My Interview with The Residency Seattle in Las Vegas Before The RECOVER OUT LOUD iHeart Media Concert

My Interview with Vic Daggs II, Lexi Lalauni & Mileena of The Residency
September 27, 2021

Westgate Resorts International Theater in

Las Vegas

Recover Out Loud is a nationwide recovery initiative—supported by iHeart Media and Variety—and produced by Mobilize Recovery. From community engagement to a livestream concert event in recognition of International Recovery Day and National Recovery Month, Recover Out Loud celebrates our commitment to fighting addiction and supporting recovery in America. Major philanthropic support for the event is provided by Google, YouTube, the Sandgaard Foundation, and Victoria’s Voice Foundation.

A variety of people and artists spoke on how addiction has touch their lives personally, along with what they have created or become involved in with time and resources to help those in need of support.

Musical performances by Macklemore, KT Tunstall, Evvie McKinney, Daphne Willis, The Residency, and more.

KT Tunstall
Amir Islam
Executive Director of The Residency Seattle

The Residency seeks to build a powerful community of young hip-hop artists equipped with the artistic and leadership skills, business acumen, and mentorship necessary to become professional artists and cultural change makers. Through their participation in The Residency, young artists from low-income families acquire tangible artistic and professional skills while also gaining confidence, teamwork, and a deepened understanding of their own identity and power.

Amir Islam sharing a bit of his story of how addiction has impacted his life, his relationship with Macklemore and introducing the great talents of The Residency.

Vic Daggs II, Lexi Lalauni & Mileena were pure fire on stage. From a very serious vibe as I interviewed the just a few hours before. They brought it on stage in front of a packed crowd, as if they had been doing this all their lives. I wanted to stage and cheer, so proud to know them. The perfect trio to open up for Macklemore.

The Residency
Vic Daggs II, Lexi Lalauni & Mileena

Although Macklemore and I both from Seattle, I never had the opportunity to see him perform. Now that he is globally known artists, entrepreneur and philanthropist…I finally had the opportunity to experience the high energy of his performance and the audience. And let me tell you all of these people were there for the purpose of this event, Macklemore was the Hit. I am so glad to have had the opportunity to experience Macklemore and proud of Mileena singing background.

Macklemore performing the track that took him global, “Thrift Shop”
Jace ECAj
Artist Engagement Coordinator

Jace is the reason I had the opportunity to interview Vic Daggs II, Lexi Lalauni & Mileena of The Residency. Jace knows how much I value fresh original artistry and wholeheartedly support those up and coming talents.

I am forever grateful to Jace ECAj of Black Stax for reaching out to me from Seattle, come be apart of this phenomenal event and experience. It started and ended with side bar conversations, a great interview, LIVE taping of RECOVER OUT LOUD concert experience and ending the night with Jace, my colleague, my friend, my family…

The plotting and planning and begun

I am Forever Black Stax!

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