Kalimba-The Spirit of Earth, Wind & Fire 12/3/16 at The Royal Esquire Club Seattle

14590487_1829667600603229_5364024443127074963_nKalimba-The Spirit of Earth, Wind & Fire at Seattle’s Historical Royal Esquire Club brings the energy, true essence and sound of the Legend EWF that we know and love.

I have heard of this group from a variety of sources from those in the Pacific Northwest to even across the country and even other entertainers have told me how great Kalimba was. So I had hoped that I would get the opportunity to see their performance before I make that move down to Vegas.  I just happened to see an advertisement that they would be performing at the Royal Esquire Club, one of the last historical black owned and run club in Seattle’s Columbia City Community.  I was blessed that one of the Esquires purchased a ticket for me. My excitement and anticipation was ignited.

Arriving early to the Esquire on the evening of Saturday, December 3,2016 gave me an opportunity to witness the sound check and short rehearsal of this Earth, Wind & Fire tribute group. This gave me my special time of saying hello to the members, with hugging those I knew to introducing myself to those I didn’t.  I experienced just a glimpse of how they bring it all together and watched the gentleman that controls the sound…now that was amazing for me to watch that…his ear along with instruction from the members showed the professionalism of this group.

When the doors opened, it didn’t take long for the Royal Esquire Club to become full with people struggling to find a seat. The energy was high and the crowd was ready to dance and have a good time.  It was a great feeling for me to be apart.  To see people from a variety of ages and ethnicity, ready to PARTY.

14907570_1344582415576481_6983376073910063346_nKalimba The Spirit of Earth, Wind & Fire

Kalimba hit the stage full force ready to give the audience more than they might have anticipation.  From the first song to the last, you could close your eyes and believe that it was the original EWF on the stage but for me it went beyond that…Kalimba truly presents the spirit of EWF with a flava of their own, displaying smiles and an energy that they are passionate about the music they play.   From Shining Star, Serpentine Fire to That’s The Way of The World to Reasons…Kalimba was on point, on FIRE.  The audience had smiles on their faces to chair dancing such as myself to hitting the dance floor and groovin’ with vibe.  I believe everyone knew the words to each song, okay a good portion of the room, I knew the words.

This was a great night for me and I hear wonderful feedback from those around me to even the members of the Esquire Club expressing how pleased they were in this experience. This is what Seattle needs to allow to take place and support.  Everyone that loves the music of Earth, Wind & Fire needs to request to experience Seattle’s “Kalimba-The Spirit of Earth, Wind & Fire.  You will not be disappointed.  They will put on a show that will surpass the money you will pay to attend.


Official Website for Kalimba The Spirit of Earth, Wind & Fire  http://www.kalimbathespiritofearthwindandfire.com/

Follow them on facebook to stay updated on Kalimba’s performances and more: https://www.facebook.com/kalimbathespiritofewf/

Flava Coffee House Reviews (0-10 Snaps)

I give Kalimba The Spirit of Earth, Wind & Fire “10 Flava Snaps” on performance and presentation along with the energy they created.

Lady Flava

Flava Coffee House Reviews

Soul Factory Presents: Heston, Angela Johnson with Host Darien Dan

The last Saturday of every month there is this amazing, topnotch R&B/Soul showcase that takes place in NYC. One day I plan to be there in person to experience “Soul Factory Presents,” but the beautiful thing is when they host it at the DROM NYC, Gander TV records it LIVE and archives the shows so I can watch it from the comforts of my home.

Last night was a wonderful show that I particularly paid attention to. It was the Pre-Album Release party for Angela Johnson’s “Naturally Me” to come out mid August. Along with Angela, one of my favorite’s, Heston who hit the stage to open for her. Heston has been so busy performing around the globe so it was a pleasure to see him perform LIVE. Never is it a disappointment to that the oh so talented and charismatic, Darien Dean who played host and of course has to share his vocal talents.

I am drawn month after month to watch the show online due to the quality of the artists, band and presentation. It is run well from my experience over the internet. The show starts and ends on time. The crowd is engaged and made to feel that they are apart of the experience. From Darien introductions of the artist to his participation throughout the show makes for a perfect host.

Flava’s Jazz Listening Party 07/06 by FlavaMarlexRadio | Radio Podcasts

Flava’s Jazz Listening Party 07/06 by FlavaMarlexRadio | Radio Podcasts.


Welcome to Flava’s Jazz Listening Party where I shared the jazziful sounds of: Patrick Yandall-Passion Avenue, Keyan Williams-Thought I Told You, Antonio Farao`-One Solution, Ava Lemert-Rhodelea, Chris Bitten-One Am, Monet-Vain, John Hopkins Jr-Enough Said, Michael Powers-Urban Ukulele, Norman Evans-Antiquities, Tony Bunn-Everywhere Fast, Stephen Jerome Ferguson-Strut, Paul Richardson-Summertime, Marc VanClaggett-Merald Drive closing out with Ian Villafana-Lazy In Love

Morning Coffee with Flava 07/02 by FlavaMarlexRadio | Radio Podcasts

Morning Coffee with Flava 07/02 by FlavaMarlexRadio | Radio Podcasts.

Welcome to Morning Coffee with Flava where I share some thoughts and stories and wonderful Jazz Artists from around the World, like: Gino Goss-Funk It Up, Patrick Yandall-Passion Avenue, SJF Music-Leopard Jam, Sam Hankins-Nothing Between Us, Michael Walker-A Smoother You, Melvin Chenault-Indigo Children, Loyd Watson Jr-U Want 2 Know, Antonio Farao`-Inside closing out with Keyan Williams-Thought I Told You

Sherry Gordy Presents…Stage2Stage Washington FINALS with Host, Dionna Notes on Sunday, June 29, 2014


This coming Sunday is the Finals for the Sherry Gordy Presents Stage2Stage Washington. Seattle come out and support along with participate in who will be heading to Vegas to Represent our City!

Date: Sunday, June 29th

Doors Open at: 7:00pm

Show Starts at: 8:30pm

LocationLucky Dragonz 

11819 Renton Ave S
Seattle, Washington 98178

Cost: $10.00

Direct all questions to Dionna Notes and be sure to join the facebook page:Sherry Gordy Presents Stage 2 Stage Seattle Washington to stay updated on this amazing opportunity for the artists of our city and region.


I want to Thank, Miss Sherry Gordy for stepping out and providing this great opportunity to our city along with other locations around the United States.  Many times the local talents of regions all over go unheard and experienced by the masses or those outside their own hometown.  We in Seattle, have a variety of top quality of talents that deserve this opportunity and you through Dionna Notes has provide 4 of our own to go head to head this coming Sunday, June 29, 2014 at the beautiful, Lucky Dragonz Casino’s Ballroom.


To My City of Seattle, WA…I want to invite you and impress upon you that if you love this city like I do and you want to see the arts community to grow, be recognized and respected….come be apart of this wonderful evening.  Who ever wins, heads to Las Vegas to represent us on Sherry Gordy’s Stage at Fiesta Rancho Hotel & Casino’s “Club Tequila”   Check out how Team Gordy does it in Vegas: http://www.sherrygordypresents.com/events.html


Sherry Gordy presents Stage 2 Stage Washington is proud to present and congratulate our 4 semi finalist;

Jay Mitchell, Arzelia Jr Jones, Merrydean Grant and Lawrence Moore.

Trust you don’t want to miss our finale June 29th where one of them will win it ALL! !!!

Going to Las Vegas and rep Washington on Sherry Gordy Take the Stage and 3days 2 nights for two !

Come support your favorite to win.

~Dionna Notes~

To the Finalists…Bring your “A Game”  Dress to Impress as you dazzle us with a full fledged show that showcases your talents and why you should be the one that wins this amazing opportunity to perform in Vegas. 


If you don’t know who Sherry Gordy is, she is the BabyGirl of Motown’s very own, Berry Gordy.


To find out more about Sherry Gordy and Sherry Gordy Presents, go to: 



Last but not least, I want to give a big shout out to Miss Dionna Notes that is an amazing talent within your own right, who has worked endlessly to put this together for the Seattle talents to have this opportunity to go to Vegas.  If it were not for her hard work and commitment and faith, this would not have come to our city.   So Thank you so much Dionna!

Seattle, this one is for us, so come out and help us decide who will be the one that hits the stage in Vegas!

Waving My Leopard Pom Poms for all the Finalists, it is going to be a tough decision for us to make!  See you at the Lucky Dragonz Ballroom this Sunday, June 29th!

Lady Flava 

Flava News/FMarlex Radio/Marlex Records/Unity Through Arts Exchange




Welcoming To The Leopard Carpet With Lady Flava, Author B. Berry 06/24 by FlavaMarlexRadio | Entertainment Podcasts


Welcoming to The Leopard Carpet, Author, B. Berry. This show was so much fun for me to do because we go way way back to the myspace days, first books to life changes up to her current NEW release, Clothesline Blues. If you missed this show life, it is worth taking a listen to in the archives!

Welcoming To The Leopard Carpet With Lady Flava. Author B. Berry 06/24 by FlavaMarlexRadio | Entertainment Podcasts.

Brand New Release: Clothesline Blues is available at: http://www.amazon.com/Clothesline-Blues-B-Berry-ebook/dp/B00K3E3IKM/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1401324369&sr=1-1&keywords=clothesline+blues+by+b+berry


Welcoming D Millz To The Leopard Carpet with Lady Flava 06/19 by FlavaMarlexRadio | Radio Podcasts


Welcoming to The Leopard Carpet with Lady Flava, Singer, Song Writer and Producer- D. Millz. Take a listen to this story, thoughts and info on his up and come projects. I opened with his piece-So Glad We Met and during the show play his other pieces: Do Better, Holla Back closing out with Tell Me More. If you missed the show, it worth listening to in the archives. Get to know this amazing talent and man, follow him and remember his name. To find out more about D Millz, head over to his website: http://www.millzgotskillz.com/

Welcoming D Millz To The Leopard Carpet with Lady Flava 06/19 by FlavaMarlexRadio | Radio Podcasts.

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