Flava Coffee House on Mother’s Day 05/11 by FlavaMarlexRadio | Radio Podcasts

Flava Coffee House on Mother’s Day 05/11 by FlavaMarlexRadio | Radio Podcasts.


Celebrating the women that play the roles for children young and old…We honor you…Sharing the music of: Boyz 2 Men-A Song For Mama, Darien Dean-All That I Am, Ralph Lofton-Unconditional Love, Ava Lemert-A Mother’s Song, Sean Hardin-We Worship You ft Detroit Mass Choir, Chris Jordan-Devoted, G Wright-All Things Are Possible, Stephen Jerome Ferguson-Faith, Radikl-My Angel, Keyan Williams-Thought I Told You, Joeleen-Little Child, Dehara September-You’ll Find Way, Celine Dion-Because You Loved, Antonio Farao`-Something, Ida Divine-Flute of Eden, Only1Wizer-#1 Queen, Pharrell Williams-Happy, Tasha Taylor-Queen, Chuck Eaton-Woman, Alvin L.A. Horn-The First Time I Saw My Mama Cry, Colie Williams-Black Love and closing out with The Intruders-I’ll Always Love My Mama…Happy Mother’s Day!!!

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