Award Winning Author; Alvin L.A. Horn

Author Alvin L.A. Horn

Alvin L.A. Horn is a national award-winning author of eight novels, an acclaimed spoken word artist/poet/musician. He credits his mother, who made him go to the library, and the “little gray-haired Jewish lady, the librarian,” a concentration camp survivor who had Alvin read, The diary of Anne Frank. She presented writers such as Richard Wright and Nikki Giovanni, which inspired Alvin to be a writer. Alvin is a retired teacher, works with at-risk kids, and is a 30-year veteran of various print forms.

2001 – Poems from My Dresser Drawer, the poem Trembling, the winner of Best Poem by, The Flava Coffee House Association


2006 – Brush Strokes – Romantic Blues Publishing – A fictional story of one’s past painting the present and future through a romantic journey
2006, AALA award for Best Romance Novel
Ebony Magazine – Top Ten Novel of the Year
Heart & Soul, Magazine – Best New Erotic Writer


2012 – Perfect Circle, published by Simon and Schuster Publishing, and Zane Imprint -released as the Hottest New Writer. Stalking, violence, and philandering in the Emerald City. The novel reached national bestseller status; an Image Award nominee.

2013 – Pillow Talk in the Heat of the Night (Peace in the Storm Publishing) anthology of romantic stories


2014 – One Safe Place, published by Simon and Schuster Publishing and Zane Imprint.
Friends and foes, politicians and lovers intersect in love and crime in the Emerald City. The novel reached national bestseller status.

2015 – The Soul of a Man 2: Make Me Wanna’ Holler, (Peace in the Storm Publishing) an anthology of essays concerning the Black man in America


2017 – Bad Before Good & Those In Between, Romantic Blues Publishing
Mystery and suspense in Seattle along the streets of Beacon Hill and Rainer Valley –


2019 – Heart & Home, Romantic Blues Publishing
A historical mystery and suspense fiction of Negro soldier from Seattle coming home from WW2.

Please read the novel, Journey to Love
Serene May, a remarkably stunning elderly Black woman, has less than a year to live because of a tumor growing on her brain. She is elegant and well educated. Her resume as a highly-acclaimed author includes fictional books in which she describes history through tales as if they depict actual people’s lives. She has chosen to live out her final days in a high-end health care residence designed for wealthier residents who may not have a family connection to help care for them in their current status in life.

The proprietor and creator of the facility is a Jamaican-born Black American named Blunile Rivers, aka Blu. He is a handsome forty-year-old man with two years of med school. Becoming a businessman, he has converted a retired hospital into a charming senior-care facility, and he makes sure each resident lives a life close to the one they once had. Each room is designed to house the clothing, furniture, and ambiance of the resident’s past life. Blu never falls short in his delivery.

Serene has traveled the world and taught at universities, but now with a brain tumor limiting her speech and soon her memory, the African and Black anthropology professor shares a diary of stories about her personal life with Blu. Often at Serene’s bedside, Blu reads history within the love stories of her life, and connects with the kind of love he wants in his life.

Blu travels emotionally while reading the journal, yet he still manages to oversee the comings and goings of the health care facility. He begins to weigh his feelings about Serene, an extraordinary woman in his care, against his own struggle with finding love. Those paths cross in a Journey to Love.

Hidden in Serene’s journal stories are surprises of her past, tying history to the present. Journey to Love captivates readers, allowing them to experience and feel the emotions of nearly ten decades of life and love.

Written by Alvin L.A Horn & Lorraine Elzia

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God could not have blessed me with a better Big Brother than Alvin. He came into my life as a teenager and returned into my life through Flava Coffee House as a published author.

I cannot properly express my love, appreciation, respect and pride I have for this man. He has been my friend, colleague, mentor, confident and loving & supportive big brother.

I know what he has accomplished as an author, poet, music, teacher and coach. Many have been blessed to have known this man.

Get to know my Big Bro on social media under his name and I highly recommend all his books…the perfect way to wind down after a stressful day or chilling on a lazy weekend with some coffee or wine.

Perfect Circle is special to me because it was written at my coffee house, Flava and she is referenced in this book.

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Supporting Black Owned Business in Las Vegas: Twice Baked

We take pride in what we do, and that reflects in the quality of food we serve, because we know our customers deserve the best, come in and try the difference.

6020 W Craig Rd | Unit 130 | Las Vegas, NV 89130

(702) 626-2833


I was tired after work but decided to run some errands on Craig Rd when I remembered that “Twice Baked” was located in this area. I googled the location and I was only 5 minutes away, so I decided today was the day to check this small Black owned business and I’m glad I did.

Walking in, I found a small yet welcoming environment. I was greeted by who I believe may have been the owner and I let her know that I found out about this place from @juneteenth365lv and this was my first time. She let me know that the young lady taking orders will walk me through placing my order. Who knew you could have a baked potato so many different ways. The young lady taking orders was warm and welcoming and I ordered a Veggie Potato with bacon bits 😁.

As I waited for my order a variety of people came in and there was plenty of seating for everyone to wait for their orders.

As I stated earlier that it was a welcoming environment, clean and well organized and booming. The ladies behind the counter, I counted 4 were all busy playing their roles. Also, what I loved that they were different generations working as an effective team. I appreciated the food preparers meeting health department standards of gloves and temperature check.

Now it’s was time to head home and try my Twice Baked Potato…

Lookie Lookie, it was absolutely amazing. A true treat. The packaging allowed for my potato to stay warm and ready for me to delve into and I did.

Can you tell that I enjoyed my after work dinner.

There were some yummy sounding desserts that I will have to try next time.

I want to thank @juneteenth365lv for promoting and supporting this wonderful Small Black Business in North Las Vegas. I’m sorry I missed the Grand Opening the end of last year, but your promotions stuck in my head that I knew I would eventually make it to “Twice Baked.”

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9 Flava Snaps

Great Conversations

One of my most favorite thing is to talk to or be around a person or people that are passionate about what they create and are working on new projects that fuel their soul. God blessed me with two conversations this weekend two of my favorite people who I call colleagues and dear friends.

It is infectious to talk to someone that is working a project that feels so good to them, their is an amazing energy in their voice and the sharing is intense and electrifying.

Both are musicians and working on projects that I will be able to share on my radio shows once they are ready to release. One project I will play a role in and the other, I will be the first to play on my radio station…actually, I am sure that both artists will allow me this blessing.

I crave these types of conversations. Ones that inspire me around my role as Lady Flava, supporting great talents near and far.

I have always been a talked and I love to have a conversation with someone where we can go back and forth with each other. Maybe is is just getting caught up on life, sharing the good bad and the ugly or sharing the excitement around creating.

I think there is a purpose to “chit chat’ and the ability to just get caught up with someone without too much depth to the exchange. It used to drive me crazy, because I know for my spirit I need more, but I know some great people and they are not exposed to life in the same way as I am or I desire to be…so it’s simple and caring.

I don’t always feel like talking and when I do, it’s a handful of people that I will always answer the phone for, if I am available or will call back. But this weekend was great, God knew these two people had something to share with me that would make me smile on the other end of the phone, my end. These conversations inspired to to write. I realize that I at time experience conversations differently than even the person on the other end and I end up feeling hopeful about my blogs and having something to share.

What are your conversation like…is it simple chit chat or do you have thought provoking and inspiring conversations?

I am working on myself to let go of my sadness and stress, so God will bring what I need into my life at this time. Sometimes, that is all that is needed is an attitude adjustment and the right conversation with the right person(s)

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Jay Ross Da Boss #SoulCravers Digital Promotions & Marketing

DJ/Digital Marketing and Promotions/Music Historian/Podcast Host/Spotify Curator


Jay Ross was born in Los Angeles California where music played a huge foundation in his household. He collected vinyl’s starting at the age of seven years old to the present. As a teen he taught himself how to dj and dj’d variety events and parties. Jay Ross did a podcast entitled,”Soulcravers Radio” on in which he interviewed various artist such as Bernadette Cooper, Tawatha Agee, Shirley Jones Of The Jones Girls, and many others, which led him to his passion of Music Marketing. Currently, Jay Ross provides digital marketing promotions and social media promotions for variety, yet select group of indie soul artists. His goal is to promote indie artists on the same marketing platforms as those artists who are seen on larger media outlets in radio, podcast and magazines and more.

I encountered Jay Ross Da Boss on Facebook and really didn’t know at the time who he was and what he really did. He has an online presence that clearly shows support to Indie Music which is right up my alley. I cannot tell you how long it was before he started to send me music for me to play on my radio shows. And 90% of what he sent me is great and I still have emails to go through to listen to for airplay consideration. I appreciate his persistence, dedication and professional representation of sharing these artists music with myself and I am sure many other radio show hosts.

I tried to do my own research and have not come up with much beyond social media. I do not know if he is a business and gets paid for his promotions, or if he does this for gaining recognition and respect in the music industry to then turn it into a money maker. Whatever his angle is, I respect it.

It reminds of back in the day with my colleagues Miles Anthony, Hasan Brown, Paris Toon, Delonte` Briggs, George Littlejohn, DeWayne Alton, Lady Mamalade and more… Music was shared and music was played all around the world. It was never a competition but more so a respectful united collaboration. We wanted to provide support and platforms for some amazing musical talents to be heard. Those days is when being apart of this industry was so exciting for me. The connection is not the same now, but the memories and respect remains.

So, getting back to Jay Ross Da Boss….I respect his Hustle and if he is serious about it…I would hope that he will create an online business page that reps what he is doing for these artists and himself.

I just wanted to stop and show my respect for this gentleman and encourage him into his what I believe is his passion and calling.

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What Are Your Daily Habits/Routines and Are They Beneficial?

From Google

A habit is an action we do often in a regular and repeated way. Routine is a regular way of doing things in a particular order. A routine is made of several habits. The main difference between habit and routine is that habit is a recurrent, often unconscious action whereas routine is a set of habits.

As I start this day, one of the messages that popped up on my YouTube feed talked about Meditation and Healing your body. Prayer and Meditation along with 30 minutes of exercise has been apart of my daily routine for years…I eat healthy with no junk food, if I stop to get get drive through I pick a healthy option, I only drink water, watered down lemonade, tea and coffee from time to time. I have drastically cut back on potatoes, rice, noodles and bread. I have been a fan of fruits and veggies for years. I try to not eat after 6:30pm. I get plenty of sleep every night, that has not been a problem for years. So, what am I not doing right in my daily routine, created habits and rituals? I am heavier that I should be and it feels like my body doesn’t want to move, even when I am dedicated to make sure that I get purposeful movement in everyday. I have had double knee replacement and my left knee is having some issues. My orthopedic told me at the time of my surgeries that I needed to get the weight off for my surgeries to be successful or I would need to have it repeated sometime in the future. I have been going around and around in my mind trying to figure out why the weight stays when I feel like my daily routine/habits should create me feeling and looking more healthy.

Today on YouTube a video popped up addressing Stress, the host of the YouTube asked the Guest , why is it that even when he meditated daily why does he come back to the thoughts of life and worries. The Guest said that when you meditate, you are to clear your mind and let go out the outer world and to not absorb it into your body. This time allows your body to rest, relax and heal from the experiences that we have allowed into our bodies that are not healthy. It is to give us a foundation to fall back on in a thought or a sound that reminds out spirit of what peace feels like, but we need to be mindful.

It was like Ding Ding Ding…Today I understand what I have been doing or not doing….taking the calm and peace into my daily walk to help guide me through the potential challenges of a day because I and stop breathe and remember the calm.

I have become so unhappy in my life in Vegas for so many reasons that I can list without thought and I need to really to accept the reality of it but to let it go and move past it with peace. I have encountered people that complain, have life challenges and are stuck and I want so much better for them and it almost feels that they don’t see the lack…but then I have gotten to the place of not seeing my lack that has held me back from being my best.

What does your daily routine look like and is it beneficial in creating a great day, future, better health and infectious energy? Sometime, I think we can get so caught up in habits that we identify as healthy and not even realize how unhealthy we are.

I try to engage on social media to find out what people do everyday, do they have a daily routine and what does that look like, do they go to work and does that feel fulfilling and more…but I don’t find that people really want to share about they real lives, so how connected are we really. Social Media is a great platform to share insights in healing Mind-Body-Sprit and I have dialogue around this.

So, now I write blogs to share my thoughts in hopes that it might make you think about your own life. You do not have to agree with me and that I am okay with, but sometimes I think it is good to cross paths with someone that makes us stop and think. I think that is why I am drawn to YouTube everyday to find what life messages will I hear. At times I could come across a video that I have seen many times, but in that moment of the present…it now resonates with me differently.

What does your Daily Routine/Habits look like, how did you come about those actions or nonaction and how does it benefit you to obtain more of__________ ? Today, I challenge you to look at what you have created for yourself and if you need to explore doing something differently…and if you find that you need to make a change, will you commit to work on the needed change.

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How Are Your People Skills?

I recognized at a young age, the importance of communication. I suppose a lot if comes from the fact that I was surrounded by elders in my life that we effective and valued communicators (even though at the time I didn’t know that is what they were about.) I also now recognized because of who I was raised by my parents, god-mother and their friends, colleagues and associates we business or influential people, as an adult that is the type of interactions that I am drawn to. Yes, I can fall into the chit chat and I do believe that even chit chat serves a purpose in connecting with others…but my soul craves conversations of what I call substance, interactive, thoughtful, though provoking, challenging, inspiring and feel good.

The past couple of years I have spent time learning and understanding Autism. This has been an eye-opening experience and I have learned so much about people and styles of communication or the understanding of the feeling of disconnect. You can look at a person and not realize that they honestly may not be getting what you are saying but try their best to act like they do. This does not just stem from Autism but a variety of people who we maybe communicating with on a regular basis. So, I would encourage you to be mindful when you interact with others, they can honestly be family and friends and you just never took the time to understand that they are not trying to be funny, but they may not understand what the meaning of what you are saying. People on the Autism Spectrum do not read body language or grasp the tone of your voice…so they may not react appropriately to you or others.

I also believe that the environment that we come up in sets the standards of what we understand and how we communicate. Think about it….how did or do the people in your family communicate, along with those in your community and friends?

I believe that some people are naturally good communicators and I also believe that good communication skills can be learned. Sometimes life is about being an actor and knowing the role to play depending on the situation you are in…some might think this is being fake, I see it as adapting to your circumstances to have a favorable outcome. My god-momma raised me that you can talk slang out there with your friends but I was never to do it with my parents, her or my elders. I respect that… But I am up in a home and community were respect was given from the adults we witnessed to we as the youngest had to fall into place. So maybe I was raised in an unusual influential environment that I took for granted. I have always felt that I was a good communicator and thoughtful in listening and responding. But then Vegas happened and I have at times felt like I was an alien and speaking a foreign language, exploring what I could have said differently or why the miscommunication was happening.

Despite the challenges I have experienced, I do recognize the importance in people skills and learning to maneuver amongst a variety of people and having the understanding of how to connect. I also understand that when being apart of Team for a Creative Soul, sometimes they are not the best in communication with potential opportunities and need to appoint someone that represents them in business dealings. In a situation like this, it’s important to be honest with yourself on your people skills and when you need help.

I would encourage everyone to stop and take the time to evaluate their communication styles/people skills and where your strengths and weakness are. I have take the time in this area during the Pandemic and have identified areas of they own strengths and weakness are,

HowsYourPeopleSkills Do You Know? #EffectiveCommunication #CanYouSealTheDeal #AreTheyListening #AreTheyResponding #YourApproach #CanWinOrLoose #DoYouFitTheMoment #KnowHowYouComeAcross You Maybe The Problem #Welcoming #Tone #EyeContact #Approachable #FollowThrough #Prepared #Sell #ChoiceOfWordsAreImportant

I would love to hear from you and your thoughts on People Skills/Communication Styles…feel free to share your own challenges or ones that you witness in your world.

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Waving My Leopard Pom Poms

I have always loved creativity of others, never really thinking of myself as an artists, but I guess I have in my own way. I was apart of the floral industry for over 20 years, having my own freelance business, “A Touch of Sunshine.” I have always love reading books and listening to music….this was apart of my everyday life and experience.

When I built Flava Coffee House, I knew that I wanted to to represent the diversity of my community and express a welcoming experience for those that loved creativity. I played local artists music, hung local art on my walls, sold indie books, crafts, music, graphics and more… I worked closely with an architect to creative the vibe and everything that Flava represented made sense to me and to those that came to be family within her walls. This is where my true passion was birthed and I recognized that this was my calling to create a variety of platforms to support the ones that grabbed at my soul to want to share to my network presence in person and online.

Moving to Vegas, I thought I would fall right into a variety of experiences that would open the door to my purpose and goal for moving to the Entertainment Capital of the World. I was in for a rude awakening, but there is apart of me that has not totally given up.

I love Original, Authentic, Fresh Creative Experiences. I do not embrace all that comes across my path and that stems from a variety of reasons… When I designed Flava Coffee House, my Slogan was and still is “Flava is a Taste, a Style, a Feeling…What’s your Flava?” Everyone is draw to what they are drawn to, it does not mean someone is a ‘Hater” it may simply mean that they just don’t like it.

I crave to find infectious energy and to be wowed by something New and Fresh. I have been in love with Creative SoulZ for along time and will always Wave My Invisible Leopard Pom Poms for those that I am drawn to and believe deserves to be experienced by the masses.

I know that I am just one person, and I also understand that people may not care if I show support…but God put me on this journey almost 20 years ago and it’s in my spirit to continue on this path. Things have changed from when I have first started and many of my colleagues no longer do what we once collaborated to do around the U.S.A. but I realized almost every morning that it has never left me. So, these days I write blogs about how I feel and what I think is of valued to share.


Promotions on Social Media

Effective Communication

Health and Wellness…Taking care of yourself Mind-Body-Spirit


and more….

Everything I write about main focus is on Creative SoulZ, but can make sense to the life for a diverse group of people.

Lady Flava The Indie Artist’s Cheerleader/Artist’s Advocate…I Support Creativity from All Genres and Art Forms.

What Role Does Art and Creativity Play a Role In Your Life? I would love to know.

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