What Does Support Really Mean and Look Like?


At what point CAN an artist move to a level when the masses or even simply their family, friends, colleagues and communities feel they deserve to be paid and supported.  Too many say they support but don’t…Too many want free product or entry into shows…Wanting to ride the coattail to be apart of something exciting but when asked to really invest in who they claim to believe in, they go ghost.

I see a lot of amazing, seasoned, artists that have mastered their crafts appear to be begging for support, which to many claim to be so unattractive or annoying.  The posts go around and around or sometimes they stop and there is nothing.  What makes sense in all of this that we claim to love and support?  Authors buying each others books to show support…Music talents collaborating on projects and then…there are those that truly practice what they preach and show the support by any means possible.

There are industry people who sell a pipe dream and have you sign your name on a dotted line and then what…forget about you…willing to make money off the work that others put in without paying out a dime…and even the hard work that you do on your own for them to rep the benefits before you do.

What really makes sense in this world that claims the need for support but shows the lack of.  Is the sense of support you feel on social media acceptable from this cyber world where we do not hear the voices nor able to shake a hand.

There are those that are willing for you to show your support of them and never return the gesture to you…The share button works in both direction.

Win WinI preach about building a movement and coming together to provide ourselves with what we feel we need.  A support team, a marketing department, a financial foundation, providing each other with what we know is needed….but people claim they get it but never get involved.

We see our youth struggling to survive in a world that has set no rights and wrongs or taught them to establish boundaries in how to maneuver life…they come up as babies taking on the responsibilities of adults and we wonder.  It’s like a quick fix and anything goes and it is full of lies and manipulations where I feel that people don’t even know what the truth really is.

I was raised in a home and even community that showed what support looked like and was expected.  To now feel like I am fighting in so many directions to bring it back to where it makes sense and feels right.  I am one who is willing to go up against the unjust and force them to look at themselves in the mirror.  I am willing to put the hard questions out there for you to think on and possible make some changes.

I believe in the concept that my siStar, April Sims came up with of “WE are GREATER than i” Together we can do so much and with very little.   I am one person and now have a reach across the country and even around the world but at the end of the day what does that really mean?  Yes, I will post about artists and industry projects…I have been doing radio shows since November of 2009 with growing numbers every month…How far can we ride on that?

Again, anytime  money is brought up people get uncomfortable.  I have worked hard to put in my time, my own money and a whole lot of effort and determination to build but who am I building with?

My ultimate dream is to host shows in Seattle, bringing quality acts from across the states to perform with some of the city’s finest and then send some artists out to other locations to gain the same exposure outside of our city.  Jace ECAj and I call this UTAE (Untiy Through Arts Exchange: http://www.flavanews.com/Pages/UTAETheExchangeProgram.aspx )  Many said they liked the concept and even had someone work with me on a proposal for funding and then nothing.unity through arts exchange

Today I have 5 projects that I am working on.  On all I am seeking sponsorship to support a creative person to come to the Pacific Northwest to bless our people with what they have to offer and to start the building of bridges from coast to coast.  The road block is the funding…I can set up the venues  and the speaking engagements and all but my whole thing is being able to provide a financial benefit for the exchange.  Do I give up, or where do I turn to find the answers.  People show a strong interest when the topic of money comes up or putting in some work.

In a few weeks, I am stepping out on faith to go to Vegas and meet some industry people that are making things happen and to see if I can build some bridges with them, gain some support and mentorship.  I am  willing to be asked the hard questions and to be made uncomfortable if it means to coming out with a better approach that fits my morals and values for the benefit of doing more for creative souls through Flava News/Flava Marlex Radio.



Did you know there are some amazing indie music and books available right here?  If you like to listen to music or like to read…social networks are one of the best places to make new discoveries from artists that will let you know they appreciate your support.

Together we can move mountains

Together we can move mountains and make a difference for our families, our youth, our communities and the need to keep quality artists creating for us all.

I want to hear your thoughts on WHAT DOES SUPPORT REALLY MEAN AND LOOK LIKE?

Lady Flava of Flava News/FMarlex Radio/Marlex Radio


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