Bring Value To What You Do

“We get paid for bringing value to the marketplace.” ~Jim Rohn~

I believe this is a concept that is not embraced or not understood. 🤔

I have witness some people with extremely top notch work ethics and talents, while others clearly are not committed to when they agreed to take part in.

Many times I’ve had conversations with colleagues, staff and friends around WORK ETHICS.

My generation that was raised in the 60’s talked about how we were raised with strong morals and values that was enforced in our homes. Boundaries were set and you did not crossed the line or you suffered consequences.

From Arts & Entertainment to being a staffing coordinator for a rehabilitation hospital, and have witnessed a variety of work ethics. I’m witnessed what feels like extreme pride to numb existence.

Now I would definitely say the environment you were raised in helps to establish your sense of value or the lack of. I also believe that certain spirits come into the world with gifts, talents and pride to do what’s right. A natural sense of value, possibly to the point of being unaware.

What if we were taught as children the understanding of work ethics, pride and bringing value to all me do? What if the people in our world, who we are exposed to represent this and really understood this concept?

I was raised by people who represented this lifestyle, so I cannot say how I would have turned out if I was raised differently.

I arrive early, never late.

I do the best that I am capable of, and will take the time to explore resources to become better in areas that I am lacking. I appreciate a great experience and will tell others, spread the word.

I know I have skills that are value in the workplace and it is frustrating when I feel under valued.

But when I loose interest and feel under valued, I can feel that I am not giving 💯 %. Maybe that is where some of the issue is, feeling under valued.

I believe, to become valued we can adopted the habit of being “on time.” This would be a great start. Then identify out “why” of why we accepted a job, gig, role, etc. I think our why important to understand…there we can address the value.

I want to encourage to develop your Skills and Bring Value to what you Do. Learn new skills to enhance and bring more Value to what you have to Offer. Then seek out opportunities that you will be compensated fairly for the Value you bring.

Sometimes where we are can provide the position to work from until you can build your stronger platform of value. Then do your research and pay attention…remember, “the grass is not always greener on the side that catches your attention.”

Stop and breathe…Identify what you really want and if you have what it takes to step into that position if the opportunity arises.

LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews

Thinking Out Loud after work concerns and things I’ve witnessed in the Arts & Entertainment Industry.

Side Note: I just went to the cafeteria here at my job and was talking to the Cafeteria Manager, she brought up work ethics out of no where.

She feels that Covid had lessened the value of work and doing a topnotch job.

Something for me to ponder 🤔

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