My First Entertainment Experience in Vegas Was Rhythm Nation


Rhythm Nation is a highly sought after band around Vegas into New Mexico with a huge following that will travel around Vegas to see them perform.  From the leadership of Steve Owens, the founder of Rhythm Nation to the Music Director, Skip Rice you will experience a very high energy and fun time.  At times you will experience guest musicians or don’t be surprised when a fellow entertainer who has come out to support, will be called up on stage to sing a song or two.   I have seen them perform a few times and I always leave with a feeling that I just experienced a “music family” from the group itself to those faithful fans.

You will experience a variety of cover songs from this group from the classic Motown sound to a variety of R&B/Soul to Pop.

Check out Rhythm Nation’s rendition of, “Rock Steady” by The Whispers


One of Vegas’ in demand singers is a member of Rhythm Nation, Mr William Jordan Jr belting out a variety of songs such as, “Because I Love You”


And then there is Ressa (sp?) ….this young lady is clearly one of the favorite features of this Rhythm Nation group…People from the audience will stand right in front of her when she sings a solo and be in shear awe, showing nothing but appreciation for her talents.

Get a taste of Ressa with her rendition of “At Last”


Rhythm Nation is one of my all time favorite experiences in Vegas.  They have a set foundation with the following musicians and singers:

Steve Owens on Percussion

Skip Rice on Bass Guitar

Kharon Haley Harrison on Drums

along with Vocalist Ressa and William Jordan Jr.

Then you will usually be surprised with a guest Guitarist and Keyboardist.


You can catch Rhythm Nation at a variety of locations in Vegas on a regular basis.  Trust me, you will not be disappointed.


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