What Makes Sense In This Crazy World…The Classics!


I have been sitting here in my office, thinking about my life…what my family has gone through, what I have gone through as Lady Flava and what lies before me with goals and dreams being met. I have been thinking about social media and how people use it.  I see the purpose and need it to do what I do as Lady Flava but I see people being drawn in like a drug and spending day and night online.  Now, I will admit that I have been drawn into it to, spending hours and hours online and feeling exhausted by the time I close the phone or turn off my computer or tablet.  Why do we sleep with our cellphones and check it first thing in the morning and last thing at night….Crazy right!

Then I started exploring what experiences I have had recently that made me smile and I thoroughly enjoyed.  And I have to say it has been when I hear those classic tunes from my past and movies that I enjoyed from days gone by…even a book or a poem that is so familiar.  Why do the classics always bring a smile to our faces and a sense of comfort to our souls.  I have been asking myself that question time and time again.

I think the reason why The Classics from the past stayed with us because around the experience of the song, the movie, the book comes a memory that was implanted in our minds.  You can remember who were you with, a love, a school dance a first date…fun time with friends, a family reunion.  I was a time that people were really connected.

Now we live in a time of the era of technology that is forever changing and it’s the new form of keeping up with The Jones on on what kind of cellphone you have and all.  People are so disconnected that they use a text message then a phone call to communicate.  Facebook messaging and Hangouts (which I haven’t tried yet.)  People don’t even really talk on the phones. Social media has open up the gateway to feeling connected and apart of something.  It gives a lonely person a place to socialize and feel apart of something than what feels like an empty space.  Then there is the new term called “Catfish” when people create profiles and draw people in and are not who they say that really are.

Then we use this social media, such as myself, to promote who we are and what we do…It is an amazing way to get before the masses and spread the word.  It works to a point.  But when it comes to social media and technology it has taken away the history building and ability to create memories to share down the line.  Music can be experienced for fee and authors sell their books dirt cheap on Amazon.  We crave art in many ways but we do not support it.  I think that social media has killed the desire for the experience, it has created a craving to be apart of what…  What music has the power now to create experiences that you will speak on in 10 years or books that you will want to read again years down the line.  What poem have you heard and you can repeat it with all the inflections as when you heard it performed in the coffee house.  Did you know they exist and they are right there on social media but most don’t stop and really pay attention and respect along with appreciate the hearts and souls of you beloved creative soulz.

We need to get back to being honestly connected…When women dressed to impressed instead up show off all goodies and demand to be treated with respect by men.  We need the men to be men and woo woo the special one that catches his attention, open doors and take her on a real date.  Sex just to be having sex needs to stop because that generally turns into heartache later and at times bringing a child into the world with someone you don’t even know they name.

We need to go back to the time where music set the tone for how we experience life and memories of movies on a date or hanging out with friends on a Friday.  That is why I think that The Classics make a smile…The Classics were apart of our life’s experiences with others.

Lady Flava

Flava Coffee House News

Seattle, WA

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