My Ministry is Supporting Indie Artists



Tony Robbins just said, “The Secret To Living Is Giving”

My Daddy raised me to understand that you always help others with kind words, with resources and financial support. He said, “Susan, your ministry is with artists.” Now that he passed, I hear his words more and more. Daddy was UTAE’S biggest Cheerleader and financial backer. His support allowed us to help a variety of creative souls with projects, education, needs and even moving expenses. He didn’t understand why we could not gain the support of the masses, but he encourage me to not give up.

So, Jace ECAj and I continue to believe that you will join us in Action along with Financial Support.

There are deserving artists and projects that have earn the right to be supported in all ways.

Just think if the masses were to give just $1.00 each every month…Boy, UTAE could do so much more in support of Indie Artists…Consider helping us, to help Artists!  #BecomeTheMovement #IndieArtistMovement  (You can set up recurring gifting  on using email:

Unity Through Arts Exchange

unity through arts exchange

Founders: Jace ECAj and Lady Flava
Founded in 2011


Side Note:

As I was writing this blog, I received mail for the “Living Memorial Program” that the funeral home we used for my Daddy gave a gift to have a tree planted in his memory. The outpouring of love that has been received and show since the passing of my father, shows how many lives he touched and their understanding to honor his desire to pay it forward.

Thank you Butterworth Funeral Home,U.S. Forest Service and Batesville for this blessing.  The outdoors and wilderness was something my Daddy cherished!


In Memory of Rev. Peter T. Koshi

6/4/1922 to 2/8/2016

Susan E. Koshi

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