My Aspie At Times Makes Me Want To Scream 😱 #AVent

The challenges of loving someone on the spectrum, and supporting their career.

The last 2 times have been so frustrating. I have made excuses for him over the years, I’ve joined support groups. I understand Autism pretty well by choice. I try not to react but sometimes he is so rude, that I am trigger to react. When I react, he calls me weak and emotional. Honestly, when I set boundaries and did not allow him access to me, it was much easier.

I understand that he will say off the wall things and does not comprehend what I say a lot of the time…but man, I don’t want to compromise my integrity and personality to make it work…it’s just gotten old and exhausting. I opened up communication with him just a little bit ago and it does not feel good. I’m sure so much of it is me, because I don’t want to deal with the rudeness of this life challenge.

I know he is unaware and communication and social skills are challenged and I feel guilty for getting frustrated with it. But there is no balance and no give and take.

I respect him as a man, father and great talent but not a person who gets me and makes me feel respected.

Where’s the win win…I’m tired.

I’ve made excuses and now I’m tired of understanding Autism.

I’m just venting. I write about the challenges of having people I care that are on the Autism Spectrum. It is not being disrespectful, it’s being real about the frustrations.

LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews

Clearly I wrote this blog out of frustration. I think that is out, because it’s being real and owning a reaction I have to a challenging relationship.

This morning I listened to Jay Shetty. Jay said, “the frustration and disconnect comes from having expectations of others that don’t fit what you think they should be like. We need to identify what they bring to the table and leave it right there and appreciate the value.” Even I have heard this in a variety of ways before, it resonated with me this morning and eased my spirit regarding my Aspie and others that I get frustrated with.

I found I need to add this follow up to this post. I have no regrets in sharing my vulnerability and my revelation. I have to make a decision if I can deal with this person or is it time to close the door.

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