Tell Your Story with Flava ft Global Entertainer Recording Artist, Marc VanClaggett

I’m excited and blessed that God directed to start my new series, “Tell Your Story with Flava’ with a man that I have known, worked with and supported for many years as an amazing seasoned Artist of Music, Abstract Artist along with being my colleague, business partner and dear dear friend. Take a listen to his story and you will hear why his story is valuable to hear. Black Entertainment at it’s best.

Working with and sharing life from long distance, I recognized how serious Marc VanClaggett is about being a perfectionist when it comes to all aspects of professionalism in Arts & Entertainment. Learning, rehearsing, mastering, listening, watching and tweaking so that the final product is pleasing for others to experience. He is very serious during the process and poised as the show comes to life or music is shared.

He has an ear that hears music in a way that many will not notice with our novice ears. I have had the opportunity to witness him put sounds & words together, and in those moments I learned more about the process of creating music. I have witnessed long distance and in person the process of what it takes to put a polished, professional show together.

With 40 years + in the Arts & Entertainment Industry, Marc VanClaggett is one of the reasons that I was compelled to put this project together. I was hesitant in doing this project myself, but now that I have finished Marc’s Story…I know that God meant for me to do this.

Take a listen to Marc VanClaggett’s story on “Tell Your Story with Flava’ and let us know your thoughts.

Tell Your Story with Flava Featuring Marc VanClaggett

Marc VanClaggett is also an Abstract Artists and has been doing his beautiful style of art for many years.
You can find some of his work on Instagram @vanclaggett

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In Marc’s retirement from Entertainment, he will be continuing his Abstract Art along with creating Jazz and R&B music.

Thank you Marc VanClaggett for allowing me this opportunity to share your story, and being my guinea pig in learning how to put this all together. We didn’t do too bad and we make a great team!

With Love and Great Respect,

Lady Flava of Lady Flava News

Tell Your Story with Flava

Poetry, Paint & Potions Presented by Juneteenth365LV @ RhythmNationLV 6/20/21

3315 E Russell Rd #4F | Las Vegas 89120
Poetry, Paint & Potions

I’ve been craving to experience something in Vegas that would feed my soul, and the advertisement for this show popped up. I have learned to go out on my own in Vegas and decided this was speaking to me and hoped that I would be welcomed to attend. I purchased my ticket and knew ahead of time that I would take pictures and videos to write about my experience.

Setting The Vibe with DJ Lucky

My youngest daughter, Brittany has attended Paint & Sips back home, so I am familiar through her storytelling and painting of the concept of this style of event. I was surprised at how many people participated in the painting portion, that they actually had 2 sessions for the painting part.

The Welcome

Everyone was welcoming and felt at home in an environment that breathe peace and respect. Giving honor to the ancestors and the love of God was expressed throughout the night. This reminded me of my coffee house back in Seattle, Flava Coffee House…a beautiful vibe. I knew this was going to be a memorable night for me and it was.

Miss London Handling Business

Can you say, adorable. Miss London was the star of the night, so poised and enthusiastic as she was in charge of the ticket collection and drawing, giving the painters an opportunity to show their work and be given feedback. She gets my vote for future president.

The Vibe is Set

I’m glad that I arrived early so I could pick my spot to see the whole room and feel the energy holistically from every angle. The room was filling up and the first set of painting was coming to an end. Reminders of the venders out front, introductions of Junteenth365LV and RhythmNationsLV along with recognition of supporting the youth through spokenword and community outreach. And the show begins. Intense topics of life, love and relationships were shared. Different degrees of comfortableness and amazement of new creatives killin it on the mic or with voice who had never participated in an open mic before.

In the flaws, it was perfect. I could feel the passion from everyone that I was blessed to experience the creative soulz and I needed them more than they could even know. I wanted to be creatively fed from an authentic, organic place, Poetry, Paint and Potions did just that.

Check out the Video Medley that I created of what I experienced that night. I had to leave early because I had work in the morning, but what I observed was enough. Although this was a competition spokenword open mic, everyone was winners. Some had more seasoning on them then others, but they shared of their flavaful soulz and was show much respect.

Great Host, Powerful Spoken Word Artist and Community Activist for the Youth…
Dookie Brown Flow

Dookie Brown Flow was a perfect host. Respectful, engaging and entertaining. He is a master wordsmith and you can tell that he understands the power of words and delivery. He mentioned that he has some projects out and I will check him out and hopefully will be playing him on my radio shows in the near future.

Sage Wand, Tiger Eye Beaded Necklace & Bracelet by godddess_crystals_. I love ♥️ what I purchased!

This beautiful young lady with her daughter, Martha Olden were the first that I encountered when arriving to RhythmNationLV and I knew that I would have to purchase myself some special items, because deserved to gift myself and she deserved to gain me as a new customer.

I had to show my Support to the Vendors

Ribs, Mac & Cheese, Green Beans and Cornbread Muffin by Mona’s Kitchen was slammin’ good 😁

Mona’s Kitchen

That smile says it all. Since I had to leave early to head back to the other side of town, I grabbed some food from Miss Mona. Who could resist that smile. The food was amazing.

I’m grateful that I saw the advertisement for this event on Facebook. I’m glad that I drove across town and experienced some phenomenal talents. I loved the vibe of the space and the people. I will be paying attention to the events that Juneteenth365LV will be hosting or supporting.

You can check out the full videos that I took on my Lady Flava News YouTube Channel by clicking the link below:

Lady Flava of Lady Flava News

8 Flava Snaps

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