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Is It “The Industry” Or Is It “The People”


I have been told time and time again that I need to toughen up, or I need to not rock the boat and say “Okay.”  I have been told that things are not fair in the industry and that I will be eaten up and spit out because I try to point out the lack of character, ethics, morals and such.  I will point out what I see is unjust, unfair and stand up for myself when some tries to belittle me when I go against what is dished out…

If I get involved, I believe in it and am willing to put my name on it.  I have been warned by many of the industry that I have chosen to get involved in.

My Daddy raised me to understand that our family name means more than just myself,  It is our family. So when I go out the the door I am representing not only myself but our family.  I take this seriously.  I heard the stories of my Daddy’s challenges as a minister, administrator, committee member and community leader…the challenges of the diversity of how people saw things and what needed to be changed along with what was in the best interest of the whole.  Who is right and who is wrong…so much grey area and so much people will accept based on stubbornness or not wanting to go against those in “power” “control.”   I have been known to advocate for what I feel is right, I am one that is challenged to be quiet in times of adversity.  Maybe at times it is better to suck it up and take it, be quiet and go with the flow.  It’s all about picking and choosing your battles, right?


So I woke up with this on my mind…

The Industry is not the problem…It is the people within the industry that are allowed to lack character, integrity and honor…Leading into the issues of manipulation, backstabbing and bullying.

So we accept it and so it continues…
“It’s Apart of The Industry”

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