I Like Being My Own Boss (how about you) 😊

Throughout my life my daddy told me that I don’t like working for other people. He was and is so right. He would tell me that I would get frustrated in how a supervisor would run the team or unfair or unprofessional people would be. I would identify more effective approaches to get the needed out come. I tend to run supervisors wrong, yet my coworkers or staff valued me.

I have run into this again in Vegas, and this maybe the worst that I have experienced. Very unprofessional with a twist of racism thrown in there and favoritism. So, I’m challenged at my age of 60+…needing to still work.

I will find and approach my job search differently upon my return to Seattle. I will explore with my children multiple streams of income and creating a home based business. I know I need to be smart at my age to gain financial freedom and control of my world through doing my own thing

I will be returning to being an actual business through LadyFlavaNews and charging for my services. Prior to moving to Vegas, I made Money as an creative consultant, creating promotional tools along with creating artist’s packages.

I have had people approached me once again to help them do their project, not wanting to pay or approach me with a win win situation. I Will No longer allow myself to get pulled to be apart of someone else’s team.

How do you feel about working for someone else? I would engage you to focus on what to enjoy doing and master that to the point to can create a steady into.

What are you good at?

Explore, get creative on how to make money from your skills or talents.

Become an entrepreneur…it could start with just one thing and grow from there

LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews

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