When you let go, you free yourself to become a better version of you. 🙏

Sometimes we have to step back, breathe and embrace our authentic self. I feel many times we can loose ourselves amongst the craziness of what we allow ourselves to be exposed to. Falling into a place of fitting into a space that we were never meant to fit into.

No matter your age, you can STOP and evaluate how your life is playing out and it feels right, feels healthy…or do you need a shift.

At my age of 60+, I embrace the opportunity to spend time with myself, identify what’s working and what’s not…then the shift can take place.

So many quotes like the above one, are circulating around on the different social medias. Of course, I’ve been aware of the concept for years…but then there’s that BUT…falling into an unhealthy place without realizing it.

I am very self aware and my spirit was struggling with what I was exposed to…and the boundaries started to be set. I knew it had to shift when my passion for my purpose was dimming and the joy was getting to the point of being nonexistent.

This is when God kept whispering in my ear…”It’s time to Shift.” And I started the process to do just that.

I had gotten away from my excitement around experiencing New Art…the surprise and anticipation of the creative unknown. I became board with what I have been exposed to, it was the same thing over and over…very predictable.

This was eating at my spirit and I knew, I knew I had to stop and regroup. It’s time to get quiet and spend time with God. This is where I am right now. Yet, I still stay active on the different social medias in my own way.

I want to prove to myself that I can turn this around and get excited again in showing my support for indie creative soulz. I want my girls to see me live in my purpose once again. I desire to connect with people in the arts and entertainment community around the world once again, building sincere win wins.

I’m becoming Wiser-Stronger-Better…and I will emerge once again with a pure desire to be The Indie Artist’s Cheerleader…finding my approach to share my thoughts, stories and knowledge around building a path to grow once again in this exciting, yet challenging industry.

The Power of 60+

LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews

Sharing My Thoughts

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