Let Your Energy Light Up The Experience ðŸ’¡

I was thinking about what makes a good event experience … The ENERGY of the environment and people. You can tell when people are excited…from the people putting on the event to the people who are attending.

I came across a video promoting a book (actually 2 books) on Autism, which is an interest of mine. The man’s energy and the way he delivered his thoughts on the book, has caused an interest for me to purchase the books

That’s what you want to share. Energy and excitement for what you want people to get involved in. A product, a show, a service…. It all starts with us. We have to display that we wholeheartedly believe in what we are doing.

You know that Block Party is my favorite band in Vegas…the biggest reason is the energy and engagement of the crowd. Block Party creates the atmosphere and the crowd ignites it.

Side Note: When I come into work, my night nurses are so happy to see me. It’s a blessing and gives me a wonderful feeling…something to remind myself of when work becomes challenging.

Energy or the lack…creates the experience.

Think about this the next time you hit the stage, create, do a video or present something to others… your energy could be the selling point.

Bam…I need to be mindful of my energy too. 😉

LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews

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