God’s Grace

More and more God shows me his Grace & Mercy.

I have faced so many challenges in the last 6 months. I made some needed changes, the shift. Becoming quiet and allowed God to really work on me.

Through the challenges, I have been blessed. Through life’s hiccups, I’m learning to breathe and not absorb it…I acknowledge it and immediately let it go, especially when I cannot do anything about it.

I have safe people when I need to vent, but more and more I leave it between God and I.

There is amazing power in God’s Grace & Mercy.

When you learn to receive Peace, you appreciate not allowing the negative of the world to consume you.

Through the challenges, I forgive, let go and keep it moving.

Hallelujah 🙏

I’m growing, and I embrace the new SkillZ I’m incorporating into my spirit.

This is setting me up for the next chapters of my journey and as I move forward in Supporting Creative SoulZ.

My Ministry is with Creative SoulZ of All Genders and All Art Forms.

God Thank You for Blessing me to handle challenges more gracefully.

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A&E | Let’s Make The Next Generation of Music Legends

Think about the legends who have moved our souls through their music…the songs that we still know and can sing anytime we hear them. That music that helped us experience life…

Now think about our power…Did you know we have the power to help establish our present and future classic sounds. Those artist from back in the day became classics from the Fans Valuing Their Music.

Think about it!




Lady Flava of Lady Flava News

First Written
January 6, 2016

Supporting Indie Music & Indie Music Artists

Returning Home In The Spring #seattle

A picture I took while sitting at Lake Washington before moving to Vegas. Seattle will remain one of the most beautiful places in the U.S.A.

Seeing this picture today, reminds me of how much I miss water…I feel the peace just like I did when I took this picture. Water cleanses the soul…releases all the needs to be let go of.

2023 if my come back year. Getting back to my authentic self and support from an open sincere place.

I look forward to my return home in the Spring.

Water, greenery, colors, snow capped mountains and fresh air…and yes, I look forward to the rain…I look forward to true Seasons.

Lady Flava of LadyFlavaNews returns to The Pacific Northwest.

Indie Creative SoulZ are already reaching out to me, not only in Seattle but across the United States.

It feels to good to finally feel the shift back to my true passion and purpose of supporting Indie Creative SoulZ.

My family, loved ones and some trusted colleagues are in Seattle and I cannot wait to be with them once again.

Spring 2023 #seattle

LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews

Sharing My Thoughts

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