Waving My Leopard Pom Poms

I have always loved creativity of others, never really thinking of myself as an artists, but I guess I have in my own way. I was apart of the floral industry for over 20 years, having my own freelance business, “A Touch of Sunshine.” I have always love reading books and listening to music….this was apart of my everyday life and experience.

When I built Flava Coffee House, I knew that I wanted to to represent the diversity of my community and express a welcoming experience for those that loved creativity. I played local artists music, hung local art on my walls, sold indie books, crafts, music, graphics and more… I worked closely with an architect to creative the vibe and everything that Flava represented made sense to me and to those that came to be family within her walls. This is where my true passion was birthed and I recognized that this was my calling to create a variety of platforms to support the ones that grabbed at my soul to want to share to my network presence in person and online.

Moving to Vegas, I thought I would fall right into a variety of experiences that would open the door to my purpose and goal for moving to the Entertainment Capital of the World. I was in for a rude awakening, but there is apart of me that has not totally given up.

I love Original, Authentic, Fresh Creative Experiences. I do not embrace all that comes across my path and that stems from a variety of reasons… When I designed Flava Coffee House, my Slogan was and still is “Flava is a Taste, a Style, a Feeling…What’s your Flava?” Everyone is draw to what they are drawn to, it does not mean someone is a ‘Hater” it may simply mean that they just don’t like it.

I crave to find infectious energy and to be wowed by something New and Fresh. I have been in love with Creative SoulZ for along time and will always Wave My Invisible Leopard Pom Poms for those that I am drawn to and believe deserves to be experienced by the masses.

I know that I am just one person, and I also understand that people may not care if I show support…but God put me on this journey almost 20 years ago and it’s in my spirit to continue on this path. Things have changed from when I have first started and many of my colleagues no longer do what we once collaborated to do around the U.S.A. but I realized almost every morning that it has never left me. So, these days I write blogs about how I feel and what I think is of valued to share.


Promotions on Social Media

Effective Communication

Health and Wellness…Taking care of yourself Mind-Body-Spirit


and more….

Everything I write about main focus is on Creative SoulZ, but can make sense to the life for a diverse group of people.

Lady Flava The Indie Artist’s Cheerleader/Artist’s Advocate…I Support Creativity from All Genres and Art Forms.

What Role Does Art and Creativity Play a Role In Your Life? I would love to know.

LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews

Lady Flava Meets Tribute To The Temptations in Las Vegas


An opportunity came for me to go to Las Vegas and see the group,  “Tribute To The Temptations” and I was determined to make it happen.  Arriving on Thursday, June 5th from Seattle to a heat that I was not used to, took this Pacific Northwest girl out of commission for the first night but to recover fine the following day.   Meeting up with my business partner of 2.5 years,  Marc VanClaggett who is a member of this amazing “Tribute To The Temptations” group was a great experience since most of our business is done by phone and internet.  He is on tour year around traveling with this musical brothers to places, I can only dream of.

While in Vegas we attend the show for Smokey Robinson’s group,  “Human Nature” at The Venetian where my cousin, known as “Funky Z” plays the Bass for this amazing group.  We were definitely treated to a great show of musical memories from Motown.  Of course I enjoyed this evening but my purpose was to come to Vegas for the “Tribute To The Temptations.”  I had only seen the online videos and had told Marc that on my “bucket list” was to one day see the group perform LIVE.  Well, that day came sooner than I had anticipated and trust and believe I was not disappointed at all.

Saturday, June 7th we arrived at the event location, “Viva Las Vegas Event Center” for rehearsal and sound check.  I wanted the full experience from start to finish.   Stepping through the doors of this venue I felt the magic just by seeing the decor and set up.  It was so beautiful and classy.

Viva Las Vegas Event Center

 Meeting all the members,  Chester, Sonny, Shevel and Don was a pleasure along with Doug who set up the gig for them to perform in Vegas.   At first the Members were the only ones that had arrived, so they proceeded to do their sound check and warm up before the musicians showed up.   Shortly after the musicians started arriving and it was on.

 Rehersal/Sound Check

This is when I had a first hand experience in the professionalism of this group.  They trained the musicians in just a matter of a few hours how they wanted their music to be played.

Audience for Tribute To The Temptations

7pm the doors opened for business at “Viva Las Vegas Event Center” and the venue and staff was ready to receive what turned out to be a packed house.  They even had to turn people away at the door because they were at capacity.  This was a first for me to be a witness to.  It was a mature crowd.  Many appeared to know each other and greet one another with smiles, hand shakes and hugs.  Strangers sat together sharing a table, but join in as one as they all enjoyed being in this space for the experience of, “Tribute To The Temptations.”  We were taken down memory lane with music from one of Motown’s greatest groups!

Ron Decar, Owner of Viva Las Vegas Event Center

9pm Ron Decar took the stage in his tuxedo as the Owner of  “Viva Las Vegas Event Center” and Host for the evening. The house was packed, the staff attentive to the guests needs and the show was on as he introduces, “Tribute To The Temptations”

Tribute To The Temptations in Vegas

Opening up with “Superstar” brought a high energy to the atmosphere that never came down until way after the show ended.  Taking us on a  musical journey of the greatest hits by “The Temptations,” such as:

“Papa Was A Rollin’ Stone”

“Don’t Let The Jones Get You Down”

“My Baby”

“Ball Of Confusion”

As the evening came to an end, I had the opportunity to sit back and witness the crowd wanting to hang out longer to meet and greet the gentlemen and take pictures.  Several said that they needed to come back to Vegas to do a regular gig, that that was what Vegas was missing, good black entertainment.  From being entertained by the”Tribute To The Temptations” to the crowd,  the venues staff,  the owner, Ron and promoter, Doug…this night was a great success.

It had been 13 years since “Tribute To The Temptations” has performed in Vegas, a place they got their start and call home.  Let me tell you, they were well received.

This was why I came to Vegas, to fulfill my one of the things on my “bucket list,”  seeing “Tribute To The Temptations” perform LIVE.  It was a night to remember for me, but I sense that I am not the only one.

If you ever have the opportunity to see them perform, take advantage of it…you will not be disappointed.  I am crossing my fingers that they land a gig in Vegas and can wow the crowds from near and far with their musical magic.

I first want to thank my business partner, Marc VanClaggett for inviting me to Vegas for this amazing experience and to the “Tribute To The Temptations” for not disappointing.  Thank you for your hospitality Las Vegas, I will be back and better prepared for the heat…LOL

To find out more about, “Tribute To The Temptations” go to: http://www.tributetothetemptations.net/

Lady Flava

Flava Coffee House News Reviews

Seattle, WA

What Does Support Really Mean and Look Like?


At what point CAN an artist move to a level when the masses or even simply their family, friends, colleagues and communities feel they deserve to be paid and supported.  Too many say they support but don’t…Too many want free product or entry into shows…Wanting to ride the coattail to be apart of something exciting but when asked to really invest in who they claim to believe in, they go ghost.

I see a lot of amazing, seasoned, artists that have mastered their crafts appear to be begging for support, which to many claim to be so unattractive or annoying.  The posts go around and around or sometimes they stop and there is nothing.  What makes sense in all of this that we claim to love and support?  Authors buying each others books to show support…Music talents collaborating on projects and then…there are those that truly practice what they preach and show the support by any means possible.

There are industry people who sell a pipe dream and have you sign your name on a dotted line and then what…forget about you…willing to make money off the work that others put in without paying out a dime…and even the hard work that you do on your own for them to rep the benefits before you do.

What really makes sense in this world that claims the need for support but shows the lack of.  Is the sense of support you feel on social media acceptable from this cyber world where we do not hear the voices nor able to shake a hand.

There are those that are willing for you to show your support of them and never return the gesture to you…The share button works in both direction.

Win WinI preach about building a movement and coming together to provide ourselves with what we feel we need.  A support team, a marketing department, a financial foundation, providing each other with what we know is needed….but people claim they get it but never get involved.

We see our youth struggling to survive in a world that has set no rights and wrongs or taught them to establish boundaries in how to maneuver life…they come up as babies taking on the responsibilities of adults and we wonder.  It’s like a quick fix and anything goes and it is full of lies and manipulations where I feel that people don’t even know what the truth really is.

I was raised in a home and even community that showed what support looked like and was expected.  To now feel like I am fighting in so many directions to bring it back to where it makes sense and feels right.  I am one who is willing to go up against the unjust and force them to look at themselves in the mirror.  I am willing to put the hard questions out there for you to think on and possible make some changes.

I believe in the concept that my siStar, April Sims came up with of “WE are GREATER than i” Together we can do so much and with very little.   I am one person and now have a reach across the country and even around the world but at the end of the day what does that really mean?  Yes, I will post about artists and industry projects…I have been doing radio shows since November of 2009 with growing numbers every month…How far can we ride on that?

Again, anytime  money is brought up people get uncomfortable.  I have worked hard to put in my time, my own money and a whole lot of effort and determination to build but who am I building with?

My ultimate dream is to host shows in Seattle, bringing quality acts from across the states to perform with some of the city’s finest and then send some artists out to other locations to gain the same exposure outside of our city.  Jace ECAj and I call this UTAE (Untiy Through Arts Exchange: http://www.flavanews.com/Pages/UTAETheExchangeProgram.aspx )  Many said they liked the concept and even had someone work with me on a proposal for funding and then nothing.unity through arts exchange

Today I have 5 projects that I am working on.  On all I am seeking sponsorship to support a creative person to come to the Pacific Northwest to bless our people with what they have to offer and to start the building of bridges from coast to coast.  The road block is the funding…I can set up the venues  and the speaking engagements and all but my whole thing is being able to provide a financial benefit for the exchange.  Do I give up, or where do I turn to find the answers.  People show a strong interest when the topic of money comes up or putting in some work.

In a few weeks, I am stepping out on faith to go to Vegas and meet some industry people that are making things happen and to see if I can build some bridges with them, gain some support and mentorship.  I am  willing to be asked the hard questions and to be made uncomfortable if it means to coming out with a better approach that fits my morals and values for the benefit of doing more for creative souls through Flava News/Flava Marlex Radio.



Did you know there are some amazing indie music and books available right here?  If you like to listen to music or like to read…social networks are one of the best places to make new discoveries from artists that will let you know they appreciate your support.

Together we can move mountains

Together we can move mountains and make a difference for our families, our youth, our communities and the need to keep quality artists creating for us all.

I want to hear your thoughts on WHAT DOES SUPPORT REALLY MEAN AND LOOK LIKE?

Lady Flava of Flava News/FMarlex Radio/Marlex Radio


To Donate to the Flava News Movement, Go to:


Stay The Course and Put Your Package Together


I thought I would share some thoughts with you tonight…In the years that I have been known as Lady Flava I have met some absolutely amazing creative souls in person and online…I have experienced some of the most hardest and hurtful experience of my life in working with artists but at the same time, I have experienced some of the most blessed experiences too.  I have had to learn the hard way that the arts & entertainment industry is not necessarily an honest and sincerely arena to be apart of and is full of ones looking out for self and willing to pimp others for self gain.

But as I make it sound hard and ugly and trust and believe I have seen only the tip of the ugly in this industry,  I too have been challenged by some of the BEST in the Indie arena that has taught me, mentor me and some even have believed in me.  I call what I do, God’s Calling.  It was not a life’s dream or even a goal…When I built Flava Coffee house 10 years ago…becoming a cheerleader and an advocate for artist came natural to me and honestly I found it challenging along with being so very exciting.

I share publicly my thoughts and conversations I have with industry people to help make you think…but it is also from spending time processing my own feelings on the topics I bring forth.  I have stayed my course, even when I stop to  tweak things, needing to make it fit into what my world can provide and to keep it where I will continue to love what I do.

Always talk about the fact, you never know who is watching and better yet, who is really paying attention until that day they reach out and let you know.  I have been blessed time and time again by this experience and in so, it has opened up doors for myself and in turn, it has opened up doors for some of artists that I am involved with.

So today, I tell you and I encourage you to stay the course.  Put together your best package and be prepared to present it upon request or opportunity because you only have 1 time to make a first impression.  Push yourself to learn and grow, push yourself to be better than you were the day before.  Step outside your box and outside your comfort circle to expose yourself to the unknown to really know where you stand in the arena of the form creativity you have chosen to be apart of.

I will encourage to start today if you have not already started,  make it a priority to set aside money for your craft…the free options can only take you so far and at some point you will need money to work from to move you forward.  Take things to the next level as we talk about so frequently.

Always believe in yourself and be honest with yourself in what you create…find a neutral person to review your work/ project/ product to give you feedback on it’s relevance, quality and sell ability.  Once you step outside of yourself, you need it to be able to make it make sense to others for them to follow you, show support for you and then to dig in their pockets to show their support even further.

Do not half ass it…I saw a post that said, “if you put in half the effort be prepared for half the results.”  I see too many great talents that do not have the business part of their craft down and you need that if you want to be able to make money from your craft.  I encourage you to have your package ready and continue to update it as you evolve.

At times I felt like I have begged people to pay attention and to get involved in what I to this day still believe in, I believe in building a movement with others to take things further for artists…But in my dream and goal of building a movement, it has at time felt like I failed…but I stayed the course and in doing so it has opened up doors for me that I could never have imagined.  As I check the stats for my radio show…as of tonight, this is what is shows at 10:00pm on September 23, 2013…95,144 global listens…To me , this feels like a great achievement,  and for those artist that are played on FNRadio, that means you have had the potential to be heard by my global following.

This week takes me into an exciting time which I had not seen coming.  I am so excited to explore a partnership those higher up in the industry to gain more knowledge, hands on experience and being able to advocate for select artists to be able to take their music to the next level.  Let me just say that God is Good and doors are opening up.  I am deserving at this point in my life as I have built a known name and strong brand as a supporter of independent artist.  I have been open to absorbing all the knowledge that has been shared with me to grow into a recognized industry professional.

Stay the course…do it right…get your business package together…have a great attitude and be able to talk about who you are and what you do…be ready when the doors open to step through…and remember that you have only 1 time to make a first impression.

As my business partner Jace ECAj says, “Forward Movement”

Lady Flava
Flava News.FNRadio.Marlex Records and…TBA
Seattle, WA

My Thoughts on What Might Hold Some Creative Souls From Moving to the Next Level


My beginnings of cheering artists began within the walls of my business, Flava Coffee House-Seattle, WA to establishing a globally recognized personality as Lady Flava of Flava News, I try to process why artists struggle to get beyond where they are today.  One day I will write a book and include my thoughts and observations in detail but this is just a taste of what I feel holds them back.

1)     Faith that they can and are deserving.

2)     Willingness to financially invest in themselves.

3)     Not understanding they are a business.  Not having the tools in hand to conduct themselves as such when faced with a potential business connection (whatever that may look like.)

4)     Not doing the needed research.

5)     Not working as a unit, as a team with the understanding of what needs to be done and what each person involved needs to commit to for the common goal.

6)     Be personable not personal…Be comfortable in talking to people and share what you do…give them enough to draw them in, then point them in the direction for the experience of your art online and in person.

7)     Lack of respect and support from the fans that claim to believe in their talent.

8)     Targeting the wrong audience who time and time again show their lack of support.

9)     If your approach as proven to not work, have the ability to think outside the box, to find creative ways to do it different with the possibility to obtain favorable results.

10) Karma (not being right by those that support them, using people.)

11) Showing lack of appreciation.

This is just a short list of my observations and opinions…

As you can see, I have put some thought into this.  I love the passion behind the creative souls…I too ponder why I am not able to make moves like I feel I should at this point in the game.  I have people tell me all the time that they love me, believe in me.  I was once told by a business mentor figure that I need to stop supporting starving artists and seek out those with some financial means to pay for my services.  Build my success and then reach back to help those that I am really passionate about.

I believe in building together for a common goal…that numbers are more powerful than struggling in going it on your own.  Recently I was told by a East Coast colleague that the reason some people don’t join with me is because they are waiting for me to build my own success before they get involve.

As I think about who I am and what I do in support of artists, I think about the similarities that artists and small business owners have.  At what point do we get it right after years of investing time, money, energy and perfecting our craft?

Do we project our shortcomings on others or do we accept responsibility for what we lack and do something about it?

Supporting artists that are not in the mainstream spotlight is such a challenge.  I love the challenge and feeling the passion.  On my journey as an artist cheerleader and mentor, I understand there is a need for so much more that goes beyond the passion and perfecting the craft.  Some artist will get it and some will never.  Some artists are easy to support and others aren’t.

Do we live in a world of people that live off the “I” factor or the “WE” factor.  Do we really not understand that needing money to grow is really NOT a TABOO topic, it is a necessary means.

I would love to hear your thoughts as to what I shared on this blog.

ALL ARTISTS START AS AN UNKNOWN CREATIVE SOUL…It starts with them as to how far they will go…

~Lady Flava of Flava News/Flava News Radio~

Rajdulari Stepped onto the Leopard Carpet with Lady Flava

Rajdulari On The Leopard Carpet copy

August 20, 2013 Rajulari stepped onto the leopard carpet with me. I so looked forward to the experience and knew that it would be special. It was just that. Sitting in my online coffee house as she shared her journey as an artist, sensing her hard work and determination to get to the Grammys to the pride in being a plus size curvy woman.

For me this experience reminded me as to why I love what I do and to be just really proud to be a woman.

I invite you to take a listen to this feature and see why this show excites me still!

Rajdulari Feature on the Leopard Carpet with Lady Flava 8-20-13

Find out more about Rajdulari at: http://rajdulari.com/

Create Your Own Experience with Merald Drive by Marc VanClaggett

As summer is about to come to an end and fall is just around the corner, this would be the perfect time to get your copy of “Merald Drive” by Marc VanClaggett to chill to, romance with and make it your own experience.

Purchase your digital download right now and step into the sounds of Marc VanClaggett. http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/marcvanclaggett12 (hard copies are also available)

Get a taste of Merald Drive https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-74K6Zc3wk

2-22-2013 front-3

Find out more about Music by Marc VanClaggett at: http://marcvanclaggett.wordpress.com/

A Gift of Music From Us To You

FNRadio Artist Promo copy

Flava News Artist Family would like to thank all of you for your support of our music.  Please enjoy a FREE Download of our music.  Continue to support the music and keep spreading the word!

Thank You!

 Black Stax, Marc VanClaggett, Monica Monet & Lady Flava of Flava News


Black Stax “They Want Me LIVE at The Triple Door”


Marc Vanclaggett “I’ll Be There For You”


Monica Monet “Love Changes”


Flava News


Monica Monet Brings The Heat Again With Her New Single, “Feelings”


Monica Monet emerges from the wings to bring the heat again with her NEW Single, “Feelings.”  Her fans love it from the topic of a schoolgirl type crush, reference to legends of hip hop, to the beats that cause their heads to bob and bodies move.

“Feeling” is just one of the tracks that will be on her up and coming EP called, “Conversations With Monica Monet” Produced by Muudz Muzik out of The ATL.   You will hear the familiar topics of relationships that Monica Monet is known for but with more of an up beat tempo and club feel.

With all of Monica Monet projects, from performances and CD’s she gives her all to you, at times wearing her heart on her sleeves as she goes into a zone as the songs create themselves and flow out of her.

You might say that I am bias because I work with her and am apart of her team but I became a fan before her album, “Simply Beautiful” released.   One day I happened by Paradyme’s radio show, an industry colleague who was the first to played Monica Monet’s NEW Single at that time, “Gravity” off of her “Simple Beautiful” CD.   I became an immediate fan and from there we formed a great working relationship and sisterhood.

All of the musical stories you hear from Monica Monet come from either her personal life experience or from stories of her family and friends.  Relationships can be so beautiful to challenging, but there is always that desire to experience true love and dream that it really exists.   Monica Monet allows you to feel that, but not in a depressing way, but in a way to say, “Yeah I get it” while you find yourself swaying to the music as you come to sing the words.

Her music is described as, “Beautiful” and “Fire” by her fans new and old.

Monica Monet is a serious artist.   She recognizes that she has a natural talent, a gift from God and that she is meant to share it with the masses.   Monica works hard and understands that she needs to understand the business beyond her talents and has paid her dues as a singer, song writer, performer and her own business manager.   Now she is able to take things to the next level and has formed a team that allows her to step away from handing all the business on her own, allowing  her to focus more on the creating and perfecting her craft.

Stay tune, Monica Monet gets better and better with time just like a glass of Mascoto wine…her favorite.

“Conversations With Monica Monet” Produced by Muudz Muzik is pure HEAT…Of course that is just my opinion…LOL

But for now, take a listen and let us know your thoughts on, “Feelings” by Monica Monet, # 1 Soul Sister in our books, from Jacksonville, FL by way of Philadelphia, MS

Susan “Lady Flava” Koshi

Flava News

Merald Drive in NOW Available on CD Baby and…

NEWReleasebyMarcVanClaggett copy

Merald Drive was a great experience for me in many ways witness and to be apart of it’s birth with creator Marc VanClaggett.  I learned first had what it was like to put together the musical pieces of magic, fine tuning and where the music comes from in the depth of the soul of this artist.  Marc has had many years experience in this industry but it is almost like he is coming into a new stage with excitement and passion for himself to share with others.  Yes, artist on a whole creates for the the enjoyment and pleasure of others but always remember that art, music is something that come from within themselves and is very personal with stories of their own.  Some stories will may come to learn as others is strictly up to our interpretation.

Originally, at Marlex Records planned to release this album in 2012 and obstacles came into play almost making the labor of it’s birth so challenging.  I knew that  this was part of her story and there needed to be a delay.  Many do not know stories that go into the process of creation and producing.  With many artist, there is just that one thing that needs to be changed or tweaked.  This rings very true when it comes to Marc VanClaggett.  Merald Drive was my true experience into understanding the sound as I heard some of the pieces change over time and learned to really hear the change.

Windsor Mill Road is one I listened to in variation as as this particular piece took on the life of it’s own through the loss of a dear friend and Marc’s father in 2012.  So when I listen to it, I understand.  You would have loved the first version and even the 2nd but what you get to experience today from Windsor Mill Road is Marc VanClaggett’s heart.  Close your eyes and listen. (Windsor Mill Road is Dedicated to John Wesley, Marc’s father)

I have said it time and time again, how proud I am of this man’s work ethics, creativity and heart.  I thank him for allowing me to experience the music in a new way and to learn and grow from his industry knowledge along with allowing me to explore my own path to enhance what we do at Marlex Records.

Yes, Marc VanClaggett is the create of the music but Merald Drive feels like my baby too.

Please check out snippets of Merald Drive at CD Baby http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/marcvanclaggett12 but to let you in on a secret if you purchase it through Marlex Records or off any of the other sites I listed above…We make the most money from this fine piece of music magic.

We just want you to have a copy of your own so it really does not matter from which site you purchase it…just get your copy TODAY, help spread the word and then send us an email with your personal review on your own experience to: marlexrecords@flavanews.com

Enjoy the journey onto and into Merald Drive by Marc VanClaggett…Make it personal and your own!

Susan “”Lady Flava” Koshi

Marlex Records Business Manager

2-22-2013 front-3

Merald Drive is Now Available on CD Baby at:


Merald Drive is also Available at:





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