Free Your Mind


When you free the mind, you are overcoming distractions that get in the way of what matters most to you personally and professionally. Creating open space in your mind will increase your focus and confidence and enhance the quality of your life.

Do you ever want to screen, “Free My Mind?”

Do you ever feel like your creativity is blocked?

What to do, right? Why does this happen.

I believe there are so many reasons why this happens. Life challenges, environment, health, busyness…the road blocks of life.

The more important question is, how do we free our minds?

Many it’s in being quiet…maybe it’s when you take a road trip…having the right conversation or hearing the right message. It could be in a Real Pleasurable Experience. It could be looking up and allowing a smile to spread across your face in a moment of gratitude. As I write this, I think the Key to Freeing our Minds are so simple that we overlook where our Peace comes from.

I want to encourage your to, “FREE YOUR MIND.”

I would love to hear your joy back to creating. 😁

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Creative SoulZ | Let’s Connect

I crave your creativity and inspiration.

There is nothing better than experiencing something New that captures my attention. I like being surprised, moved and excited about Art.

The thing is, how I experience CREATIVITY may be very different than others. What I see, hear and read could be so very different than the person next to me…this is the beauty of Art and individuality.

I would love to connect with you and what you create.

Are you comfortable in me sharing my honest opinion? I will be kind 😁

Make me focus on me.

Make me feel.

Push me to explore the moment.

Bring me joy in the experience.


I SUPPORT ORIGINAL AUTHENTIC ART. Creativity of All Art Forms and All Genres

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The Talents on TikTok

I’ve resist TikTok and finally am try to embrace this quick way of connecting. Now, I’m not close to figuring it out but I have found that intrigues me right now.

The exciting thing for someone like me, is experiencing what I identify for me, “fresh new talents.”

I have heard powerful, thought provoking SpokenWord. I have heard young voices that surprised my listening ears with awe.

I love how you can connect through a duo video to sing with…other indie talents to mainstream.

I have step away from Facebook and Instagram in finding voices that grab my attention. Even when they may be singing a cover song, the uniqueness and rawness of authenticity in presence and sound is what captures my attention.

As I try so hard to keep up with times and how technology is challenging to understand how amazing creative soulz can level up and make money…along with trying to understanding the real relevance of views. I’m trying to learn 😊

So TikTok is one of favorite pass times and I have appreciated my experience of talents and heartfelt sharing.

One day, I will figure my place on social media but today, I want to express appreciation for TikTok…a site I resisted to explore.

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Sharing My Thoughts

Your Vision

“Vision without action is a daydream, action without vision is a nightmare.”-Iron Mike Ditka

Have you ever had a Vision, a Dream and you think you’re taking action and realize that you have done very little. Why do you you think this happens?

For me, I will say that some of my struggles is environmental. It is the environmental energy that I am exposed to in my work space or in conversations.

I’m do recognize that much comes down to my mindset and I understand that I can control my thought process and what I absorb…so when I talk about the challenges I face, it can sound like an excuse. But it’s real, right?

Who you are exposed to on a regular basis has a profound effect on how you maneuver life and all it’s possibilities. What does you circle bring to the table for you and what do you bring to the table for them. We should be exposed to inspiration and motivation.

I will maintain that environment is a huge factor in putting in work towards a goal, dream, vision.

Then there is the plotting and planning process. Have we put a written plan of action together? That step is important. Identifying the steps, the people needed and budget that will be required for initial startup to long term sustainability.

Research and understanding is so important to determine the realistic story of what we are stepping into…this will help identify if you can commit to putting in the work to make your vision into a reality.

So much in life comes from understanding the steps. It’s easy to come up with a glorified dream from a place of possible momentary passion. We see others doing something that ignites something in us, to say, “what if?”

Some of us know that we are meant to live a specific purpose, but life sidetracks us. The obstacles, the challenges, the determination and again the commitment…play such a significant role in what we do.

I agree with putting a thought, a plan to paper. Researching and identifying the steps needed from start to finish. Then taking the time to have a honest conversation with self to say Yes, No or Maybe.

Plot and plan..identify who has done something similar to see if you can find a blueprint, helping to see if you are on the right track. Hopefully you have a person(s) that you can feel safe to share your vision with. This is when I believe how important your circle is.

When you are around achievers verses people that have no desire for more out of life…has such a huge effect on how you will maneuver life. This is environment…. Sometimes we can control or environment and other times it can be so challenging. So, I believe that a vision and self commitment can help us still take steps until we can change the environment.

Vision Boards are a great source to motivate us to take action. There are a variety of ways to create a vision board, so if you think this is an approach that will work for you…take the time how you want to create it.

To have a vision, a dream, a goal is an exciting feeling to visualize. Taking steps fuels the momentum and bringing a vision to life is like giving birth to your life.

Vision, dreams, goals…purpose, passion and legacy building…is this apart of your makeup and life plan?

It’s something to think about 🤔

LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews

Thinking Out Loud…what’s your thoughts?

The Connections That Don’t Connect

Is it time to reevaluate your team, the circle you have been apart of or the connections that don’t connect? I think this is something many of us need to think about.

All relationships and connections should have a positive reason to exist. The needs to be something that both parties should benefit from, even if it just as simple as it makes them happy.

Many of us get into relationships and mindsets that take us no where but feeling stuck (many times not even realizing that it’s happened.). Sometimes we stay where we “know” what to expect, than to step away and have the courage to explore the unknown.

Of course I have been there many times throughout my life, but I am pretty self aware and will force myself to make an uncomfortable shift…freeing myself from filling unfulfilled.

You can let go with love. Recognizing when something doesn’t work, does not mean you have to be angry and explode to remove yourself from that which no longer serves a purpose for you.

I believe in having honest conversations, when someone matters. At times you can stay connected but refine the relationship and value or purpose.

Some you just need to close the door with love. When I say letting go with love, means to let go, forgive if necessary and move forward without taking the negativity into the future with you. (I’m getting better at this)

This subject can pertain to all relationships; personal, professional, teammates, love interest, family, friends, however you see that you need to take a look at the purpose and go from there.

Is it time for you to reevaluate the people in your world? It’s something to think about, right?

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Wanting To Make You Think 🤔

Word Of Mouth Is A Powerful Tool

I will constantly talk about PROMOTE-PROMOTE -PROMOTE. As an indie artist supporter/cheerleader I recognize how hard it is to get out there amongst the masses, beyond the limited people who know of you…so I always talk about constantly promoting and that your team needs to also promote.

In saying this, WORD OF MOUTH IS ONE OF THE MOST POWERFUL TOOLS. Encourage the people who follow you and attend your events or support your business to help spread the word. The people who appreciate what you are you ultimate marketing tool.

As I am writing this, are the incentives that you can offer to encourage people to become apart of an unofficial, official street team.

– Shout Outs of Appreciation

– Special Seatting

– Merchandise

In my opinion, this is a great concept to think about and get creative with it.

Again, word of mouth from people that love and respect what you are doing is your key to leveling up.

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Sharing My Thoughts

Can You Be Authentically You, If…

I have a question, If you are singing cover songs, songs originally written and performed by someone else, can you be authentically you?

If you have followed me for years, you know that I am a big supporter of Indie Original Music (all Art Firms & Genres.) I moved to the entertainment capital of the world and 98% of what I have experienced if cover songs, classics, oldies but goodie’s.

Now, I would never take away from amazing phenomenal talents, so many in Vegas are deserving of more. But for someone reason this thought recently popped into my mind, “can you be authentically you if you are singing someone else’s music?

What are your thoughts?

Chime in and let me know your opinion.

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How You Present Yourself…First Impressions

I was just listening to a TikTok snippet of a television show speaking on how you present yourself can either open or close doors. They spoke of the younger generation that may honestly have skills and knowledge but in how they carry themselves, present themselves will put a deep wedge in potential opportunities.

I’m A Baby Boomer 1960

I was raised in a Christian home, my father am American Japanese Baptist Minister. How you carried yourself, spoke was exposed important. Chores, work ethic’s and accountability was instilled and a way of life. How you treat others and recognizing that we one with God, that you treat others the way you would want to be treated.

So I say all this to say…How do you present yourself to others. Do you have good people skills or do you need to grow in this area.? Are you comfortable amongst a variety of people or do you tend to stay with who you know.? You might want to stop and think about that.

I was raised understanding this statement, we’re you?

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. I was raised with this, I raised my children and I share this in the arts and entertainment community. Learn to present yourself well, not fake but well. Eye contact, warm presence and engaging personality. This is a must when you are a public person or approaching a potential opportunity.

When seeking a job or opportunity, or seeking the help or sponsorship from someone…how you present yourself and the experience you create to meet their interests is vital.

Take the time to honest with yourself. Never stop evolving. Pay attention to the mover and shakers, notice their techniques of engagement.

The Presentation is The Experience.

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Sharing My Thoughts

Bring Value To What You Do

“We get paid for bringing value to the marketplace.” ~Jim Rohn~

I believe this is a concept that is not embraced or not understood. 🤔

I have witness some people with extremely top notch work ethics and talents, while others clearly are not committed to when they agreed to take part in.

Many times I’ve had conversations with colleagues, staff and friends around WORK ETHICS.

My generation that was raised in the 60’s talked about how we were raised with strong morals and values that was enforced in our homes. Boundaries were set and you did not crossed the line or you suffered consequences.

From Arts & Entertainment to being a staffing coordinator for a rehabilitation hospital, and have witnessed a variety of work ethics. I’m witnessed what feels like extreme pride to numb existence.

Now I would definitely say the environment you were raised in helps to establish your sense of value or the lack of. I also believe that certain spirits come into the world with gifts, talents and pride to do what’s right. A natural sense of value, possibly to the point of being unaware.

What if we were taught as children the understanding of work ethics, pride and bringing value to all me do? What if the people in our world, who we are exposed to represent this and really understood this concept?

I was raised by people who represented this lifestyle, so I cannot say how I would have turned out if I was raised differently.

I arrive early, never late.

I do the best that I am capable of, and will take the time to explore resources to become better in areas that I am lacking. I appreciate a great experience and will tell others, spread the word.

I know I have skills that are value in the workplace and it is frustrating when I feel under valued.

But when I loose interest and feel under valued, I can feel that I am not giving 💯 %. Maybe that is where some of the issue is, feeling under valued.

I believe, to become valued we can adopted the habit of being “on time.” This would be a great start. Then identify out “why” of why we accepted a job, gig, role, etc. I think our why important to understand…there we can address the value.

I want to encourage to develop your Skills and Bring Value to what you Do. Learn new skills to enhance and bring more Value to what you have to Offer. Then seek out opportunities that you will be compensated fairly for the Value you bring.

Sometimes where we are can provide the position to work from until you can build your stronger platform of value. Then do your research and pay attention…remember, “the grass is not always greener on the side that catches your attention.”

Stop and breathe…Identify what you really want and if you have what it takes to step into that position if the opportunity arises.

LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews

Thinking Out Loud after work concerns and things I’ve witnessed in the Arts & Entertainment Industry.

Side Note: I just went to the cafeteria here at my job and was talking to the Cafeteria Manager, she brought up work ethics out of no where.

She feels that Covid had lessened the value of work and doing a topnotch job.

Something for me to ponder 🤔

I Attend Valuable Webinars, Do You?

I was on an Online Business Content Seminar.

Great information is being shared. Valuable and educational material.

I crave learning more and more things I don’t know or want to better understand.

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I value learning. I need my mind to be stretched. I value being informed on how things work today. Nothing stays the same, so I try hard to stay updated on business, marketing and how to become influential in the Arts & Entertainment Industry.

Step by step I can feel I’m growing. So I seek out ways to quench my thirst for knowledge.

What do you do to stay informed and grow.

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