Crime in Seattle…

Be aware of your surroundings, avoid walking in dimly lit areas at night, stay vigilant while exploring, and try not to go out solo at night time. If you ever feel like you’ve wandered into an unsafe neighborhood, don’t be afraid to leave immediately. Also, make sure you let someone you trust know where you are.Feb 16, 2023

As I prepare to move back home to Seattle, my family has warned me that it is not the same since I left.


-Homelessness has grown

-Gun Violence is out of control

Even though I am so aware, today I spoke to someone I love dearly but hadn’t spoken to in a few years. I found out that he lost one of his brothers to a senseless shooting at a bar…The shooter who had a history of menacing bars from south Seattle to Renton only got 7 years for this murder of someone I knew from a child.

He told me about the reports on the news daily of violent crimes. I asked if in his opinion if it’s gang related and he felt it’s not. My god-sister agrees with him. This is so disheartening to realize this about my hometown. I think about the beauty of Seattle and how Seattle is very progressive in business and mentality. Now I have to safety plan how to maneuver my city.

I told him I still want to come home, I want to be with all my loved ones including him. This just showed me that I should have done a better job in staying in touch.

Well, I’m still moving home. I know that I need to be aware of my surroundings at all times. I May look into ways to learn how to protect myself if something was to come up.

Where do you live and what is the crime like? Do you feel safe where you live? Let’s talk about it.

Can the Arts and Entertainment Communities help bring awareness and resolution to our neighborhoods?

I’m praying for everyone that lives in a region that has the concern of high crime statistics.

Father God watch over your children and heal the souls of those creating the madness. There is so much turmoil, hardships, depression and mental illness that is going unaddressed. I ask that you bring healing to all people across the world. We should not have to live in fear.

🙏 Amen 🙏

LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews

Sharing my heartfelt concerns for my hometown, Seattle, WA.

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