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What bores you?

I was sent this challenge to write on what bores me. So you know me, I have to put my twist on it to stay on topic of my brand of arts and entertainment.

In my life in Vegas I realize that I get bored with hearing the same cover songs over and over. If you have to perform cover songs, the is a humongous array to choose from. So why do the cover bands do the same songs all the time.

I realize I love energy and engagement of the audience. I like to see movement across the stage.

I like presentation and I love colors. It starts with what I find eye appealing, next the presentation and sound from the vocals, musician abilities and the sound equipment.

When it comes to all art forms…the first introduction is the promotions…I realize the the promotions are a big deal for me. Although, it may not be the most appealing promotion and marketing could be an outstanding experience.

I’m bored when it doesn’t capture my attention and keep it.

Since the challenge is What Bores You and my twist goes in the direction of Arts & Entertainment….

Tell me what bores you when it comes to arts and entertainment?

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