Smiling Faces, Sometimes Pretend…


I have learned some very hard lessons at the hands of people I supported and cared for.  But I have no regrets for the experience…So much in the arts and entertainment industry is formulated under the umbrella of deception and using people for self gain, not win wins.  Time and time again, my colleagues have told me that I need to toughen up and not let others behaviors to effect me so deeply.  I am learning how to stay in this industry while staying true to myself and how I was raised by my parents and in the work place on how business needs to get done.  I know that I will be able to find a  balance.  I hope to be wiser and see things clearer as I continue on my journey…because the arts and entertainment industry is in my blood and I love it!   My Daddy had told me time and time again, that my Ministry is with Artists/Creative Souls.  I hold onto that and will continue to honor my calling.

Not all people that you think is a good look for you, is…don’t be fooled by sweetness and smiling faces.  When you see a revolving door around someone, pay attention…that maybe more telling than you think.

My core has been the same for many years, it’s when I entertain a potential opportunity, that is where I get slapped in the face with the harsh reality of the industry.  Mind you, charm and charisma plays such a big role in interacting in this industry and even I have that side to me…You have to have great people skills to make this work…There is a healthy way of doing it and not have to have a deceitful way of going about it get the support that you desire and need.


As my journey continues, this new chapter in my life…I will share my thoughts and stories.

Lady Flava

“Flava’s Story, The Life of An Artist Cheerleader”  by Lady Flava

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