I Don’t Get Paid For What I Do

I’ve been going around and around in my head about the support I have given over the years to certain creative soulz. I’m working on my why…needing to make sense to myself.

I create promotions and when I do, I also promote on my many socials. I put a lot of work and effort into what I do. And I sincerely love doing it.

Right now though, I don’t feel valued in the work I put into helping the handful of people I step up for. I’ve had conversations around why they do not support me in return. One said, “what do you do?” another said, “I don’t do social media” and the last one said nothing.

So why do I continue to support them? Good question…I think this is my addiction, I like to step in where I see a need and help others build what they are doing.

I make promotional posts, take and edit pictures, videos, EPK’s, websites, run pages, write letters and more…and no, I do not get paid and I do not get support for what I do as a business and brand. They do not put me in front of their audience. The men do not acknowledge me at all for what I do. Some of it is I am sure because I am a woman and now I wonder if is my race.

I am a Christian and as my God-Sister pointed out, we were raised to help others. We witnessed our parents do it, and of course we were raised in church so it was a way of life that was instilled in us.

So where is the balance when, I to am trying to build my business and brand with no support. I truly am a 1 Woman Operation. So things have changed in my spirit on my why and my approach.

Now, if I am drawn to create and promote, I don’t ask, I just do it and don’t ask approval. I will tag and it’s up to them if the want to use it.

I have come to realize that I am addicted to creating and promoting as I try to understand how this all works on social media and becoming an influencer. So, I just do it.

July was a hard month for me on doing what I do and was put down and criticized on a project I was asked to do at short notice. This was not new to me, but was still was hurtful. But I completed it and he put it out without acknowledging that I created it. I do a lot for this person and they don’t like what I create. At first I was telling myself that someday I will create something that he will like. But he continues to put me down. I know the reason why, and it is a real excuse but it’s still not easy to deal with.

I’ve created marketing tools and business tools to set people up to be able to present in a professional manner…and they continue to use their old ways. But they want to be recognized more, and to have more opportunities to come their ways. I’ve done my research and understand a lot of the ins and outs of how to present professionally. I share the information with these people and it’s like it goes in one ear and out the other. No one else is doing this for them..do what is the disconnect?

Now I step back and I watch…I watch to see if they use what I’ve created for them.

I think I finally understand my business mentor back home, she told me, “ as long as you deal with broke artists, you will remain broke. Susan, people get paid for what you do.” It’s interesting, she told this to me 12 years ago on my birthday, when I turned 50. SMH

At times, I tell myself to stop and then I continue…

That’s why I think this is my addiction issue… 🤔

There is a saying, “People do not value what they do not have to pay for.” I am finally realizing that I believe this is true.

It makes me sad because if we would build each other up, there is more value in that than being compensated financially.

So, I do what I do, when I want to and how I want to without permission. I can’t tell if this feels good, that’s why I think I’m addicted to seeing a need and stepping up to help.

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Are You Being Effective or Are You Just Busy Doing Nothing?

As I listen to a variety of motivational and business videos, it is mentioned time and time again, are you busy doing nothing or busy achieving.

I know people who talk about being busy all the time and I sit back and see them not moving forward in any area but aging.

Do you know Busy People or are you one of them?

I think a to do lists can be effective when wanting to achieve something. ✔️ing off things on a list or even keeping a visual calendar that you can write what you accomplished on a certain day.

Set a goal and identify the steps needed to get to the end results.

Stop wasting time and take steps to complete something. The more you do this, the easy it gets.

It’s a great feeling to set a goal and to take the steps to make it to the finish line.

Stop getting in your own way with things not helping you achieve your goals. Stop being busing doing nothing.

Forward Movement is something that my friend and colleague Jace ECAj of Black Stax would always say.

Whatcha Gonna Do Now? 🤔

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Hustle…Get Your Hustle On

HUSTLE…Get Your Hustle On ✔️

#hustle #getyourhustleon #hustling #hustlers #hustlemode #promote #tellpeople #showpeople

Years ago it was said, “You have to promote yourself, no one is going to come knocking on your door and and ask you, if__________.”

If you have a project or product, if you’re an entertainer or a small business…get creative and make sure the word is getting around.

You will hear me talk about marketing and promotions a lot. This is one of the most important tools we need to master, to get people to pay attention.

Back when I had Flava, it was said that it takes 7 times of seeing an advertisement before you pay attention and more before you remember and possibly take action.

Talking about oneself it not easy for everyone. But if you are a public person in some shape or form…you need people skills with the ability to tell people about who you are and what you do. Get people excited about THE WHY, and share with others why they should pay attention.

Get people excited and they will become your most effective marketing tool. You want people talking.

Social Media can be challenging, but it is your most cost effective FREE approach to get home in front of the masses.

Now Whatcha Gonna do?

I’ll Be Watching 🤓

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Can You Plot & Plan Without Understanding Your Industry?

Can you plot and plan with out understanding the industry you are apart of?

I feel it is so important to do your research on what the ins and outs of your chosen area of interest and strengths in an industry and how it works today.

I have found that much of the information I have obtained over the years about Indie Arts & Entertainment is the same but the presentation is different.

Industry mover & shakers are not just looking at talent, they are looking at your social media interaction and real following.

They want to see the work you have put into you public presence and if you have the ability to fill a venue or sell product.

Social Media is a huge factor in how those with the capability to open doors of opportunities will be looking at.

Another question to ask yourself, if someone was asked what they know about you and think, what would they say? Do you know?

Learn about your industry and what you need to understand to level up. Do your research.

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I’m Going To Start Tooting My Own Horn

Am I wrong for feeling frustrated when I do work for creative soulz that do not acknowledge that I have done the work?

They obviously are okay with me putting in the work, plus they return time and time again for me to help them with a project.

I could be being petty right now…but in my opinion, the win win is the recognition 📢📣📢📣📢

So when it feels like a proper situation on social media…I am going to start tooting my own horn and pull back on certain things that are no longer beneficial to my spirit or my brand.

People who wanna see you win will help you win. Remember that‼️ ~Lendell Jones~

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Thinking Out Loud

The Residency #Seattle #Youth #MusicProgram #Macklemore

🗣 Extended Deadline (7/25) for The Residency Summer Workshop Series. Limited capacity. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

This program is for youth ages 16-19 who want to pursue hip-hop and music as a career. This is a month-long program where 30 youth students select a vocal or production track, produce original songs, record in a professional studio, and learn about a career in music from some of the region’s best teaching artists.

Participants will receive a $600 stipend for their attendance and a $1,000 technology stipend to help bridge the technology gap.

Artists will showcase their music in front of hundreds at the finale showcase at MoPOP’s Skychurch!
Participants will gain access to year-round opportunities!

Record music for Free

Receive a signed certificate by @macklemore and the executive director, Amir Islam (@blackamir ) upon completion.

Artists will learn business acumen from music leaders and gain a social justice lens from community activist leaders.

Bus tokens, snacks, and lunch are included.

Apply now | Link In Bio | Or http://www.theresidencyseattle.org/summerprogram

Locations | Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institution, Washington Hall, and MoPOP’s Sky Church!

Questions about the program | team@theresidencyseattle.org

I wholeheartedly respect and support The Residency Seattle.

I had the opportunity to sit down and interview 3 of the young talents from this phenomenal music program. They happened to come to Las Vegas to open for Macklemore at the Recover Out Loud iHeart Radio Concert.

I am from Seattle, my home and I will always support the goodness of what takes place back home, like The Residency ❤️

Check out my interview with The Residency

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Establish A Following Before The Project…

I have witnessed many that create a great project

/ product ready to introduce publicly but have very little established following. There is no buzz around who they are and what they do. They have a handful of consistent supporters, but enough to grow from if they don’t get others excited about YOU.

Social Media has made it challenging to get out in front of new people. The competition is great, but I know it’s doable to standout.

Create your own lane. Be unique and memorable. Create a buzz. Be engaging. Then invite them to be apart of Your Experience.

Create The Anticipation and then Promote the Project, Product or Event.

Your FIRST need A Real Following. One you establish the following, it’s up to you to create an experience that pushes them to share with others. The desire should be for your fans and satisfied customers to help you build your following.

Once you have people paying attention and excited…It’s time to Launch The Experience.

Get Creative with Your Marketing and Promotions.

Be committed and determined. Believe in your project!

Ready – Set – Go

Sell Your Product

Pack A Venue

Create A Memorable Experience.

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When You Don’t Have A Budget, Find A Way To Build A Win Win With Your Needed Team

There Are Ways To Build A Team With No Budget

What if the people who agree to be apart of our team and provide services to for our projects, we turn around and supported them too?

This really could be the best payment when we believe in each so much that we share to our audience and network. It also says we are proud to be connected and to have you play a role on my team. I want the world to know about you too.

Expressing appreciation for the work that someone has put in by just publicly acknowledge them does more than you could know. Some of us do work and feel unappreciated and invisible.

Personal note: I have worked on many projects behind the scenes many hours, on top of promoting on several social medias, to be made to feel unappreciated.

Most of the people have very little budget to work from and need the ability to create team without compensation. Some of us have real skills, skills that we deserve to be paid for but we agree to do it for nothing or very little. Then some of us witnessed others get paid who did not put the work in. Or they are identified as a professional and others with skills are not seen in the same light.

I recently worked on a project that in the end I was proud of but I was belittled through the process. It broke my heart.

As a Christian, I come back to what would Jesus do?

Is it wrong to expect appreciate expressed publicly for what we helped with. Or is it wrong to build a support team that we share each other in front of each other social media followings?

What would Jesus say is what is God’s approved approach?

This is the scripture that God put on my heart during my personal struggle…

God Says:

Luke 6:31

Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do I to You.

When you do not have a budget to work from for a worthy project. Find away to build a win win and be kind to your team.

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Prince Tribute with Brian GSoul & The DirtyMind

Prince Tribute with Brian GSoul & The DirtyMind at Backstage Bar & Billiards in the Fremont area of Las Vegas on Saturday June 25, 2022.

Although, I have know Brian GSoul for years and have been following him before I moved to Vegas, this was the first time to really experience him as an entertainer. He did not disappoint.

I knew that Brian GSoul was a great talent. The background singers harmonies were perfect. The musicians that was put together by Music Director, Skip Rice were phenomenal. Bringing Lillian Rice of Love The Music to help with the production was on point. Backstage Bar & Billiards was a perfect venue to present this show from. And of course, Zeola Gaye (Marvin Gaye’s baby sister) as the evenings host was special.

This musicians are the foundation of the musical experience. Skip Rice on Bass, Mo on Keys, Kenny Payne on Guitar and Kip on Drums.

Queen ARIES, Wardell and Cherise create the musical journey.

As Brian GSoul orchestrated the musical story…It was a true Tribute to The Legend, Prince.

Brian GSoul & The DirtyMind performed some of Prince’s classics from:

Let’s Go Crazy – I Wanna Be Your Love – Erotic City – Raspberries Beret – Diamonds and Pearls and of course Purple Rain along with a variety of other songs by Prince.

Brian GSoul was engaging, full of stories that helped to enhance the musical journey that we were taken on. You could feel the passion of all the music talents on this stage and for me, that is where the magic came from.

Together, they created a great musical experience of a variety of Prince’s music. The vibe was great. I can only say good things about my experience of Brian GSoul & The DirtyMind.

Zeola Gaye was wonderful and gracious as a host. Ava Berman, who is one of the owners of Backstage Bar & Billiards has a wonderful history with Prince and once owned a club with him. Keith Rosary, who at one time was part of Prince’s security team, shared endearing stories he experienced in this capacity on Prince’s team. It was a blessing that he happened to be in town this night and Ava invited him to stop by and check out the show.

Shout out to:

Kim Gaye of MoRoc Entertainment

Lillian Rice of Love The Music EPM

Oepstudio Photos & Froggie

Grayling Harris, Donna Gaye Harris & Anthony Harris

Along with the many people that help make this show a success. As Brian stated on Facebook, it took a team to put this together and pull it off

I will be paying attention to what is next from Brian GSoul, and I honestly am hoping this is not going to be a one night show for his Prince Tribute.

My only suggestion is it ran a little too long, so cut down on the number of tracks performed.

Otherwise, this show in my opinion deserved to have a standing room only audience…it was that good. So I would encourage Brian to develop a team that focus is solely on promotions and marketing, so the next show is at full capacity.

I also feel, this is a solid show that could get a residency somewhere in Las Vegas once it is perfected, as well as to be taken on the road.

Brian GSoul & The DirtyMind Prince Tribute was one of the best performances I have experienced in Las Vegas.

You can see several of the pictures and snippet collages that I took on my LadyFlavaNews Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.2832658413707561&type=3

You can see some videos of this show on my LadyFlavaNews YouTube Channel: https://youtube.com/channel/UCXb7zdJxEQSA_L20lwUfQQg

I Rate this show: 9 Flava Snaps

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I Crave Stimulating Conversations

I was watching a YouTube video with Shaq and Kobe this afternoon. It felt real, with honest thoughts in a moment to changed understanding in the end. There was an unspoken sense of teamwork even in the challenging moments. There was an understanding of the other’s need to achieve with respect and support. Not perfect, but a connection that I believe could never be duplicated. And I found myself emotional, on a variety of levels. But the first was, why did Kobe and Gigi have to die…there was so much more life for them to live.

Shaq & Kobe…Nothing like these two together and apart…perfect in the imperfections. In the end there was a love and respect their way.

I miss challenging and thought revoking conversations. Even when I’m made to feel uncomfortable, I will take the time to reflect on a conversation and the circumstances surrounding it. Although, I always stay true to myself to know that I have the ability to shift my thoughts in a different direction, to see someone or something in a different light. I’m know I don’t have all the answers and I crave to learn and understand.

Maybe it’s the pandemic or maybe it is how life is for many in my age group. I could be wrong, but I feel many are stuck in a place of comfort even when they claim that it’s not where they want to be.

I miss stimulating conversations where I sit amongst people working towards something that could take them beyond where we were to a place we wanted to experience. I think there was a a difference between black independent creative soulz and black independent entertainers. The indie artists I used to be involved with heavy, the hustle was pure and solid. Finding the team members that made the best dream team on no budget. A team that understood what the ultimate goal was. Meetings plotting & planning, commitment and accountability was a way of life. Some of us came from similar backgrounds and others came from a need to survive but it made sense and it worked. We helped each other, and it was never perfect but it worked from my stand point.

With my move to Vegas, those once upon a time connections are still there but not in the same way. But there will always be love and respect. When life changes, things may shift and they have. We have all gotten older and have had to make decisions on what makes sense or not to m what we have been doing.

Covid hit and has effected us in a variety of challenging ways. For the arts and entertainment industry, it pretty much shutdown. In 2022 Covid still exists and is spreading. We are trying to get back to someone normalcy in coming together and experiencing peoples talents. The numbers are not there and there is no financial budget to work from to set in place for creative soulz to get back out there to make a living.

So it feels like people have stopped dreaming and working towards something bigger. It feels like people show up to be seen, and in that they feel validated for existing.

More so I believe people want to be seen and to be social. It’s not so much about supporting great talents.

I’m crave forward thinking conversations with people committed to putting in the work to create something solid to build from.

I do tons of research because I want to understand how the industry works in 2023. Too many of my peers talk about how they did things in the past, but things have changed and the competition is many to standout amongst the masses

I want more and my thought provoking moments come from YouTube and online webinars that I attend. I gain insight, information and education from a very diverse group of people from Rick Ross to 50Cent to Jay Shetty to Lewis Howes. And a variety of other people from different walks of life, ages and ethnicities.

I talked to my daddy and God as a looked at his preaching robes. I shed tears of heartache in how life has changed so much in my move to Las Vegas and living though the pandemic of Covid going on 3 years.

So, I need to find peace in the direction that I am going alone. Continue to share on social media what we learn or what I know. Share with people that I know if I sense they want to hear what I understand. And if they show no interest, let it go. I need to stop being disappointed in people not doing what I feel they need to do more of to enhance their capabilities. Not everyone is on the same mission as I am and not need to be okay with that

What type of industry conversations do you have and do they bring real value and growth to your life and career? I would love to hear from you.

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