Producer, Paris Toon

Paris Toon1

Paris Toon-Song Writer, Composer, Producer bringing you quality classic sounds as he melts the melodies and words that he hears in his head with the talents of an amazing band Mother’s Favorite Child along with a variety of other talents.

I had the pleasure of connecting with Paris Toon over a year ago through a colleague of mine, Hasan Brown of Puzzle Marketing and Media. From there Paris was a featured guest on The Leopard Carpet with me on Flava News Radio. I would encourage you to take a listen to this show to hear his story and learn about the group Mother’s Favorite Child and where they were at that time and then stick with me as I try to keep you up on what is going on today with Paris Toon going into the future.

Welcoming to The Leopard Carpet Paris Toon on 2-2-2012: Click this link to listen to the show

Since Paris Toon came on Flava News Radio he has kept me current with all the new music coming from his studios from not only Mother’s Favorite Child but for a variety of other talents in the Arizona area where he is located. Yes, I have been blessed to be the first to break some of the new sounds coming out of the Paris Toon Camp.

In the beginning I fell in love with the sound. I immediately heard the quality but in the end, I felt the stories and swayed to the rhythm and rhyme of the musicians. This was one of those realization for me in knowing I was meant to do what I do, that this did not come together by accident but with a purpose. Paris Toon is no joke and the artists and musicians that he works with are top notch.

Yes, this is a business for Paris Toon but from what I gather and from watching from a distance, there is a true connection with the artist he is directly working  with or reaches out to, to put a voice and sound to his creations.

When I think about who made those classics back in the day that I can still sing today. I reflect on who is doing the same thing today, creating those classics that will be heard and remembered 10 years and beyond…Paris is doing that in my opinion. The lyrics, the music, the stories, allowing life to make sense to calling to your body and feeling the groove as the sway comes without notice.

A year + more…I have a different relationship with Paris Toon and am working towards building a strong connection and working on future projects between the Pacific Northwest, Arizona and beyond with Paris Toon.

Paris Toon

Check out the list of Talents on his latest project…All are special in their own way and “Paris Toon Presents MFC Collective, Volume !” is one of the BEST collaborative project that I have heard.

Stop by Paris Toon’s website and take a listen. Just open up the link and click the music player and sit back and take in the experience as you go about your work on the computer or around your space. Click this link to go to Paris Toon’s website

Meet just one of the artists that Paris Toon is working with, Cree Turn:

Stay tune to Flava News Radio, I always slip in a Paris Toon track on my shows and I plan to create a show just for Paris Toon, Mother’s Favorite Child and Friends.

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