A&E Can You Handle The Truth?

I’ve been sitting on this post and letting in marinate in my spirit before I decide my approach in what I am going to say.

I speak on the fact that you want people to pay attention, write about you, take pictures/videos and share about their experience. I believe any of us in the public eye want this. But can we handle if something is not favorable in our minds? What if there is a form of critique that don’t make the experience appear perfect? What if there was malfunctions with the sound system, or you didn’t were a flattering outfit. What if your voice was pitchy or the choreography was off. What if the venue wasn’t the best layout for your presentation. There could be a variety of things that can take place, that impacts an experience and a person has a right to express it or not.

Remember the days when food critics went to restaurants and posted in the newspaper, magazine or blog. Or when that known show reviewer posted about a play or musical. Or Siskel & Ebert were LIVE on TV sharing their opinions on the latest movies.

I’m sure we have all experienced in some fashion, the opinions of others on their experience of…even if it’s just talking amongst ourselves.

When I first started on the radio, I received critiques from listeners around the world on the quality of the production. Then I took the time to learn about production from engineers, producers and respected music industry colleagues. I learned so much about the production. As a book reviewer I knew what I needed to be engaged in a book, but learned more and more in the layout, verbiage and effective sentence structure along with style of font and size.

When you put yourself out publicly, you open yourself to people possibly sharing their opinions. Opinions can be a great tool to help us become better, more polished at what we do.

I hope you have a backbone to receive criticism and feedback? You should welcome it and then reflect if the person could be accurate or just brush it off and keep it moving.

Remember our Truth may vary from others and can we Handle Other People’s Truth of Their Experience of Us?

LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews

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