My Passion is Indie Arts & Entertainment

My Passion and Purpose is to be committed to supporting Creative SoulZ of all genres and art forms. I love creativity. I cannot imagine life without creativity being experienced everyday.

Could you imagine what life would be like without ART?

I’m 2003, I built a coffee house “Flava Coffee House” in North Seattle, WA. I had goals and dreams for what Flava could represent in this community that need a place to embrace the diversity of this community and provide a safe haven for creative soulz. It happened, but financially it struggled, so 5 years later I made the hard decision to close her doors.

Flava is my foundation in falling in love with creative soulz. MySpace to Facebook introduced me to local talents, National and International talents. I became hooked. The plotting and planning was what I thought about day and night, how can I help these talents gain my exposure.

From my coffee house, book reviewing, Jazz cruise, literary conference, to LadyFlavaNews…HipHop events, internet radio, Artist Consultant, promotions and more… that has been just some of the experiences on my creative journey.

Moving to Vegas and experiencing some amazingly people, I realize that I craved to hear some original music. This does not take away from the talents in Vegas, I just want to be surprised by something fresh and new to me.

I write blogs and do vlogs in hopes to share my thoughts, industry knowledge and stories of my life as a person in the exciting and challenging industry.

Everything I write and talk about, foundation is for creative soulz, but I’ve come to realize that my sharing can go beyond arts and entertainment. I now embrace that.

As I continue on the journey of being apart of the arts and entertainment industry, I redefine my path as internally explore and plot & plan my next move.

Supporting and providing some form of platform will always exist. It’s my ministry. Sometimes life positions us to make a shift. Now I embrace “shifts,” it’s like a mini new beginning.

Now, I’m getting back to what moves my soul. I will always appreciate great talents and their journey. I’m seeking balance in what I experience. Seeking a newness in how I absorb the creativity I am presented.

It’s time to clear my mind and be open… find the joy in creativity to the point of craving it again.

Won’t you join me on this journey? Do you love indie creative soulz and original authentic art like I do?

Let’s Connect 😁

LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews

Touching On My Story, My Why 🙏

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