Living In Your Purpose

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“Living on purpose” means doing what truly matters to you in alignment with your values and beliefs. I can’t tell you what that means for you, but you know it when you feel it — and when you don’t. When you aren’t being you, everything is foggy and colorless. You’re bored and busy at the same time, always tired.

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How many of you know you have a calling on your life, but have gotten away from it. Many it was The Pandemic, or simply life, possibly it comes down to the environment we were inserted into.

I say it’s time to get focused again. It’s time to identify the what feels good, what we enjoy doing, what we excel at and what serves others.

I don’t believe in going BIG unless you are ready and can maintain that. I believe in starting simple and mastering that one thing and building on that to then possibly branch out. We all need a solid foundation to work from.

I believe that many times we can be all over the place with trying to find a source to be seen and remembered by. Instead of focusing on the Gift that God has given us to master and share.

I recognize that when we are all over the place and trying to focus on too many projects…we are only distracted and nor focused to the point of achieving.

Many jump from one place to another, or from project to project to project…while never succeeding at any of them. One what about the one hit wonder that gets disposed of after the initial presentation…allowing people to forget about the experience.

Start small, be committed and determined to build something that brings value to what others will remember and speak on…create something that is authentically you, that you will bring to life and excitement to. People feed off of positive, exciting energy.



God gave each of us a Gift with a purpose that satisfies his creation of YOU. It’s time to honor God, yourself, others and your legacy.

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