Soul Factory Presents: Heston, Angela Johnson with Host Darien Dean

The last Saturday of every month there is this amazing, topnotch R&B/Soul showcase that takes place in NYC. One day I plan to be there in person to experience “Soul Factory Presents,” but the beautiful thing is when they host it at the DROM NYC, Gander TV records it LIVE and archives the shows so I can watch it from the comforts of my home.

Last night was a wonderful show that I particularly paid attention to. It was the Pre-Album Release party for Angela Johnson’s “Naturally Me” to come out mid August. Along with Angela, one of my favorite’s, Heston who hit the stage to open for her. Heston has been so busy performing around the globe so it was a pleasure to see him perform LIVE. Never is it a disappointment to that the oh so talented and charismatic, Darien Dean who played host and of course has to share his vocal talents.

I am drawn month after month to watch the show online due to the quality of the artists, band and presentation. It is run well from my experience over the internet. The show starts and ends on time. The crowd is engaged and made to feel that they are apart of the experience. From Darien introductions of the artist to his participation throughout the show makes for a perfect host.

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