I’M Back at Flav’s House on FCH206 Radio-Seattle, WA


Welcome to Flav’s House on FCH206 Radio-Seattle, WA…I AM BACK!!!
On Today’s show I played the following Independent artists:
1) Toni Hill-Coffee Shop
2) Sympli Whitney-I Can See You and Me
3) Drue Davis-ShotGun
4) David Britt-Forgive Me Girl
5) Nichelle Colvin-Touch Me Right fr WiseGuy
6) Syrup Wycliff-Kilio
7) JC Flow-Day Dreaming ft Jen Newberry
8) James Colah-Take Me Higher
9) Avana-69
10) Brian Christopher- Hold On
11) Dave Tolliver-Home (produced by Carl Borden)
12) Dehara-Can’t Take The Soul
13) Black Stax-Exit Us
14) Alvin L.A. Horn-Man On The Inside (read by Tim Campbell)
15) Horee-Black Woman
16) Nik West-You (produced by Paris Toon)
17)John Carey-Old School ft Gina Carey
18) Stephen Jerome Ferguson-Do Unto Others
19) Paris Escovedo-Eden
20) Naomi Wamboe-Niaje
21) Allen Stone-Million
22) Keyan Williams-Thought I Told You

It felt so good to be back on the air today despite my grandbabies wanting me during the show…LOL…Sit back and take a listen to the archives at your convience.


Flav’s House Every Saturday at: 10am PST/12pm CST/1pm 

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