Supporting Black Owned Businesses in Vegas Nestle Toll House by Chip

Support Black Owned Businesses! #Vegas
Nestle Toll House Café…
I couldn’t decide what I wanted to buy…lol 😁
Thank You Sparkle Alleyne for GoUrbanVegas for sharing the golden nuggets you come across!

I made my visit today and no,
I’m not eating it all at once 🤪 but let me tell you,
everything was a true treat!

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Nestle Toll House by Chip was Recommended by Sparkle at

Sometimes You Find A Gem…Yummy Coffee at A Hospital

I love supporting minority small business owners!
I love this coffee, it is so smooth and creamy.
Plus check out his cups!!! 😁 #ScreamingLadyFlava
Rich at #SouthernHillsEspresso #SouthernHillsHospital #Vegas
Coffee Corner in the Waiting Room
#GreatCoffee #SmoothAndCreamy …
2 month #WhiskeyBarrellAgedCoffee #SouthAmericanCoffeeBeans #SupportingMinoritySmallBusinessOwner

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