Black Entertainment Has A History with A Story Worth Telling…

Over the past few years as I embark on a new life as Lady Flava in Las Vegas, I’ve heard the stories how the opportunities for Black Entertainment has shifted drastically. The shift came when the once performed at The Strip casinos making a great living as Vegas Entertainers, to being pushed to the smaller off strip casinos and performing for the locals.

I’ve heard a variety of stories from when the mob ran the casinos they were working all the time and thriving success wise and financially.

When one of the great Black Entertainers, Phil Flowers passed away…my heart hurt because I just knew I would have the opportunity to hear his version of the rise and fall of Black Entertainment in Las Vegas. I never had the chance to have that conversation.

I have a strong desire to find a variety of means to have their stories told and documented for future reference and understanding of the History of Black Entertainment in Las Vegas. I felt that it should be the Black Las Vegas Media persons that should do this, so I began to research who they are.

As I began to share with my family and colleagues, my interests in seeing that the history of these great talents was documented. They question was ask, “why don’t you just do it?” And I would respond that I felt it should be a black media person to do this, not myself. Several people I spoke with, expressed that I should do it because I’m so passionate about it.

I’ve thought long and hard about this. I started to do some research on how to go about it, what tools do I need and deciding who I will I approach to be about of this series.

Now, I’m excited. I’ve purchased some tools to use; such as voice recorder, vlogging camera and journals. I’m accumulating a list of Entertainers to ask if the would be interested in telling their story there truth for my project.

I’ve even contacted 2 of the main casino gaming organizations to see if they will be opening the doors up to the return of Black Entertainment to their different locations. They are apart of Black Entertainment in Las Vegas.

I created a page on this site that I called, “Tell Your Story with Flava.” Just as a contact page for people interested in this project….then I thought, this is what this Project Series should be called.

My goal is to start with Black Entertainers of Las Vegas and then see where this project might take me.

“Tell Your Story with Flava”


Lady Flava of Lady Flava News

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  1. Iris aka Ladyjhill
    May 04, 2021 @ 08:22:22

    Interview Poo Poo Man. He is just as next to Phil Flowers if not more. He has told me things of Vegas and when this and that casino was built etc.

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  2. Iris aka Ladyjhill
    May 04, 2021 @ 08:26:50

    Interview also interview Bobby Rose. Get in touch with Greg Austin’s wife Audrey. She can get you intouch with the last 2 guys from her husband’s group who know history of Vegas.

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