R.E.S.P.E.C.T. “A Musical Salute To Aretha Franklin” Starring Avana Christie #Vegas

3955 Elite Entertainment & Kiss Is 4 Kids

“Beyond The Starz” Presents R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

#RESPECT #AMusicalSaluteTo #ArethaFranklin #Starring #VegasEntertainer #AvanaChristie aka #TheGeorgiaPeach #MusicDirector #EddieFluellen

TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE NOW FOR PURCHASE by using #PayPal @ avanacansing@gmail.com

This is #BenefitConcert for #KissIs4Kidz

We provide creative and performing arts opportunities for individuals with special needs or impacted by special circumstances. #NonProfit

#ForMoreInformation #Contact Avana Christie @avanachristie (Instagram) @avanathegeorgiapeach (Facebook)

#BeautifulProduction #TopnotchTalent #PowerfulSinger #WonderfullyTalented #VegasMusicians #VegasEntertainment #AdelsonCampusTheatre #Vegas

10/26/18 at 8pm

Tickets: Advance $20.00 Door $25.00

Bobby Rose & Friends at The ECLIPSE #Vegas

You don’t know how excited I was to attend A Bobby Rose Show! ūüėä I have watched him long distance from Seattle as I hosted the Sherry Gordy Presents Cyber Parties for her Vegas show, SGP Take The Stage. I have also experienced a song or two at the Cork & Thorn in Summerlin, but it was wonderful to see Mr Bobby Rose in his element as he shared his style with the crowd.

Bobby Rose & Friends at The Eclipse. Bobby Rose’s show is located in the beautiful and intimate setting on the 2nd floor Lounge of The Eclipse in Vegas. Bobby serenaded his audience with our favorite classics, as he engaged us with his charm and wittiness. The second Has of the show he welcomed people to get on the mic and share their talents. I was thoroughly impressed that the band could play whatever the singers song choices were. Very nice, showing how seasoned these musicians are.

I really enjoyed Bobby Rose, the show and the wonderful musicians. I will return!

If your looking for a relaxed place to chill on a Monday Night after work in Vegas, Bobby Rose & Friends at The Eclipse is the place to check out.


This evening Bobby Rose was accompanied by Millard Jackson-Keys, Skip Rice-Bass, Kharon Harrison-Drums, Byron Adams-Percussions and Maurice Hayes…which was a nice combination of musicians.

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814 S 3rd St Las Vegas, NV 89101

The Eclipse is located in what I understand is on the edge of The Arts District, Downtown and Fremont Area…kind of in a residential area but only a few blocks off of Charleston on 3rd.

The Eclipse is a beautiful building with a movie theater, lounge at this point as the building is still constructed but will be completed by the end of this year.

N’DEMAND & The N’Demand Band #VegasEntertainmentGroup

I have followed this group for the past year and I can honestly say, from my experience there is no other group in Vegas that has the Dress, Choreography and Vocals down like this group.

They are very engaging of their audiences from The Paris on The Strip to Off Strip Venues, Corporate Events and Private Parties…N’Demand always brings a Topnotch Performance!

Within the last 3 months they have incorporated an exciting element which is their own band of musicians, The N’Demand Band with the Legendary Westley Stevens formerly of The Stylistics and has worked with Yhe Commodores, Lionel Richie and more. The band is outstanding which brings more authentic sound to the Classics that N’Demand Performs.

N’Demand is what I would call a Gentlemen’s Classy Classic Vegas Entertainment Group. Very poised with charm and charisma as they greet you one on one, to engaging you during their performance.

They are at the top of my list of Great Vegas Entertainers! I highly recommend that you check them out if you live in Vegas or are coming in from out of town!

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This Weekend and EVERY FRIDAY & SATURDAY at The SILVER NUGGET in North Las Vegas is N’DEMAND & The N’Demand Band!

Enjoy the #ClassicSounds of the #TopnotchTalents of #NDemand Settle in for some #GreatEntertainment as you enjoy a cool beverage and Experience these #ClassyMen bringing you the #Sounds of #Motown #PhillySoul your favorite #R&B #Soul #ContemporaryAdult #Country #Pop and more…Now don’t forget to put on your dancing shoes because I can guarantee you’ll want to get up and dance.

N’Demand are Seasoned #VegasEntertainers with #PerfectHarmony and #Precision #DanceMoves that will make you feel like you are experiencing the likes of the #FourTops and #Temptations

At The Silver Nugget you will experience not only the Gentlemen of N’Demand but they now have a topnotch band of great N’Demands.

N’Demand & The N’Demand Band:

Louis Clark-Group Leader/Entertainer

Chester Davis-Entertainer

Marc Vanclaggett-Entertainer

Westley Stevens-Music Director/Keys/Sound

Tony Dale-Drums

Anthony Viterna-Lead Guitar

Tery Johnson-Bass

Avana The Georgia Peach Review by Lady Flava


Avana Christie The Georgia Peach

Vegas Entertainer & Independent Artist and More

I was first introduced to Avana, The Georgia Peach through cyberspace, as she perform and hosted from time to time at Sherry Gordy Presents Take The Stage variety show in Las Vegas, NV and for which I was the SGP Cyber Party Co-Founder and Co-Host from Seattle, WA.   I immediately recognized the gifted talents of this great performer and singer.  This was the beginning of my journey of following Avana Peach and becoming a long distance fan.

In 2016 I believe, is when I saw her post about her latest CD, “Best Kept Secret” on Facebook and immediately went online to purchase a copy.¬† Now, I didn’t mention but I was at the time an established online radio show host with my own network radio station on BlogTalkRadio, and I wanted to have Avana’s music to play on my radio shows.¬† Although, I have music sent to me all the time, I do believe in purchasing music when I am able to and it makes sense to show my financial support.¬† So, here was my opportunity to delve into my experience of The Georgia Peach as an Independent Artists outside of her established career as a Vegas Entertainer.¬† I fell in love with her style of music storytelling with a desire to sway my body as I embark on this musical journey with someone new and exciting.

Now I live in Vegas and I knew that Avana was a woman, artist and entertainer that I wanted to get to know and experience.¬† I am blessed to say that I have been doing this whenever time permits.¬† I have experienced her in a beautiful production called ” With Love, Luther Vandross & Friends where she sang background along with feature vocalist, where she shared a beautiful rendition of “At Last” by Etta James and more.¬† Click this link to take a listen:¬†Avana “At Last” at With Love, Luther Vandross & Friends


To then, experience Avana up close and personal as she was the Feature Guest Artist at Fuso’s Rooftop Nightclub Jazz Tuesdays in Las Vegas.¬† I loved the setting of this venue to the wonderful and engaging performance that Avana gave.

Check out her LIVE performance of “Let’s Stay Together”

Avana at Fuso’s Rooftop Nightclub “Let’s Stay Together”

And now experience her fun video of her signature dance, Reverse Twerk


Avana is not only a Vegas Entertainer, Independent Artist she is also an Actress and recently performed in the Stage Play and Indie Film, “Is That Man Your Husband or Is He Mine?”¬† This film just premiered at the Las Vegas Black Film Festival this past April at the Suncoast Hotel & Casino.¬† I had the pleasure to attend this formal affair with Champagne Toast, Orange Carpet picture taking, film viewing and after party.¬† Avana was beautiful, posed and the life of the party.¬† The play and film was a Ms Michelle Production,


My journey with The Georgia Peach is just beginning and I am ready to see what is yet to come…I am a fan for life…With much love and respect for this wonderful topnotch artist, entertainer, actress and woman.

3.5"x2" Business Card Template

Now, I invite you to start your own personal journey with The Georgia Peach with the Official Video for her Single “Patron” off her latest CD, “Best Kept Secret”

Now head over to Avana’s Store on CDBaby:¬†https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/avana3and purchase your copy of¬†“Best Kept Secret” and experience songs like:

Money Can’t Buy U Everything

I Got’cho Back

Texting My Baby

Just a few of my favorites.


You can follow AVANA The Georgia Peach on Facebook: Avana Christie THA Page

and on InstaGram at: AvanaChristiepeach

Avana Peach EPK: http://artistecard.com/AvanaTheGeorgiaPeach

Website/Blog: www.avana.me



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Let’s Talk About Supporting Artists & Entertainers Vlog by Lady Flava

cropped-flava-news1I am going to start sharing my thoughts and opinions around the Independent Artists and Entertainers Industry that is my passion, in hopes that we can open up a dialogue around how we can better show support to those deserving of more andstruggling to get there.Lady Flava of Lady Flava News

I’m Not The Normal Fan by Lady Flava

cropped-flava-news1I know at times people don’t understand who I really am and what I do.¬† In my early days on social medial we all came up together as we felt our way through, what this engaging online experience was all about.¬† Many of us started this online journey, going back to the days of MySpace.

My followers back in the early days, pretty much understood who I was and my interest in the independent creative soul.¬† In 2008 I joined Facebook and had no interested in having tons of people following me or I them.¬† So I thought 200 people was a doable number, as my brand grew and as I became involved in a variety of areas of the arts and entertainment industry, it was suggest that I move towards going for the maximum on Facebook, which the theory was I would open myself up to have more “real” followers.¬†¬†27337050_10215300285969199_5314973132446348466_n¬†What a challenge that was and still is when I am trying to build a brand for myself¬† as Lady Flava, while trying to figure out what people were buying into.¬† But I kept trudging through the social media challenges and intrigue.¬† I became known as the Independent Artist Cheerleader nationally and internationally going back solidly to 2007.¬† ¬†I started doing online radio shows¬† which I changed the name several times, with the last show being called FCH206 Radio on BlogTalkRadio featuring only music from Indie Artists to Featured Interviews with Indie Artists on The Leopard Carpet with Lady Flava.

One thing I came to realize early on, is that I am a person who thrives on supporting others.¬† And through my coffee house Flava, I found my love for the arts and creative souls.¬† My Daddy, Rev. Peter T. Koshi who now has passed, told me several times, “Susan, your Ministry is with Artists, it won’t be easy but it is your calling.

Let me share with you some of my background, so you can have a better understanding of my brand as Lady Flava in the Arts and Entertainment industry:

  • Owner/Operator of Flava Coffee House-Seattle, WA 2003-2008
  • I was involved with hosting an even in 2004, Grown Folks Cruise on The Spirit of Puget Sound as a member of a group, known as One Tha One Producitons.
  • At Flava Coffee House (2003-2008) I showed my support to local music by playing it during working hours to eventually selling it at Flava.
  • From MySpace I became connected with a variety of independent/self-published authors and soon found myself being drawn to reading their books.
  • 2006 started working with Spoken Word Artist, Lamont Carey who is now a national speaker, mentor, facilitator, activist for at risk youth and prisoner re-entry, author and of course spoken word artist.
  • I became a book reviewer for the Literary Review Team, APOOO BookClub.
  • Founded Flava Coffee House Book Reviews 2007
  • Hosted Wagfest National Literary Conference 2008
  • Closed Flava Coffee House 2008
  • Found FCH206 Radio in 2009 with LA Johnson (It was know as The Mosaic Show with Flava & LA)
  • Started working with Black Stax Hip Hop Soul Group-Seattle, WA in 2009
  • Dope Emporium Seattle Hip Hop Festival Team 2010
  • 2011 started working with recording artist and global entertainer,¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† Marc VanClaggett of Marlex Records
  • 2012 became Business Manager of Marlex Records and then VP of Marlex Records/Marc VanClaggett’s business partner
  • Director of A&R for Spectra Music Group National and International R&B/Hip Hop/Jazz 2012
  • 2012 started FMarlex Artist Consulting business, now known as Lady Flava News Artists Consultation and Coaching business.
  • 2013 Representative for TRIBUTE, A Salute To The Temptations global entertainment group
  • 2014 began making promotional flyers for a variety of artists
  • 2015 Co-Found of the Sherry Gordy Presents Take The Stage Global Cyber Parties
  • 2017 moved to Las Vegas to further my brand and to establish the foundation to host my own Independent Artist Showcase in Vegas
  • 2017 established Flyers by Flava
  • 2017 Promotions Coordinator for Vegas Entertainment Group, N’Demand
  • 2017 continue to work behind the scenes for a variety of Independent Artists and now Vegas Entertainers doing promotions, publicity and administrative support in updating bios, fact sheets, one sheets, websites, blogs and creating EPKs.

During the years working in the Arts & Entertainment industry I have had the pleasure of working with or being connected to a variety of industry people from music producers, engineers, song writers, composers, singers and performers.¬† Working for the major indie record label, I learned so much about what it takes to be considered for a contract signing and national and global distribution.¬† I am also a co-owner and business administrator of a indie record label…so I understand the hard work that goes into creating and producing a quality product and the hard work that goes into promoting and marketing of the final product.

I am very big on the EXPERIENCE OF ART…So I pay attention to things that the average fan many not pay attention to.¬† The visual and arrangement is important to me…The sound and clarity of the mics and stage equipment to the actual singing, musicianship, stage presence and crowd reaction/participation.¬† I approach a book in the same fashion…the book cover appeal, the layout and font choice and size…to the story-line and did it capture my attention and why.¬† I am connected to a variety of authors, publishers and literary industry persons.

Although my background in the music industry is with recording artists…I love the challenge on how to experience live entertainment in Vegas…can I judge it the same as recorded music or not?¬† I am still working on defining this for myself.

I love the education and my continued growth through my new experience in the Entertainment Capitol of the World.¬† It so exciting to me…not always easy, but is has truly captured my attention which as given me a new sense of drive and determination to create a lane for myself with impact.

When I step out to out to experience any form of Art & Entertainment…I see it through a different view and standards than the average audience and fan.¬† ¬†I recognize that not all industry people, artists and entertainers are comfortable with me, along with my honest thoughts and opinions of my experience of their art or performance.¬† Honestly, I am okay with making people uncomfortable and I am okay with being called out, and people not agreeing with me.¬† It’s a beautiful thing to be respectful in disagreeing and trying to understand where someone else is coming from…to me this is growth!

One of my passions and part of my brand in Vegas is writing show reviews.¬† So far I keep is kind and on a whole honest, I will not writ a review unless I can say something positive…I may in the future be more honest in my critiques as my brand grows in recognition and respect is established.¬† Otherwise, if I cannot write a favorable review, I simply don’t write on.¬† My main goal in Vegas, is to put the wheels in motion to host my own Indie Artists Showcase, that I will call, “Flava’s Lounge.” So, I got a job to help fund making this a reality!¬† Stay tuned for more information.¬† You can follow Flava’s Lounge on Facebook at:¬†https://www.facebook.com/flavaslounge/

Please keep in mind I am one person and I come from my own feelings and experience when I share my thoughts.  I am honest with my thoughts and opinions and try to always present my sharing from a place of integrity and fairness.

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Is That Man Your Husband…Or Is He Mine? (Stage Play #Vegas)


Picture taken by retired Vegas Photographer, Arnie Gray.

I had the pleasure of attending this wonderfully entertaining and hilarious stage play on both Tuesday, February 20, 2018 and Wednesday, February 21, 2018 at the West Las Vegas Library Theatre.  First of all the theater was a beautiful location to present this show.  Every seat in the house was a good seat and it allowed for the stage to be set up to present the musical in a very professional fashion.

I had heard about the stage play, but clearly did not really know what to expect.  From the start it captured my attention with great visual appeal, humor and amazing vocals from the array of performers.  Sitting in the audience, it felt like witnessing your family and friends having an opinion on how your world is working, as thoughts were expressed and a strong faith in God shared, to the craziness of ones friends being ready and willing to throw down in your honor.  Mind you, this is all done with humor and song.

photostudio_1519349749405A scene with Chardonnay with her mother and her mother’s best friend.
Ms Michelle as Chardonnay/Promise Marks as her mother, Momma Humpking/
Avana Christie as her best friend, Sistah Beautee

The play touch on the struggles of keeping a marriage together, the love and support of family and friends…sharing time in church through God’s word and song.¬† Okay, I’m a preachers daughter but the church scenes were so funny, with tasteful humor…LOL


As Chardonnay’s first marriage comes to an end, did she find new love, a perfect love? Celebrating with family and friends along with a long time admirer…the planning begins for a dream wedding.¬† Although, the play is so funny, it takes real life situations that anyone could relate to.

The talents of the cast was phenomenal…from the acting to the singing, Ms Michelle put together a stellar cast.¬† I personally and professionally knew Avana Christie, Promise Marks and EC Adams and knew their talents as singers, but I was blow away by their acting ability.¬† Let me tell you Momma Humpking and Sistah Beautee were a pair and the humorous relationship between the two, almost seemed so real that I could picture it in my mind…imagining the conversations that could take place between these characters.


Ooops, who came to crash the wedding?¬† Well, what would you think as you look at this picture…I highly recommend that you come out to the Las Vegas Black Film Festival on April 27, 2017 and attend the movie premiere for the movie with the same title…Yes, Ms Michelle has turned this global stage play into a movie.¬† And she says that there is much more that we will experience with these very same characters and actors in the movie.

I thoroughly enjoyed this great stage play, from the storyline to the acting and music.  Bravo Ms Michelle and cast!


Just a few of the cast after the final night…
Picture taken by retired Vegas Photographer, Arnie Gray
FB_IMG_1519642877083Me, Lady Flava with my friends and cast members of
“Is That Man Your Husband…Or Is He Mine?”
Promise Marks, Avana Peach and EC Adams.
Picture taken by retired Vegas Photographer, Arnie Gray.

As I state earlier, Ms Michelle has turned this great stage play into a movie and it will be debuting as a premiere film at the Las Vegas Black Film Festival on April 27, 2018

You can find out more information about the film and the LV Black Film Festival and to purchase your tickets to attend the movie premiere or the whole festival at:




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If You’re Looking To Party In Vegas, Look For BLOCK PARTY


I was first introduced to Block Party at a friend’s birthday party, Miss Avana Peach back in October of 2017 and instantaneously became a fan.¬† Although I was more focused on celebrating my friend, I was well aware of the quality of musicianship that was taking place and the high energy of this great band, Block Party.

I began to follow them 4 months ago and have had the opportunity to experience seeing them perform in a variety of venues around Las Vegas.¬† From a small space in a local neighborhood casino to a large room at the Boulder Station’s Railhead Showroom to Fiesta Rancho’s Cabo Lounge, Block Party brings the Party of¬† all Party’s to any venue.¬† They have a following that will go to any location that they are performing at, as they continue to make new fans along the way.


Yes, I have had the pleasure of getting to know this band and it’s amazing talented musicians from FingaRachoz on Keys, who is also the band leader and music director, to Big Kev on Bass, Beat Down on drums,¬† JC on lead guitar also doing feature vocals, along with the vocals of the oh so talented female singer, Kyss Kyss and male singer, P Wils.¬† Lately, Vocalist Cali has rejoined the Block Party Family adding his strong vocals and charismatic personality.¬† All the singers can step to the mic as a feature and blend nicely as a duo or trio.¬† Each individual musician can stand on their own but together create a musical family, performing a variety of classics from R&B/Soul to Funk, Hip Hop, Blues and Rock.¬† What I love about Block Party is that each time I have come out to see them perform, they incorporate music that surprises me.¬† I can honestly say that each show is a new experience with Block Party.

You might here the likes of:

Whip It                                        I Like

My Prerogative                          Square Biz

Poison                                          Music by Chicago

I Wanna                                      Music by George Michael

Jamaican Funk                          Saturday Love

One Nation                                Watching You

Under the leadership of FingaRachoz, Block Party visual display is on point with the band always dressed in coordinated colors, to creating dance movements that the musicians and vocalist do together.¬† Have I mentioned High Energy…Block Party’s energy is outrageous where you will never see the dance floor empty, matter of fact…the crowd can get so large the the dancing many flow outside of the Cabo Lounge at Fiesta Rancho’s Hotel and Casino in North Las Vegas.¬† Another attribute of Block Party is they are super engaging of their audience, opening up for the crowd to participate throughout the show.

The crowds that come out and party with Block Party are diverse from a variety of ages to diversity if ethnicity, showing that music can bring people from all walks of life together under the same roof, to party and have a good time.FB_IMG_1519638823236If you are in Vegas or plan to come to Vegas for a visit, I recommend that you find out where BLOCK PARTY will be.  If you are looking for a good time and want to party the night away, you will never be disappointed at a BLOCK PARTY!


You can follow Block Party on Facebook at: @blockpartyonline

You can see more videos of Block Party on Lady Flava’s YouTube Channel:

Lady Flava’s YouTube Channel


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Soulful Sunday’s with Madame Dee at Cork & Thorn in Trivoli Village


November 6 · 

It’s New and Exciting…Vegas you don’t want to sleep on Soulful Sundays at Cork & Thorn in Trivoli Village Every Sunday 4-7pm. Cork & Thorn is electric, yet beautiful. An intimate setting with a variety of wine by the glass or bottle with staff there to serve you and party with the guests.

Starting off the night with Skip Rice and The Las Vegas Blvd All Star Band with Special Guest Keyboardist, Mychael Pollard. The band within themselves was awesome. As folk arrived, greeting each other as they found their seats, the atmosphere was enhanced as the evenings energy was being set.

You could feel the excitement and pride that¬†Barbara Cole¬†had has she set the tone for what we would experience from Madame Dee. Madame Dee did not disappoint from a presence that commands your attention to a voice that grabs your soul…it was on from the first song to the last. She is beautiful and engaging as she worked her way around the room bringing us into a moment of music with just her. Skip Rice on bass,¬†Kharon Haley Harrison¬†on drums with Wayne Gray going between keys and sax along with Mychael Pollard stepping to the keys at times, made for a perfect blend of musicianship for Madame Dee’s soulfully powerful voice.

People stayed to the end, giving praise and thanks for the musical experience. I would say that Soulful Sundays at the CORK & Thorn is a Soulful hit. I look forward to more evenings with a glass of wine, my friends and music that warms my soul with the beautifully talent Madame Dee along with Skip Rice and The Las Vegas Blvd All Star Band.


Check out Skip Rice and The Las Vegas All Star Band with Special Guest Musician, Keyboardist Mychael Pollard: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZfSMEuq0Si4&t=8s



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Lady Flava’s Review on “Mechanics of a Nigga” by Timothy Hollins


Challenged My Thinking
Mechanics if a Nigga by Timothy Hollins was one of the most challenging books I have read in a long time, maybe ever. I felt like it was a dialogue that I have been privileged to hear but not welcomed to really participate in. From birth I was raised in a predominately black community of Seattle, WA where I attended school, played with and associated with friends and peers that were black. Strangely enough during the late 60’s to early 70’s (the Civil Rights Era) I was accepted in my community because my father is Japanese, I am of Japanese/ German descent. So, with that acceptance, I had no problems coming up. From the sidelines I would hear the conversations from my friends and elders about the word “Nigga/Nigger” and the displeasure that it brought them and in those days it was taboo for a black person to call another black person the “N word.” I understood at a young age that I was not really to have a voice in certain conversations, instead I listened intently with out speaking.

So reading this piece of literature challenged my thinking and more so, challenged how I would respond through writing a review. Do I have the right to have a react and respond? I know that I do.

Mechanics of a Nigga is educational and thought provoking., no matter who the person is that reads it. Addressing the African American/Black Community from an American true history perspective starting with the slave mentality of today, society perception, self perception, rising up beyond this state of oppression to self deprivation and low self-esteem.

It addresses white privilege, enslavement of mind and body with a sense that the writer wanting to push the reader to think about what would “change” look like after a cycle of unchanged history. Now we go from the use of a word “Nigga” being used in a derogatory way from a group of people that claimed privilege over all people, to it freely being used among a group of blacks addressing each other, when the larger demographics of blacks on a national and global do not use this word in addressing themselves. What is the change that is needed, how does the healing begin and what would it really look like a noticeable level and who would recognize and acknowledge an empowering shift.

I challenge you to read this piece and to find your words to describe your experience and thoughts. This piece is for all people. It is for those that are willing to read it with an open mind and to be honest with how you think and feel about to topic posed to us.

I know that Timothy Hollins has written other pieces along this line, which I will be purchasing copy’s to read and review. I look forward to pushing myself in my thoughts and feelings as I dig deeper into this authors mindset as he shares.



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