Flava News Loves Stef-n-Ty Hats in Detroit, MI


Lady Flava In Her Stef-n-Ty Hat Lady Flava in her Stef-n-Ty Leopard Hat

I connected with Stef-n-Ty Hats on Facebook and was in awe of what Stef creates out of remnants of  a variety of materials and textures.  All the hats are “on of a kinds.”  Of course I was in search of what she was creating with that leopard feel, I love me some leopard print.  Stef-n-Ty did not disappoint and out of no where I received an amazing gift from my new found friends in Detroit, MI…A one of a kind Stef-n-Ty Leopard Hat pictured above.

I have had Ty Dickey who is the marketing guru for Stef-n-Ty Hats on Flava News Radio and then shortly after I had both Stef-n-Ty on.  They have a great story of how Stef came to be this creative soul of hats and more, to where they have set up shop over the years, to who is wearing their hats and where.  Take a listen to their visit to Flava Coffee House: http://http://www.blogtalkradio.com/flavanews/2012/12/11/flava-coffee-house-online-radio-style

Another beautiful thing about this duo, is that they are so actively supportive to other creative souls near and far…Allowing artists and small business owners to host events, along selling their projects at Stef-n-Ty Loft.  Interesting events take place within the walls of their loft and beautiful connections are made.

Along the way I found out that a dear friend of mine and one of my Flava Coffee House Family members,  TJ Howard also wears Stef-n-Ty Hats here in the Pacific Northwest.  This showed me how small this world can be at times but how large at the same and how networking and promoting the right way…you never know who may start paying attention to the point of becoming a customer, fan or even a colleague.

I am blessed to have connected with Stef-n-Ty and to call them friends and colleagues in this industry of creative souls.

Flava News Recommends Stef-n-Ty Hats of Detroit, MI


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1. Check out the photo albums on the Stef-n-Ty timeline.
2. Fall in love with a hat!
3. Leave us a comment or message such as “Ty I must have hat
#__ from the album titled ________.” along with your
email address.
4. We will contact you with a price and an invoice thru
Paypal that you can pay online.
5. Invoices must be paid that same day, & we ship your hat purchase to you within 1-2 days!
(P.S. Check the comments, if it says “Sold!” the hat is no longer available.)
Our hats are $65 each + shipping (denim hats are $75 +) unless otherwise noted.

If you are local to Detroit, you can also visit our store and pick it up in person.
227 Iron Street Unit 124 Detroit, MI 48207

How easy is that!?!

You can also see all CURRENT STOCK HATS by going to

leave a comment on the hat that you want as well as your email address and we will get back to you ASAP!

Feel free to call us any time if you have any questions,
we LOVE to talk to our customers!
Ty – 313-405-5759
Stef – 773-230-0616

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