Award Winning Author; Alvin L.A. Horn

Author Alvin L.A. Horn

Alvin L.A. Horn is a national award-winning author of eight novels, an acclaimed spoken word artist/poet/musician. He credits his mother, who made him go to the library, and the “little gray-haired Jewish lady, the librarian,” a concentration camp survivor who had Alvin read, The diary of Anne Frank. She presented writers such as Richard Wright and Nikki Giovanni, which inspired Alvin to be a writer. Alvin is a retired teacher, works with at-risk kids, and is a 30-year veteran of various print forms.

2001 – Poems from My Dresser Drawer, the poem Trembling, the winner of Best Poem by, The Flava Coffee House Association


2006 – Brush Strokes – Romantic Blues Publishing – A fictional story of one’s past painting the present and future through a romantic journey
2006, AALA award for Best Romance Novel
Ebony Magazine – Top Ten Novel of the Year
Heart & Soul, Magazine – Best New Erotic Writer


2012 – Perfect Circle, published by Simon and Schuster Publishing, and Zane Imprint -released as the Hottest New Writer. Stalking, violence, and philandering in the Emerald City. The novel reached national bestseller status; an Image Award nominee.

2013 – Pillow Talk in the Heat of the Night (Peace in the Storm Publishing) anthology of romantic stories


2014 – One Safe Place, published by Simon and Schuster Publishing and Zane Imprint.
Friends and foes, politicians and lovers intersect in love and crime in the Emerald City. The novel reached national bestseller status.

2015 – The Soul of a Man 2: Make Me Wanna’ Holler, (Peace in the Storm Publishing) an anthology of essays concerning the Black man in America


2017 – Bad Before Good & Those In Between, Romantic Blues Publishing
Mystery and suspense in Seattle along the streets of Beacon Hill and Rainer Valley –


2019 – Heart & Home, Romantic Blues Publishing
A historical mystery and suspense fiction of Negro soldier from Seattle coming home from WW2.

Please read the novel, Journey to Love
Serene May, a remarkably stunning elderly Black woman, has less than a year to live because of a tumor growing on her brain. She is elegant and well educated. Her resume as a highly-acclaimed author includes fictional books in which she describes history through tales as if they depict actual people’s lives. She has chosen to live out her final days in a high-end health care residence designed for wealthier residents who may not have a family connection to help care for them in their current status in life.

The proprietor and creator of the facility is a Jamaican-born Black American named Blunile Rivers, aka Blu. He is a handsome forty-year-old man with two years of med school. Becoming a businessman, he has converted a retired hospital into a charming senior-care facility, and he makes sure each resident lives a life close to the one they once had. Each room is designed to house the clothing, furniture, and ambiance of the resident’s past life. Blu never falls short in his delivery.

Serene has traveled the world and taught at universities, but now with a brain tumor limiting her speech and soon her memory, the African and Black anthropology professor shares a diary of stories about her personal life with Blu. Often at Serene’s bedside, Blu reads history within the love stories of her life, and connects with the kind of love he wants in his life.

Blu travels emotionally while reading the journal, yet he still manages to oversee the comings and goings of the health care facility. He begins to weigh his feelings about Serene, an extraordinary woman in his care, against his own struggle with finding love. Those paths cross in a Journey to Love.

Hidden in Serene’s journal stories are surprises of her past, tying history to the present. Journey to Love captivates readers, allowing them to experience and feel the emotions of nearly ten decades of life and love.

Written by Alvin L.A Horn & Lorraine Elzia

Repost From Alvin L.A. Horn

Coming Soon

God could not have blessed me with a better Big Brother than Alvin. He came into my life as a teenager and returned into my life through Flava Coffee House as a published author.

I cannot properly express my love, appreciation, respect and pride I have for this man. He has been my friend, colleague, mentor, confident and loving & supportive big brother.

I know what he has accomplished as an author, poet, music, teacher and coach. Many have been blessed to have known this man.

Get to know my Big Bro on social media under his name and I highly recommend all his books…the perfect way to wind down after a stressful day or chilling on a lazy weekend with some coffee or wine.

Perfect Circle is special to me because it was written at my coffee house, Flava and she is referenced in this book.

LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews

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