Tre’sure and Dreamstone at Eastside Canery in Vegas

Tresure and Dreamstone

Coming from Seattle and hearing Tre’sure’s name on social media and sensing he and his band will put on a great show,  I was not disappointed.  Clearly Tre’sure and his band, Dreamstone are seasoned musicians/entertainers giving a show of true professionalism and showmanship.  They shared a variety of cover songs that kept the dance floor packed and the audience singing.  All had a great time the night I was in attendance.

Putting on 3 sets of very high energy and topnotch performance set after set….Tre’sure and Dreamstone soon became one of my ultimate favorite Vegas shows that I will attend over and over when time permits.  From the quality musicians and background singers who can hold their own on solos, to the overall visual experience was very appealing to the eye.  The color coordination and and uniformity I found to be apart of the Tre’sure/Dreamstone experience.

Sharing the Tre’sure/Dreamstone experience with songs like:

Have A Good Time


Just A Little Bit

Maria Maria

Rock Steady

to name a few.  Check out this video that I took of “Ain’t No Stopping Us”


From the visual, to the sound and production from start to finish…Tre’sure and Dreamstone put on one of the BEST shows that I have experienced in Vegas thus far.  One of the sweetest things that Tre’sure does, is to have all the birthday people come out on the dance floor as he sings to them and gives them, “Tre’sure Bears” as gifts.

I highly recommend for anyone and everyone to come out and experience Tre’sure and Dreamstone Band.  They perform at a variety of casinos and venues around Vegas and beyond.



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