A Few Things That I Have Learned As An Artist Cheerleader…


In the years that I can been supporting a variety and so very diverse group of creative souls from coast to coast and around the world has been one of the most rewarding journey’s that God has put me on.

What I have learned:

-Creating is so very personal.
-That how I experience it today has change from how I experienced 10 and even 5 years ago.
-What captures my attention is something that pulls at my soul.
-I understand production now and how it should all come together for a polished final product.
-Bells and Whistles don’t necessarily make something better.
-It’s comes down to a matter of personal and professional taste and opinion.
-I will not always agree.
-Many don’t like my honesty.
-I keep my circle small.
-When you like an artist it is not easy to be honest, so I learned to keep the relationship on a professional level.
-I want the best for people and want them to want it to.
-I will educate myself by research and asking questions of the right people.
-Not everyone values what I have to offer nor wants my help.
-That at times I will be misunderstood.
-Balancing life is important in this industry, it is too easy to get caught up and loose focus on other things that matter.
-If I don’t react to your art, that may mean that I don’t like it.
-I have high expectations on the quality of a body of work from the presentation to the experience.
-I crave a challenge and love figuring things out.
-I need to work with honest and loyal people.
-Not everyone you share your ideas with will appreciate them or at times they will take them and do them without you.
-I value professionalism with a touch of emotion and care.
…as I type this, I realized that I have learned much and I will continue this in the book I am writing…

-Creative experiences are yours to decide what it takes you…

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