Supporting Black Owned Businesses in Vegas Nestle Toll House by Chip

Support Black Owned Businesses! #Vegas
Nestle Toll House Café…
I couldn’t decide what I wanted to buy…lol 😁
Thank You Sparkle Alleyne for GoUrbanVegas for sharing the golden nuggets you come across!

I made my visit today and no,
I’m not eating it all at once 🤪 but let me tell you,
everything was a true treat!

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Sometimes You Find A Gem…Yummy Coffee at A Hospital

I love supporting minority small business owners!
I love this coffee, it is so smooth and creamy.
Plus check out his cups!!! 😁 #ScreamingLadyFlava
Rich at #SouthernHillsEspresso #SouthernHillsHospital #Vegas
Coffee Corner in the Waiting Room
#GreatCoffee #SmoothAndCreamy …
2 month #WhiskeyBarrellAgedCoffee #SouthAmericanCoffeeBeans #SupportingMinoritySmallBusinessOwner

The Original Rhythm Nation Reunited at The Orleans #Vegas

As a Newbee to Vegas, I’ve heard stories of what the past was like in Black Vegas Entertainment and how it has changed over the years. One of the groups that has come up over and over again in conversation is Rhythm Nation. I’ve been told, “you should have seen the Originals.”

Last Night I had that opportunity to experience The Original Rhythm Nation Band at The Orleans Bourbon Lounge in Vegas.

R-L: The Original Rhythm Nation Band

Band Leader, Steve Owens-Percussions/Vocals

Music Director, Skip Rice-Bass Guitar/Vocals

Kharon Harrison-Drums

Reggie Gonzales-Lead Vocals

Joe Evans-Guitar/Vocals

Marcus Johnson-Keyboard/Vocals

For the month of February residency on Thursdays at The Orleans Bourbon Lounge, and with the encouragement of MD, Skip Rice The Original Rhythm Nation Band reunited.

Performing the Classics sounds of The Ohio Players, Marvin Gaye, Rick James, Bruno Mars, The Gap Band and more there were people up dancing or just grooving in their seats. This made for an enjoyable evening for myself as I had the opportunity to spend time my colleague and friend, Lillian Rice of Love The Muzic Productions as we enjoyed these gifted musicians.

Beyond the show experience, I witnessed musicians that have a love and respect for each to the point they knew the music and their individual parts with a flow that appeared flawless and they had not rehearsed in years. That there is a story within itself.

I knew the talents of these musicians from the days I was apart of Sherry Gordy Presents Take The Stage online, as several of these musicians were apart of that band…I realize that I only got a taste of the magic these men were known to create back in the day, but I enjoyed their vibe.

Why was there a split, I imagine it comes down to life happening and other opportunities presented. I’m thankful that I had an chance to see a glimpse of the musical magic of “The Original Rhythm Nation of Vegas”

Maybe they will come together again and if they do, I highly recommend that they are worth seeing.

Vegas Black Entertainment…Past-Present-Future…only time will tell.

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8 FLAVA Snaps for The Original Rhythm Nation

Lady Flava Sharing Her Thoughts Vol.2 Why Vegas Has Taken A Toll On Me

I decided to do a Facebook LIVE as Coffee and Conversation with Lady Flava and I found myself going into a rant about my frustrations with living in Vegas…Take a listen and I am okay with you sharing your thoughts.  Keeping it 100%!

Lady Flava of Lady Flava News

Introducing How I Think…Lady Flava Shares Her Thoughts Vol.1

Lady Flava Shares Her Thoughts…Vol.1 Vlog

Introduction to Lady FLAVA-The Cheerleader of Creative SoulZ and More…

Timeless in Las Vegas-These Ladies Do It Right!

Beautifully orchestrated from vocals, choreography, costumes and musicianship…TIMELESS was a breathtaking experience at the beautiful Ron Decar’s Event Center in Las Vegas, NV.

Tonja + Gwen + LeAna + Tai = TIMELESS

Sharing the Legendary Sounds of

The Shirelles, The Marvelettes, The Supremes, Martha & The Vandellas, Gladys Knight and more…

From the vocals to the costumes these ladies put on a phenomenal show.  TIMELESS was accompanied by some of Vegas topnotch musicians from Eddie Fluellen-Keys, Skip Rice-Bass, Mike-Guitar and Darnell-Drums.

Ron Decar’s Event Center was a perfect location for this show, everytime I have attended a show there the decor is beautiful, the staff friendly and helpful and from what I could tell the guests who reserved to eat enjoyed their food immensely.  The venue was sold out with a very diverse audience. Even the Red Hat Ladies were in attendance, standing out with an array of  red hats displayed on their heads.

Timeless took the audience back to a time where music was valued and supported, to the point that these ladies help to keep these legendary, historical female Black Entertainers voices alive and their stories known.

If you ever have the opportunity to attend a TIMELESS show, you will not be disappointed.  I know that everyone in the audience the night I was in attendance would agree with me.

I thank my dear friend Tai Lewis who is one of the beautiful ladies of TIMELESS for inviting me to attend and I thank my colleague, Lillian Rice for sharing this evening with me.

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Taking December to Heal #Empath in #Vegas #LadyFlava


It’s time to heal…

Moving to Vegas has been a whole new experience for me.  In the beginning, there was such a great sense of excitement and belief that I would come, fit in and embark on a life as Lady Flava, “The Artist Cheerleader.”  And in some ways that happened but soon I fell into the reality of the struggle that Black Entertainment faces to exist and my soul took it on.

As a child I knew that I was different in some ways and I cared deeply for others, animals and nature.  Some of my favorite memories of my childhood was going camping and fishing with my family.  I loved the outdoors.  As an adult, I loved getting in my car to take long drives to nowhere or somewhere…just to be out in the open as I listened to my music and let God take me away.  Growing up and living 57 years of my life in Seattle, I took for granted being surrounded by water and snow capped mountains.  I could get in the car and within 10 minutes be next to the water, which I found myself doing more and more as I got older.  The water, nature and being out amongst the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, I was able to refuel my soul.

May 2016 I embarked on a new life, taking my desire to take my support of creative soulz to a new level by moving to the Entertainment Capital of The World, Las Vegas, NV.  Now in December of 2019, I feel like my spirit is broken and my passion is non-existent.  What happened?


What happened…Is being an Empath happened.  I have spent months trying to understand the difference between being an Empath in Seattle vs an Empath in Vegas, with conversations with my people back home that are so insightful.  Because Seattle is home, it started with my family, my parents kept a quiet and respectful home.  There was just an understanding from a young child, on how were were to speak to each other and especially adults.  Going outside my doors it was pretty much the same with my neighbors with some variations but on a whole the same.  As I grew up in what was the Black Community of Seattle, The Central Area which bordered Capitol Hill, life was full of diversity but I didn’t really understand it until I aged because it was my life and I knew no different.

Church, community, freedom to be a kid as we played outside, road bikes and took the bus with very little worries.  We all had a curfew and most of us attended church every Sunday.  Like I said, different but similar.  And it continued that way into my adulthood, choosing to stay amongst people that had the same mindset.  Of course I had relationships that did not work out, as most people do but even in that there were some core similarities in morals and values.  This was my life, the life I knew and was comfortable with.

Now I’m in a new world, and amongst surviving mindsets, great talents striving to have more, and do more.  I talk about the hustle of Vegas and it is a hustle, a hustle to simply survive living, and for the entertainers, it’s surviving to stay relevant as they age and to be seen.  It’s hard to tell who really wants to get to know you as a person, and appreciate who you are just as a human being or is it more about what you can do for them…It feels more like what can you do for them.  Do you have a skill that they can benefit from or will you come to admire them and become a fan, and either way it can be exciting for some and draining for others.  Is it perspective or sense of value, that’s on the individual I suppose.

Here’s where being an Empath kicks in, I want to help but at the same time I can feel a person and their intention, or how they are living their life without being told.  I’m a good listener and listen to the choice of words along with tones and even a person’s body language to really understand the essence of what is being told to me.  Many times things are disclosed due to the need to share and the need to have someone care enough to do…do whatever they can to help with this person’s world.

Empaths are good at feeling a person’s emotions and need, and if were are drawn in, we will do what we can to help make someone else’s world be better, or work smoother…even if that means at our own expense.

I’ve met some great great talents in Vegas who are so deserving of next level opportunity and these opportunities seem that they are just nonexistent here in Vegas, which there should be so much more.  I jumped on board with some to be a supportive team member and to be able to show my talents and my value as I realized that I needed to brand myself in Vegas, so it was time to show and prove.  That was fine in the beginning and then the craziness started to come out and trying to understand what I was experiencing or witnessing was overwhelming.  When sharing my thoughts it was naming calling of being weak, in my feelings, emotional, sensitive and on and on.  You may not see this as a big deal but over time whenever I spoke up about something, it was cut down with those simple phrases…when I witness others handle frustrations in a harsher way and it’s acceptable.  But because I stay calm and don’t curse and may even shed a tear when I’m frustrated or hurt…that there is being weak.

Oh, I failed to mention that shortly after I arrived in Vegas I started work as a caregiver and still do to this day…I work in a variety of places from hospital setting to, homecare and support to entertainers.  Doing this work means multiple personalities. emotions, circumstances and I have gone months of caring for someone else’s needs over my own.  Can I say emotional, mental, physical and spiritual burnout…big time.  Some of it I did to make the money and some of it I did because I sincerely cared about who I was taking care of.  But it took a serious toll on me and relationships started to and are falling apart.

As an Empath, I love my solitude and dedicate time in prayer and meditation every  morning and every night, but it got to the point that I felt no peace ending my nights or beginning my days…I was drained all the time.  I tried to let people close to me know that I was in trouble, but they were so wrapped up in there own worlds or just didn’t know what to say or do…but simply said, “stop it,” “you know better””your working too much”…yes, all of this is true and then what…how do I fix myself.  I have the intellect and understanding of what I am dealing with but how to stop the madness within my being, that’s the challenge.   Well, I need money to survive, I need money to build my dream, I need to work when there is work, because at times I don’t have much work…So, I have to work and the wages in Vegas are so low, that I feel I have to work triple to maintain and to save.

And now I’m at burnout stage, stepping back in my solitude and quiet, trying to make sense of what I have experienced and striving to heal and get back to my passion and purpose as “The Artist’s Cheerleader.” I just want to get back to peace within myself and to find a sense of joy in the despair of living in Vegas…I hope to one day feel like I am not just surviving but thriving in a fulfilling life.

December is my month to regain control and revisit my direction on how I will achieve my goals.  I lost sight of myself amongst the craziness and now it’s time to get me back and learn to set boundaries so that other people’s stuff doesn’t effect me to my core.  Plus, I can’t work every single day taking care of other people’s needs….so, I need to work smarter, not harder.

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Blessings. Lady Flava

I’m Working My Way Back To My Purpose & Passion…Original Artistry

cropped-flava-news1With excitement in my soul, I am finally getting back to my roots, internet radio and writing blogs, reconnecting and connecting with great indie artists and entertainers…This is where my soul is fed and my passion is felt.  Why was it such a struggle to get to this point in Vegas?

Thinking through the last 2 1/2 years in Vegas and what have I accomplished as Lady Flava, not much…but I have accomplished a lot for myself as Susan.  I have never lived away from Seattle, my children, my family and friends, everything that is familiar to me.  I thought I was coming to Vegas and would immediately get involved in exciting projects and work towards my own dream and purpose.  Soon reality hit, and it came down to work and survival, I became drained mentally and physically.

With God by my side and whispering in my ear, I began to focus on my health, understanding the importance of eating more whole foods and naturally, thanks to the encouragement of my dear friend, Sherry Gordy.  She got me into juicing every morning and encouraged me as I daily got in the pool or walked in my neighborhood.  It felt great to be able to set up a fairly regular routine of all around health and wellness, to be added to my morning and evening prayer and meditation.

Hey that seems like a good life huh, but something was missing.  I found myself dying in Vegas, little by little.  I am used to be sought after as Lady Flava, The Indie Artist Cheerleader.  Plotting and Planning radio shows, showcases, artist bios, EPK’s and more.  The life of Lady Flava was exciting and fueled my soul back in Seattle.  I thought for sure that moving to Vegas would enhance what I birthed back home, as The Indie Artist Cheerleader.

Vegas is a different life.   Everyone is trying to find a niche, angle to stay in people’s presence with a goal to stay relevant.  To me it feels like a Hustle to Survive.  I get it, I really do get it… but I feel like there should be a different approach to keeping Black Entertainment Alive and Thriving in Vegas.  I soon became bored with the same ole same ole every week.  This statement does not take away from my deep respect for the great talents within the Black Entertainment Community, because I am in awe of their talents…I just want to see more from them and see them come alive with passion and purpose, creating their own lane of exciting Live Entertainment in The Entertainment Capital of The World, Las Vegas, NV.

I came to Vegas with a dream, a dream to create a showcase for Creative Soulz to present their authentic, original music and more.  I found a location that I fell in love with, it screamed Lady Flava all over it, Eclectic and Unique with a variety of looks and flavas.  But due to some bad dealings with people, the owner changed his requirements to use the venue which included pretty high deposit which I did not have on hand.  This is when I realized that it was going to take a significant amount of money to get my showcase going.  The plotting and planning came to a halt and I went straight in and took work from 3 different avenues, just to take care of my personal needs and to create an account to build my financial foundation from.  Soon it felt like all I was doing was working and my dream, my purpose was dying.  My spirit was dying.

But I never let go of my faith and understanding that God brought me here, to Vegas for a reason.  I have learned to stand on my own two feet. I have learned to not depend on anyone else to help me make my world work.  I learned that people don’t care what you did in the past, but are more concern with what you are doing now…Show and Prove yourself, than talk about who you used to be.  I have endured racism and in a roundabout way bullying.  Being put down in my mannerisms, my race and skin color to, feeling I need to defend how I was raised and who I was raised by and around.

Depression set in, and I was still trying to hold onto my faith.  If I did not have my faith in God and the teachings of Jesus Christ, life in Vegas would be unbearable for me.  Another thing is, being an empath…I am so sensitive to energies especially here in Vegas.  It is challenging for me to go to certain locations and be around certain people, and I have been known to stay away or to walk out of places because of a dark feeling or vibe.  I am a caretaker by nature and have been my whole life, so here in Vegas I do ElderCare and Patient Safety which I am good at.  Due to this type of work and being an empath, I can become physically and emotionally drained…needing time to myself to relax and recharge.  This to, is a present obstacle that I face when wanting to attend certain events and just not feeling up to it.

I’m trying to breakout of the funk that I have been in, and find my joy again by getting back to writing blogs and getting back on the radio.  This excites me.  I had the opportunity to go into the studio with colleague, a real professional recording studio in a business park and not a homebase studio.  Watching and listening to what I was allowed to witness spark an excitement that I had not felt in a long time.  I had the opportunity to speak about what I witnessed and to express my sincere respect and appreciation I have my my colleague and his talent.  I felt like this was a God send that I was able to have this experience and to have it with this person.  I walked away with a newly found understanding of my long awaited calling in Vegas.

Now it’s time to trust my faith in God and myself and turn this funk of mine into my passion again. So as of today, this blog site is now attached to my domain name of and I reopened my radio station under Flava’s Lounge Radio and will soon be back on the air playing great Indie Music and having talk shows around Indie Artist Topics and Featured Interviews with amazing Creative SoulZ.

70923870_10219935892536466_7518237915462238208_nMy name is Lady Flava and my passion and purpose is to find creative ways to show support to some amazingly talent people here where I live in Las Vegas, NV to my hometown of Seattle, WA to across The United States and around the Globe.

I’m Back and It Feels So Good!

You can find me all over social media under “Lady Flava” or “ladyflava206” or “Flava’s Lounge”

My website for Flava’s Lounge is:

What I do is not about me, it’s about great Indie Talents, ones that are doing it on their own.  Let’s connect and see what we can do together.

Flava is A Taste, A Style, A Feeling…What’s Your Flava?

Underrated in Vegas…Once Again, Block Party Was On Fiyah

I’m just going out put it out there, in my opinion BLOCK PARTY is underrated for their talents and what they have to offer the masses that live in and travel to Las Vegas. There are many talent bands and groups that deserve much more than what Vegas is providing them, but BLOCK PARTY is in a whole different category and has the capabilities of getting a large crowd partying the night away. With the diversity of the genres and song list that they can perform, BLOCK PARTY has the ability to play before any audience or setting. I have experienced them in a variety of venues around Las Vegas and Laughlin, where they always play to a packed dance floor. No matter the age, ethnicity and walk of life people come from, BLOCK PARTY brings a great party.

I’ve been a Fan, Supporter and behind the scenes Team Member of Block Party #Vegas for over a year. Anyone that knows me, knows I’m proud to blast to the world about Block Party and can go into details why I’m passionate about this Vegas Band…But Baby, let me tell ya, they did their thang and then some last night…

The party was on and poppin’ … Get a Taste of what went down last night when FingaRachoZ took center stage…

Go to my YouTube by clicking this link: FingaRachoZ of Block Party

Kyss Kyss always brings it with her amazing vocals and engaging presence. Kyss is a Favorite in Vegas and The Block Party Fans love to Party with her…but this weekend Vegas was introduced to a new talent, when Bruce Alan joined the stage with Kyss. Bruce Alan has a unique sound, a fresh energy and he blended right in with the established Block Party Family.

With FingaZ on keys, Big Kev on bass, JC on guitar and Ra Soul on drums along with Kyss Kyss and Bruce Alan on vocals, I sense a shift coming in the energy and party experience with this phenomenal Vegas Band. Stay Tune…

Click the YouTube link to experience a taste of the newest member of BLOCK PARTY, Bruce Alan. Sample the Flava of Bruce Alan

If you are looking to have a good time in Vegas, be sure to Follow BLOCK PARTY on Facebook at: @blockpartyonline to stay updated on where they will be performing next.

For information about BLOCK PARTY or Booking, Contact FingaRachoZ Johnson (Band Leader) Email:

Zeola Gaye’s 4th Annual Toy Drive and Fundraising Gala #Vegas 12/15/18 8pm

It’s That Time Again… #MarkYourCalendars and Plan to Attend #ZeolaGaye 4th Annual #ToyDrive and #FundraisingGala

Check Out The Amazing Line-Up!

Date: Saturday, December 15, 2018

Time: 8pm

Cost: Unwrapped Toy for Ages Up To 24 years of Age plus $10.00 ($20.00 without Toy)

#Hosted by #BarbaraCole

#MusicDirector #SkipRice and #TheLVBlvdAllStarBand

Location: #CorkAndThorn in #TivoliVillage

330 S Rampart Blvd-Unit 180

Las #Vegas, NV 89145

#VegasShow #VegasEntertainers #Legends #TopnotchMusicians #GreatSingers #VegasEntertainment #GreatCause

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