Vegas Entertainment The Pros and Cons


As a newcomer to the Vegas Entertainment Scene, I am like a sponge, absorbing what I am privy to witness, while taking notes on how it all works.

There are similarities in the struggles of entertainers, to the indie artists that I have supported over the years.  But then there is a difference in that, most of the entertainers that I know and have come to know here in Vegas, are actually working entertainers.  Most are working on a weekly basis as apart of a group or two, that perform at one of the many casinos on and off the strip.

There is such a wonderful work ethic that I have witness, with a commitment to putting on a high quality, polished show.  Of course, some might come back to me with a cutting eye on this and I do know there is always exceptions to the rule.  I would say that these Vegas entertainers and musicians know that the shows they are apart of, can make or break them in opportunities and frequency of depositing a check into their bank accounts.  I am going to call the entertainers I speak on, Indie Entertainers and I will explain why.  The great entertainers that I am connected to have a hustle so strong, that their ear is always perked to hear of opportunities for better exposure and making money.  It doesn’t mean that they are not wanting to be committed to a group and or project, it means that they need to make money to survive and many groups do not have the ability to hold a person without a guaranteed paycheck coming in every week.  So, you may see one of your favorite entertainer or musician one week in one group, and then in another group the following week.  Of course there are times that someone is just not a good fit, and that causes the change in faces, which is common on this industry.

I have sat in on some rehearsals when time has permitted and I appreciate these experiences, to see and hear the raw and unpolished sound, as they work through the kinks, to that top quality sound and look as the final product is brought to life.

You might wonder if I have changed my interest to entertainers from indie artists, of course that is not the case.  I knew that I had to make a move to a location where I could grow in exposure and opportunity for myself, to then be able to open up doors for the indie artists that I believe deserve the opportunity to be seen and heard.  Many of the entertainers I presently know are also indie artists with projects that have released and they too struggle gaining recognition for their individual music and sound.  Cover Songs pay the bills.  So my fight is for them also…to provide a platform for them to gain exposure for their original music.

For the purpose of this blog, I want to encourage you can come out, and you can pretty much experience these great talents any day of the week in a variety of venues from casinos on the strip, to casinos around Vegas and the outlining areas.  Many times the shows are free or very affordable.  Come out and experience the sounds of your favorite music from the past and present.  Your presences helps to create more and greater opportunities for these talented Vegas talents.  You are apart of their success.

The hustle is real but in Vegas their is opportunity for the right person, talent along with being in the right place at the right time, and being aligned with the right people.


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