are still accepting Published Authors and Vendors for The HOTSPOT~Ward 8 Book Festival. You can check out some of the authors now at Book Festivals and stroll down. Did you know we are also having an Open Mic/karaoke at the Festival? And did you know it’s funded by DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities? Plus we have some very exciting sponsors! More about the sponsors coming soon! Bring your father or a father to celebrate Father’s Day with Reading and Supporting Authors. It is such a pleasure to be working with so many talented folks. They can’t wait to get to know my talented friends on here who just love to read.

For more information about The HOTSPOT Ward 8 Book Festival, go to:

UPDATE on The HOTSPOT~Ward 8 Book Festival.

May 31, 2013

 We added an OPEN MIC with Karaoke so that the community can showcase their family friendly talents. The authors will be able to utilize this to give synopsis of their works! Plus, you know we have Face Painting by A Goddess Journey. All of this to celebrate reading, writing and living your dream!

June 6, 2013

There are close to 70 authors attending The HOTSPOT~Ward 8 Book Festival and over a 100 books that have been written by them! Plus, there is an Open Mic/ Kaeroke where you can perform. THEN THERE ARE PANELS THAT WILL TELL U HOW TO WRITE AND PROMOTE that book u have been meaning to write. I cant think of a better place to b next sat! Bring a father and buy him a book. See banners and flyers for further detail. See you there!

This event is funded by DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities. Vending space still available.

‘Indie’ The Indie Artist Story

Soul City Radioimages

Soul City Radio and Associates are raising funds to go towards the filming of our company’s first documentary, entitled ‘Indie’. ‘Indie’ is a documentary that aims to introduce it’s audience to the world of the Indie artist. Their hopes, dreams, struggles, failures, successes, passion and love for music. These artists down have the backing of ever-turning music industrial machine. They do it for the love of the music and the dreams they’ve always had of creating it.


As we seek grants and funders, you too can get involved as a sponsor, by giving an in-kind donation at:


“Indie” The Indie Artist Story…It deserves to be told!


Sominar (Soul+Mind+Art)

Soul City Radio

SOMINAR will be every 2nd Sunday from 11am-2pm starting June 9, 2013 at Axum Lounge in Washington, DC!!
SOMINAR (Soul + Mind + Art)

SOMINAR (Soul+Mind+Art) is a networking social event with the primary goal to provide a social atmosphere for professionals in every discipline to network. This is to be achieved by adhering to three basic tenants:

1) Fostering an organic networking experience in each community that SOMINAR is in.

2) Engaging the respective communities in areas of concern, fostering community outreach, and raising social awareness of issues prominent to each community.

3) Promoting awareness of music and the arts in each of the respective communities, particularly independent artists.

Each month independent music lovers, entrepreneurs and promoters will have the opportunity to come together and network in a relaxed environment to exchange information, listen and view work from great local and regional independent artist and learn about

SOMINAR will also serve to help raise awareness for Be The Match®, an organization that offers the unique opportunity to help a patient in need by donating bone marrow or umbilical cord blood.

Chaquis Maliq Music is our first ever SOMINAR feature!!! Sunday, June 9, 2013!!!


JOIN US AT Sominar on Facebook:

ATTN: Seattle Actors…Auditions are taking place on Saturday, June 29, 2013


****ONE NIGHT ONLY******
Lavarious & Co. Studios will be coming to “SEATTLE, WA”




AUDITIONS FOR Lavarious & Co. Studios
Saturday June 29, 2013
Embassy Suites
… … 15920 West Valley Hwy,
Seattle, WA 98188


Send your headshot and resume to

For more info contact Erinn Fleeks @ 206-805-9990

Once you submit your headshot, we will schedule you for an audition

Are You With Me In Building Flava News Movement?


This week I am committing to myself to spend sometime in thought and respected conversation to see how I can set up Flava News to create win wins with Artists, Fans and Sponsors. I have established relationships around the world that are working with me, want to work with me or want to join the UTAE Movement in showcasing artists. I am committed to supporting artists and introducing fans to some new flava.

There is so much in place right now that I could make moves for Flava News and Artists if I had the money. In the past I tried to push a membership only movement charging just $1.00 per month in the beginning to moving it to $5.00 per month to help put a financial foundation under this movement to better support artists. It worked well at first and covered the expense of the radio show and then died off and life got in the way. But it felt like I was begging for support to support you instead of you seeing the strength you had to be apart of a movement. Do you honestly know if half of you or if even 1/4 of you gave a dollar every month to Flava News…what I could do. Think about it, look at what I have created with nothing. Flava News is not about me. God put me here to serve others and to find ways to support the underdogs.

I have been told time and time again that if I continue to support starving artists, I will continue to starve. Right now, Marc VanClaggett, Black Stax and Monica Monet sustain Flava News. I work hard for them and with them and in turn they provide me the means that I use to exist for you. I don’t go shopping or save towards getting a car again…I put what I earn towards keeping Flava News Alive.

It takes movement to build a movement and it takes working together to keep it existing. It is easier to destroy a movement than to build one.

I do everything by myself. Just think what I could do if I could hire someone to help. Of course someone will say get an intern that you do not have to pay. First of all, I am a control freak and if you do something for free, you really do not have to commit to me or the project. When I can pay, I establish grounds for respect with the ability to have expectations. I advocate that many artists are at the point of quality work, strong work ethics and commitment that they deserve to get paid. So I feel if I talk about it, I need to be about it.

Again, Flava News/UTAE and colleagues, we have the means to support artists around the United States to set up shows of all kinds for all art forms… what we do not have is the financial means to commit that you will walk away making what you deserve financially.  My ultimate goal is to be able to start a Flava News Grant Foundation, to help artists with the financial struggles in completing a project.

If we say that we believe in artists, we need to step up by financially supporting their products and or projects.  We need to tell our family, friends and networks about them.  We need to write reviews of our experience for them to use as marketing tools…We can make a difference for those we claim to believe in!

As Lady Flava of Flava News, I am committed to just that and have working on this since 2007.  Just think what we could do together.  As my East Coast Sister, April Sims says, “WE Are GREATER than i”

If you would like to make an in-kind donation towards supporting a movement that serves unknown artists, click this link: Paypal

If you have, ideas on how I can be more effective with building the Flava News Movement and UTAE, I am open to hear your thoughts.

Black Stax Showcases Their Talents & Support at STEM+ART at The Triple Door on May 23. 2013


I speak on the subject pretty frequently how influential artists can be in how we experience life and what they can bring to the table of universal change. Black Stax is such a group. Since I became involved with Black Stax in 2009, I have come to know how important, family, youth, education, community and doing what is right means to this collective as a group and as individuals.

On Thursday, May 23, 2013 Black Stax, Klyntel along with a few special surprise come together to showcase their talents for you as we step up to raise some money to the support the education of youth at TAF Academy in Federal Way, WA which focus is to serve and educate minority children in specialty areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Black Stax has spent time at TAF as they shared their talents and voice for and with the students of this great school.


To find out more about TAF, go to: You can also make an online donation to TAF at:

During STEM+ART you will also experience the work of painter/visual artist, Tony Taj ( along with art work from students of TAF Academy.

This is a night that we encourage to join in on the celebration…Families, Friends and Community.

You can purchase your tickets online at The Triple Doors sight: Or send a message to Lady Flava at: or Black Stax at: to meet up to buy your tickets.

Step up and join us in making a difference for our future, our youth.

To find out more about Black Stax, go to:

Producer, Paris Toon

Paris Toon1

Paris Toon-Song Writer, Composer, Producer bringing you quality classic sounds as he melts the melodies and words that he hears in his head with the talents of an amazing band Mother’s Favorite Child along with a variety of other talents.

I had the pleasure of connecting with Paris Toon over a year ago through a colleague of mine, Hasan Brown of Puzzle Marketing and Media. From there Paris was a featured guest on The Leopard Carpet with me on Flava News Radio. I would encourage you to take a listen to this show to hear his story and learn about the group Mother’s Favorite Child and where they were at that time and then stick with me as I try to keep you up on what is going on today with Paris Toon going into the future.

Welcoming to The Leopard Carpet Paris Toon on 2-2-2012: Click this link to listen to the show

Since Paris Toon came on Flava News Radio he has kept me current with all the new music coming from his studios from not only Mother’s Favorite Child but for a variety of other talents in the Arizona area where he is located. Yes, I have been blessed to be the first to break some of the new sounds coming out of the Paris Toon Camp.

In the beginning I fell in love with the sound. I immediately heard the quality but in the end, I felt the stories and swayed to the rhythm and rhyme of the musicians. This was one of those realization for me in knowing I was meant to do what I do, that this did not come together by accident but with a purpose. Paris Toon is no joke and the artists and musicians that he works with are top notch.

Yes, this is a business for Paris Toon but from what I gather and from watching from a distance, there is a true connection with the artist he is directly working  with or reaches out to, to put a voice and sound to his creations.

When I think about who made those classics back in the day that I can still sing today. I reflect on who is doing the same thing today, creating those classics that will be heard and remembered 10 years and beyond…Paris is doing that in my opinion. The lyrics, the music, the stories, allowing life to make sense to calling to your body and feeling the groove as the sway comes without notice.

A year + more…I have a different relationship with Paris Toon and am working towards building a strong connection and working on future projects between the Pacific Northwest, Arizona and beyond with Paris Toon.

Paris Toon

Check out the list of Talents on his latest project…All are special in their own way and “Paris Toon Presents MFC Collective, Volume !” is one of the BEST collaborative project that I have heard.

Stop by Paris Toon’s website and take a listen. Just open up the link and click the music player and sit back and take in the experience as you go about your work on the computer or around your space. Click this link to go to Paris Toon’s website

Meet just one of the artists that Paris Toon is working with, Cree Turn:

Stay tune to Flava News Radio, I always slip in a Paris Toon track on my shows and I plan to create a show just for Paris Toon, Mother’s Favorite Child and Friends.

The Listenership Is Growing From Locations to Numbers

Flava News Radio

Flava News took to the air in November of 2009. At that time we did not know where it would go and never dreamed that it would become one of the biggest features that is provided by Flava News. Three and a half years later the listenership has grown over 10 X what it was in the beginning and the countries that are following has expanded to around the globe.

To date these are the TOP 10 Locations:

1. United States
2. United Kingdom
3. United Arab Emirates
4. Canada
5. France
6. India
7. Mongolia
8. Malaysia
9. Australia
10. Indonesia

I do a variety of shows from Flava Coffee House Online Radio Style to On The Leopard Carpet and New Music Leaks along with variety of other shows. All the shows are centered around supporting underground/independent artists. Although because we are talking radio, you may think that I just support musical talents, that is not true. I started in this industry as a small business owner that supported local and national artists and honestly was birth as a book reviewer of African American Literature. I encourage All Artists of All Art Forms to take advantage of Flava News and Flava News Radio but to honest the music talents are the most hungry to be heard.

My challenge in what I do it to find a balance in what I call a Win Win Relationship where we all share and show support to each other because in that would provide growth and opportunity when the power of numbers support. To this day, the fight continues to get artists and fans to understand this concept. Could I be too far off in my expectations of what is needed for the unknowns, I really don’t think so. I just think that artists are so focused on their own hustle that they fail to recognize the concept if you give support you will gain support. Plus with the fans, I am so not sure why there seems to be a block to share the news about an artist that they claim to believe and then also take a few dollars to support their projects or product.

I still fight as a one person show to spread the word and educate people on what my thoughts are in growing a true following.

Not all artists have a talent that should be put in the spot light and others just need work on their production and sometimes even personality…but I will leave this subject to a feature blog…

There is power in internet radio…this is the platform for the unknown artists because the bottomline is you are not going to be heard on mainstream radio unless you got through the right channels of numbers and you best start building relationships with internet radio stations and host if you have a quality product to you want heard. Also, do your research and don’t waste your time with reaching out to a station or host that most likely will never play your sound. Be smart with your time and know who to target.

I do what I do because I believe that radio is one of the top tools for an artist to be heard around the world. I have learned that you never know who is listening and may reach out from just one radio show. It has happen numerous times to me and those people are some of my best advocates in what I do and in the growth of Flava News.

Pay attention…The world is listening to Flava News Radio!

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