Cold Serial by B. Grovner


Artist: B. Grovner
Project: Cold Serial
Genre: Murder Mystery
Flava Rating: 8 Flava Snaps

Cold Serial by B. Grovner takes you on a journey of Harold Masterson of Masterson’s Gems a very successful business man who has such a strong disdain for those women he labels as “Divas.”  Meet the women that cross his path, witness their interactions and what draws them to each other. Harold Masterson appears like a very handsome, successful business man to the outside world but behind the mask of good looks and wealth lives a very disturbed man.  Think about when you date, get married and have a child or children…do you even think about what kind of life you will be able to provide your family.  Will you be able to provide a sense of security, love and compassion? I wonder if Harold Masterson’s mother thought of those things before she married and brought her son Harold into this world. 

You will also meet Detective Craig Barnes.  Working the cases of numerous murders in the Boston area and now assigned to piece together what appears to be multiple murders with no apparent connections but is identified as the work of a serial killer.  During the craziness of his life he becomes reconnected with Raayna, the sister of one of the past murder cases he worked on.  It may seem strange but maybe not as these two are draw to each other, soon they begin to spend time together and become a couple who truly fall in love.  Raayna is a perfect fit of comfort and understanding to a man that carries the weight of many on his shoulders. She understands that he is dealing with the horrendous deaths of people, trying to bring comfort in some way to their loved ones and to help the community know that they are present and working towards bring justice to the cases he and his team are working on.

I recommend this book to someone who likes to read how connections and situations can unfold before your eyes as you read through the pages of this book.  For me, B. Grovner gave me many of those, “I get it” moments as I read, Cold Serial.   It is a page turner and an easy read, but for me, it left me craving the next book by this author.  This was my first e-book and I will say that it reads much differently than a physical copy of a book.  It is not a bad thing but I cannot review this book on all aspects that I would a physical copy.  I will say though, that I am now a fan of e-books and I acknowledge that technology has taken reading to a whole new level.

Great job B. Grovner!  Thank you for introducing me to a new way of reading!

Lady Flava
Flava News Reviews
Seattle, WA
January 15, 2013


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