I Don’t Work For Free

I have skills, knowledge and connections…the FREE stopped yesterday!


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(Last Posted 2016 it didn’t work in Vegas, but on my return to Seattle it will be back to doing business)

I’m just following up on a post that I posted on social media 7 years ago. I believe that when you have skills and design a business/platform to utilize these skills that people seek out, you should get paid. Mind you, over the past 7 years I have gotten better at what I do along with gained more knowledge of the arts and entertainment industry. I practice techniques and do research to understand how promotions and marketing works in the current era. It’s so easy to hold onto how it was done back in the day, things have shifted and with the different social medias and needing to understand technology…some of us have not grasped how to maneuver how to market who we are and what we do. I will say, it’s gotten harder to figure out how to fit in and standout at the same time. Many have given up and this saddens me.

I believe we need to be teachable to grow and level up are dreams and goals.

Many don’t really want feedback on the truth of the experience of what they are presenting to the public. Many do not do the research on how things are working in 2023 vs 1999. Many have a stuck mindset.

I crave knowledge in ares of my interest and purpose. I realize that I need to surround myself with people who are creatively stretching who they are and what they do. Plus those who are committed to growing and mastering their God Given Gift.

When everything aligns, this should equal more exposure, opportunity and revenue.

I have witnessed talented and gifted industry people selling themselves short. Continuously doing things for free or being compensated very little.

The problem is, either folk are broke trying to do something or they do not value their project enough to have a budget to work from to level up where they can charge and get pay appropriately.

Check out my blog on Multiple Streams of Income…based off a conversation with my Uber Driver: https://flavanews.com/2022/11/30/ae-multiple-streams-of-income/https://flavanews.com/2022/11/30/ae-multiple-streams-of-income/

I respect those in the arts and entertainment industry that have a job and have other streams of income to help first of all cover their living expenses, and then to help fund their passion for this challenging yet exciting industry to be apart of.

When you are financially less stressed, it’s easier to step out and shine. So, to those that are financially struggling in this industry, take your gifts or figure out what skills you have that you can take to create another form of income from for yourself.

Step it up and secure yourself, to accept nothing less than what your mastered craft deserves.

Are you a professional or a novice…

Are you a business person or a hobbyist…

Ask yourself these important questions and then move appropriately.

You decide where you consider yourself to be in the arts and entertainment industry and STOP accepting less than you deserve.

Have you paid your dues? How many years have you been at this.?

Never stop working on perfecting and growing in your craft, but the FREE and minimal pay should stop at some point to just be seen. Is that helping you level up?

Now, I do recognize that a few have utilized this approach to their advantage and have been able to position themselves amongst those who recognize their talents. I respect this hustle.

I personally and professionally STOPPED…doing Work for FREE when there has been absolutely no benefit for the growth of who I am and what my goal is for myself as a business person.

It’s a New Day and a New Mindset. #thepowerof60+

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