Lady Flava’s Journey To Vegas From Seattle…A New Beginning

Flava News3 months ago I arrived in Vegas, ready to experience a new beginning to my life.  Leaving Seattle after going through double knee replacement surgery and rehab, along with adjusting to a new life without my father…I was ready to experience life as Lady Flava full-time.  It was an easy decision since my daughters are adults now and ready to experience life without their mom around, but my hesitation was leaving my grandbaby behind.  My girls love Vegas and we are only about a 2 hour airplane ride away from each other, so I do anticipate them coming down for a visit, as I will return home from time to time.

May 2, 2017 I loaded up my car and headed on a journey to Vegas all by my lonesome, by choice.  The feeling of hitting the highway was so liberating, so freeing.  I did not know what I was heading into, but my faith was strong and I knew that God would see me through.  The travel went well, my car ran fine and as I stopped along the way I checked in with my family and loved ones.


May 3rd, late in the afternoon, I arrived in Vegas…When I saw the Stratosphere in the distance, tears came to my eyes and I knew I had arrived to my new home, my new life. Making the needed phone calls and arrangements as to where I would stay…Go worked everything out from start to finish.

I wanted to jump out there and was ready to be Lady Flava right off the bat, but God had other plans for me and slowed me down, bringing me to reality.  I really needed to chill, adjust to my new life in Vegas and find a place to live along with get a part-time job to supplement my income.  First I was offered a beautiful condo at an affordable price, then I was hired for an on-call job as a healthcare sitter…right up my alley. Both blessings came from people I was connected to prior to moving to Vegas.  You cannot tell me that these blessings were nothing but God’s doing.  Now to really settle into my life in Vegas.  I found that things moved slowly and now looking back, they moved in the right direction and speed that was meant to me.


I began a journey of taking care of my health and well-being. getting in the pool which was right outside my door and establishing a healthy eating regiment.  Learning to live on my own, which was something I had never done and found to be exciting and so unfamiliar.

Things did not go as I had hope when I arrived, but it never stopped me from feeling extremely blessed.  All my needs were being met and I needed to learn the art of being patient.  What it came down to is acting me finances and making sure that I did not put myself into debt beyond what I financially could afford to be easily.  I was and am so determined to be smart with my money and bills.  So getting everything set up for Lady Flava and Lady Flava News is coming along slowly.

It feels great when I have the opportunity to work on a project in Vegas as Lady Flava. And my colleagues outside of Vegas, remind me regularly to never forget my purpose in moving to Vegas.  My dream goal is to put on an Indie Artist showcase and weekend event 3-4 times a year.  I am coming to accept that I will need to raise the money myself to get this going, when I had really hoped that I could encourage my followers and artists I support to help build the financial foundation together. Although I have raised over $800.00 towards it…$500.00 came from Unity Through Arts Exchange, some from my father before he passed and then from followers.  I had hoped to host my first “Flava’s Lounge” this fall but between my work and life I have not had the opportunity to get out to network and view any venues.  Several people have assured me that it will happen but it will take some time to really get my feet wet in the Vegas scene and to be come family with venues, areas, promoters and such.  This is where, patience on my part is so important.


One of my goals now that I am living is Vegas is to become a know and respected show reviewer.  I am really excited about taking on this challenge as I write about my experience at what I hope will be a variety of shows within my circle of entertainment friends and those I am do not know.  I am all about the experience from Talent, to Production to the overall Experience.


One of the biggest goals for me once I am comfortably able to afford high speed internet, I want to get back to doing my radio shows.  I miss interacting with artists and reviewing music to play on my shows.  Indie Artists are my ultimate passion and my reason for moving to Vegas and the foundation for my life as Lady Flava , The Indie Artist Cheerleader.


I will get back to doing a variety of radio shows that will continue supporting a featuring a variety of indie music and art forms.  In doing my shows, I am hoping this will only be the start to opening up doors and opportunity for the artists I choose to support.

I will also get back to my Lady Flava News Consulting and Couching business.  I love exploring with a client where they presently are with their career as an artist and where they want to be.  Then helping them create a plan of action on what it will take to get there.

So much I have planned and always working towards getting there myself. One step at a time…accepting the process with patience and grace and never ever ignoring my blessings and always taking time to give thanks.

My journey is just beginning and I am enjoying the process as it unfolds.

Taking care of myself, preparing for opportunity, stacking my money and building my Flava Brand in Vegas.

Thank you so much for your continued support and encouragement.  The best is yet to come!

Lady Flava

PS: I celebrated my birthday here in Vegas and was just thrilled with the people that came out and had such a great time at In-A-Fect’s show at Fiesta Rancho’s Cabo Lounge!


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