I’m Working My Way Back To My Purpose & Passion…Original Artistry

cropped-flava-news1With excitement in my soul, I am finally getting back to my roots, internet radio and writing blogs, reconnecting and connecting with great indie artists and entertainers…This is where my soul is fed and my passion is felt.  Why was it such a struggle to get to this point in Vegas?

Thinking through the last 2 1/2 years in Vegas and what have I accomplished as Lady Flava, not much…but I have accomplished a lot for myself as Susan.  I have never lived away from Seattle, my children, my family and friends, everything that is familiar to me.  I thought I was coming to Vegas and would immediately get involved in exciting projects and work towards my own dream and purpose.  Soon reality hit, and it came down to work and survival, I became drained mentally and physically.

With God by my side and whispering in my ear, I began to focus on my health, understanding the importance of eating more whole foods and naturally, thanks to the encouragement of my dear friend, Sherry Gordy.  She got me into juicing every morning and encouraged me as I daily got in the pool or walked in my neighborhood.  It felt great to be able to set up a fairly regular routine of all around health and wellness, to be added to my morning and evening prayer and meditation.

Hey that seems like a good life huh, but something was missing.  I found myself dying in Vegas, little by little.  I am used to be sought after as Lady Flava, The Indie Artist Cheerleader.  Plotting and Planning radio shows, showcases, artist bios, EPK’s and more.  The life of Lady Flava was exciting and fueled my soul back in Seattle.  I thought for sure that moving to Vegas would enhance what I birthed back home, as The Indie Artist Cheerleader.

Vegas is a different life.   Everyone is trying to find a niche, angle to stay in people’s presence with a goal to stay relevant.  To me it feels like a Hustle to Survive.  I get it, I really do get it… but I feel like there should be a different approach to keeping Black Entertainment Alive and Thriving in Vegas.  I soon became bored with the same ole same ole every week.  This statement does not take away from my deep respect for the great talents within the Black Entertainment Community, because I am in awe of their talents…I just want to see more from them and see them come alive with passion and purpose, creating their own lane of exciting Live Entertainment in The Entertainment Capital of The World, Las Vegas, NV.

I came to Vegas with a dream, a dream to create a showcase for Creative Soulz to present their authentic, original music and more.  I found a location that I fell in love with, it screamed Lady Flava all over it, Eclectic and Unique with a variety of looks and flavas.  But due to some bad dealings with people, the owner changed his requirements to use the venue which included pretty high deposit which I did not have on hand.  This is when I realized that it was going to take a significant amount of money to get my showcase going.  The plotting and planning came to a halt and I went straight in and took work from 3 different avenues, just to take care of my personal needs and to create an account to build my financial foundation from.  Soon it felt like all I was doing was working and my dream, my purpose was dying.  My spirit was dying.

But I never let go of my faith and understanding that God brought me here, to Vegas for a reason.  I have learned to stand on my own two feet. I have learned to not depend on anyone else to help me make my world work.  I learned that people don’t care what you did in the past, but are more concern with what you are doing now…Show and Prove yourself, than talk about who you used to be.  I have endured racism and in a roundabout way bullying.  Being put down in my mannerisms, my race and skin color to, feeling I need to defend how I was raised and who I was raised by and around.

Depression set in, and I was still trying to hold onto my faith.  If I did not have my faith in God and the teachings of Jesus Christ, life in Vegas would be unbearable for me.  Another thing is, being an empath…I am so sensitive to energies especially here in Vegas.  It is challenging for me to go to certain locations and be around certain people, and I have been known to stay away or to walk out of places because of a dark feeling or vibe.  I am a caretaker by nature and have been my whole life, so here in Vegas I do ElderCare and Patient Safety which I am good at.  Due to this type of work and being an empath, I can become physically and emotionally drained…needing time to myself to relax and recharge.  This to, is a present obstacle that I face when wanting to attend certain events and just not feeling up to it.

I’m trying to breakout of the funk that I have been in, and find my joy again by getting back to writing blogs and getting back on the radio.  This excites me.  I had the opportunity to go into the studio with colleague, a real professional recording studio in a business park and not a homebase studio.  Watching and listening to what I was allowed to witness spark an excitement that I had not felt in a long time.  I had the opportunity to speak about what I witnessed and to express my sincere respect and appreciation I have my my colleague and his talent.  I felt like this was a God send that I was able to have this experience and to have it with this person.  I walked away with a newly found understanding of my long awaited calling in Vegas.

Now it’s time to trust my faith in God and myself and turn this funk of mine into my passion again. So as of today, this blog site is now attached to my domain name of flavanews.com and I reopened my radio station under Flava’s Lounge Radio  https://www.blogtalkradio.com/flavaslounge and will soon be back on the air playing great Indie Music and having talk shows around Indie Artist Topics and Featured Interviews with amazing Creative SoulZ.

70923870_10219935892536466_7518237915462238208_nMy name is Lady Flava and my passion and purpose is to find creative ways to show support to some amazingly talent people here where I live in Las Vegas, NV to my hometown of Seattle, WA to across The United States and around the Globe.

I’m Back and It Feels So Good!

You can find me all over social media under “Lady Flava” or “ladyflava206” or “Flava’s Lounge”

My website for Flava’s Lounge is: flavaslounge.com

What I do is not about me, it’s about great Indie Talents, ones that are doing it on their own.  Let’s connect and see what we can do together.

Flava is A Taste, A Style, A Feeling…What’s Your Flava?

Underrated in Vegas…Once Again, Block Party Was On Fiyah

I’m just going out put it out there, in my opinion BLOCK PARTY is underrated for their talents and what they have to offer the masses that live in and travel to Las Vegas. There are many talent bands and groups that deserve much more than what Vegas is providing them, but BLOCK PARTY is in a whole different category and has the capabilities of getting a large crowd partying the night away. With the diversity of the genres and song list that they can perform, BLOCK PARTY has the ability to play before any audience or setting. I have experienced them in a variety of venues around Las Vegas and Laughlin, where they always play to a packed dance floor. No matter the age, ethnicity and walk of life people come from, BLOCK PARTY brings a great party.

I’ve been a Fan, Supporter and behind the scenes Team Member of Block Party #Vegas for over a year. Anyone that knows me, knows I’m proud to blast to the world about Block Party and can go into details why I’m passionate about this Vegas Band…But Baby, let me tell ya, they did their thang and then some last night…

The party was on and poppin’ … Get a Taste of what went down last night when FingaRachoZ took center stage…

Go to my YouTube by clicking this link: FingaRachoZ of Block Party

Kyss Kyss always brings it with her amazing vocals and engaging presence. Kyss is a Favorite in Vegas and The Block Party Fans love to Party with her…but this weekend Vegas was introduced to a new talent, when Bruce Alan joined the stage with Kyss. Bruce Alan has a unique sound, a fresh energy and he blended right in with the established Block Party Family.

With FingaZ on keys, Big Kev on bass, JC on guitar and Ra Soul on drums along with Kyss Kyss and Bruce Alan on vocals, I sense a shift coming in the energy and party experience with this phenomenal Vegas Band. Stay Tune…

Click the YouTube link to experience a taste of the newest member of BLOCK PARTY, Bruce Alan. Sample the Flava of Bruce Alan

If you are looking to have a good time in Vegas, be sure to Follow BLOCK PARTY on Facebook at: @blockpartyonline to stay updated on where they will be performing next.

For information about BLOCK PARTY or Booking, Contact FingaRachoZ Johnson (Band Leader) Email: fingarache@yahoo.com

Zeola Gaye’s 4th Annual Toy Drive and Fundraising Gala #Vegas 12/15/18 8pm

It’s That Time Again… #MarkYourCalendars and Plan to Attend #ZeolaGaye 4th Annual #ToyDrive and #FundraisingGala

Check Out The Amazing Line-Up!

Date: Saturday, December 15, 2018

Time: 8pm

Cost: Unwrapped Toy for Ages Up To 24 years of Age plus $10.00 ($20.00 without Toy)

#Hosted by #BarbaraCole

#MusicDirector #SkipRice and #TheLVBlvdAllStarBand

Location: #CorkAndThorn in #TivoliVillage

330 S Rampart Blvd-Unit 180

Las #Vegas, NV 89145

#VegasShow #VegasEntertainers #Legends #TopnotchMusicians #GreatSingers #VegasEntertainment #GreatCause

R.E.S.P.E.C.T. “A Musical Salute To Aretha Franklin” Starring Avana Christie #Vegas

3955 Elite Entertainment & Kiss Is 4 Kids

“Beyond The Starz” Presents R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

#RESPECT #AMusicalSaluteTo #ArethaFranklin #Starring #VegasEntertainer #AvanaChristie aka #TheGeorgiaPeach #MusicDirector #EddieFluellen

TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE NOW FOR PURCHASE by using #PayPal @ avanacansing@gmail.com

This is #BenefitConcert for #KissIs4Kidz

We provide creative and performing arts opportunities for individuals with special needs or impacted by special circumstances. #NonProfit

#ForMoreInformation #Contact Avana Christie @avanachristie (Instagram) @avanathegeorgiapeach (Facebook)

#BeautifulProduction #TopnotchTalent #PowerfulSinger #WonderfullyTalented #VegasMusicians #VegasEntertainment #AdelsonCampusTheatre #Vegas

10/26/18 at 8pm

Tickets: Advance $20.00 Door $25.00

Bobby Rose & Friends at The ECLIPSE #Vegas

You don’t know how excited I was to attend A Bobby Rose Show! 😊 I have watched him long distance from Seattle as I hosted the Sherry Gordy Presents Cyber Parties for her Vegas show, SGP Take The Stage. I have also experienced a song or two at the Cork & Thorn in Summerlin, but it was wonderful to see Mr Bobby Rose in his element as he shared his style with the crowd.

Bobby Rose & Friends at The Eclipse. Bobby Rose’s show is located in the beautiful and intimate setting on the 2nd floor Lounge of The Eclipse in Vegas. Bobby serenaded his audience with our favorite classics, as he engaged us with his charm and wittiness. The second Has of the show he welcomed people to get on the mic and share their talents. I was thoroughly impressed that the band could play whatever the singers song choices were. Very nice, showing how seasoned these musicians are.

I really enjoyed Bobby Rose, the show and the wonderful musicians. I will return!

If your looking for a relaxed place to chill on a Monday Night after work in Vegas, Bobby Rose & Friends at The Eclipse is the place to check out.


This evening Bobby Rose was accompanied by Millard Jackson-Keys, Skip Rice-Bass, Kharon Harrison-Drums, Byron Adams-Percussions and Maurice Hayes…which was a nice combination of musicians.

Lady Flava

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814 S 3rd St Las Vegas, NV 89101

The Eclipse is located in what I understand is on the edge of The Arts District, Downtown and Fremont Area…kind of in a residential area but only a few blocks off of Charleston on 3rd.

The Eclipse is a beautiful building with a movie theater, lounge at this point as the building is still constructed but will be completed by the end of this year.

N’DEMAND & The N’Demand Band #VegasEntertainmentGroup

I have followed this group for the past year and I can honestly say, from my experience there is no other group in Vegas that has the Dress, Choreography and Vocals down like this group.

They are very engaging of their audiences from The Paris on The Strip to Off Strip Venues, Corporate Events and Private Parties…N’Demand always brings a Topnotch Performance!

Within the last 3 months they have incorporated an exciting element which is their own band of musicians, The N’Demand Band with the Legendary Westley Stevens formerly of The Stylistics and has worked with Yhe Commodores, Lionel Richie and more. The band is outstanding which brings more authentic sound to the Classics that N’Demand Performs.

N’Demand is what I would call a Gentlemen’s Classy Classic Vegas Entertainment Group. Very poised with charm and charisma as they greet you one on one, to engaging you during their performance.

They are at the top of my list of Great Vegas Entertainers! I highly recommend that you check them out if you live in Vegas or are coming in from out of town!

Lady Flava

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This Weekend and EVERY FRIDAY & SATURDAY at The SILVER NUGGET in North Las Vegas is N’DEMAND & The N’Demand Band!

Enjoy the #ClassicSounds of the #TopnotchTalents of #NDemand Settle in for some #GreatEntertainment as you enjoy a cool beverage and Experience these #ClassyMen bringing you the #Sounds of #Motown #PhillySoul your favorite #R&B #Soul #ContemporaryAdult #Country #Pop and more…Now don’t forget to put on your dancing shoes because I can guarantee you’ll want to get up and dance.

N’Demand are Seasoned #VegasEntertainers with #PerfectHarmony and #Precision #DanceMoves that will make you feel like you are experiencing the likes of the #FourTops and #Temptations

At The Silver Nugget you will experience not only the Gentlemen of N’Demand but they now have a topnotch band of great N’Demands.

N’Demand & The N’Demand Band:

Louis Clark-Group Leader/Entertainer

Chester Davis-Entertainer

Marc Vanclaggett-Entertainer

Westley Stevens-Music Director/Keys/Sound

Tony Dale-Drums

Anthony Viterna-Lead Guitar

Tery Johnson-Bass

Avana The Georgia Peach Review by Lady Flava


Avana Christie The Georgia Peach

Vegas Entertainer & Independent Artist and More

I was first introduced to Avana, The Georgia Peach through cyberspace, as she perform and hosted from time to time at Sherry Gordy Presents Take The Stage variety show in Las Vegas, NV and for which I was the SGP Cyber Party Co-Founder and Co-Host from Seattle, WA.   I immediately recognized the gifted talents of this great performer and singer.  This was the beginning of my journey of following Avana Peach and becoming a long distance fan.

In 2016 I believe, is when I saw her post about her latest CD, “Best Kept Secret” on Facebook and immediately went online to purchase a copy.  Now, I didn’t mention but I was at the time an established online radio show host with my own network radio station on BlogTalkRadio, and I wanted to have Avana’s music to play on my radio shows.  Although, I have music sent to me all the time, I do believe in purchasing music when I am able to and it makes sense to show my financial support.  So, here was my opportunity to delve into my experience of The Georgia Peach as an Independent Artists outside of her established career as a Vegas Entertainer.  I fell in love with her style of music storytelling with a desire to sway my body as I embark on this musical journey with someone new and exciting.

Now I live in Vegas and I knew that Avana was a woman, artist and entertainer that I wanted to get to know and experience.  I am blessed to say that I have been doing this whenever time permits.  I have experienced her in a beautiful production called ” With Love, Luther Vandross & Friends where she sang background along with feature vocalist, where she shared a beautiful rendition of “At Last” by Etta James and more.  Click this link to take a listen: Avana “At Last” at With Love, Luther Vandross & Friends


To then, experience Avana up close and personal as she was the Feature Guest Artist at Fuso’s Rooftop Nightclub Jazz Tuesdays in Las Vegas.  I loved the setting of this venue to the wonderful and engaging performance that Avana gave.

Check out her LIVE performance of “Let’s Stay Together”

Avana at Fuso’s Rooftop Nightclub “Let’s Stay Together”

And now experience her fun video of her signature dance, Reverse Twerk


Avana is not only a Vegas Entertainer, Independent Artist she is also an Actress and recently performed in the Stage Play and Indie Film, “Is That Man Your Husband or Is He Mine?”  This film just premiered at the Las Vegas Black Film Festival this past April at the Suncoast Hotel & Casino.  I had the pleasure to attend this formal affair with Champagne Toast, Orange Carpet picture taking, film viewing and after party.  Avana was beautiful, posed and the life of the party.  The play and film was a Ms Michelle Production,


My journey with The Georgia Peach is just beginning and I am ready to see what is yet to come…I am a fan for life…With much love and respect for this wonderful topnotch artist, entertainer, actress and woman.

3.5"x2" Business Card Template

Now, I invite you to start your own personal journey with The Georgia Peach with the Official Video for her Single “Patron” off her latest CD, “Best Kept Secret”

Now head over to Avana’s Store on CDBaby: https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/avana3and purchase your copy of “Best Kept Secret” and experience songs like:

Money Can’t Buy U Everything

I Got’cho Back

Texting My Baby

Just a few of my favorites.


You can follow AVANA The Georgia Peach on Facebook: Avana Christie THA Page

and on InstaGram at: AvanaChristiepeach

Avana Peach EPK: http://artistecard.com/AvanaTheGeorgiaPeach

Website/Blog: www.avana.me



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