Lady Flava’s Poetry “He Plays Me…My Piano Man

He Plays Me…My Piano Man

Sometimes he plays the keys across my body

Hitting notes I’ve never heard from within myself, as the abstract movement shifts in tempo

And in those moments I feel loved, allowing his powerful energy to consume me

I sway back and forth, meeting every, beat as if I’m orchestrating the song but it’s his essence that causes the dance to continue

My toes curl and I moan from inside out and back again, am I singing…

I find my peace, as he plays his piece upon my keyboard, which I let him, it’s his

Soft and gentle melodies 

Hard and powerful cords

Prediction and surprises as notes rise and fall

Never a disappointing experience as I feel his music erupt from his soul into mine and dig my nails into the piercing fullness of our musical climax

Breathing fast, with crescendos exploding, quieting to a whispering  sonnet

He tells me words that I’m beautiful, as if he really means it, but the stroke of the keys allows me to feel it every time he plays across my keyboard

And I fall in love with him Time and Time again, as we continue our lustful journey of making music together

Engulfed by the sounds of his presence and feeling the aftershocks of the melodic holding between us, sometimes I cry 

Soft and gentle melodies 

Hard and powerful cords 

Trusting his song is so important to me, so I close my eyes and I pray

Knowing God gave him a gift and talent to play his heart for many to experience, and I wonder if I am his real muse

I listen…I really listen and I feel him, all of him playing cords that make sense to only us

My soul craves his music, his rhythm pleasantly sweeps over me as I drift off to sleep

Sending shivers up my spine as the tempo speeds up and slows down in my dreams, or not

Allowing myself to get caught up in the transitions of the cadence of my own voice, wondering if am I awake and is he still here next me me

Soft and gentle melodies 

Hard and powerful cords 

The steady pounding on the keys keeps the rhythm and the arch of his fingers creates the mystery of the story

Throwing me off with a push and pull as I try to meet the progression of every key

At times lyrics slip out, and more and more of his musical soul is revealed to me, as I allow my bricks to come down and I share my song…this is the music we are creating

With Funky tones and soulful cries I revel in the openness of what I’ve come to know with him

A mixture of black and white keys creates the journey to a natural reaction, driven by the stroke of his fingers and I scream a climatic note 

Soft and gentle melodies 

Hard and powerful cords 

The notes become quiet and his breath is shallow, as his revelation comes to a halt

Leaving me with a knowing of his presence, as our song plays over and over in my head

I search to see if it’s just the remnants of musical notes, or the flow of yesterday’s show

Producer or should I say conductor or maybe even Song Writer … Naw, you’re my piano man

Running up and down my keyboard playing me inside and out and I love it, I crave it even when it makes me cry because I know your song and I know mine

Soft and gentle melodies 

Hard and powerful cords

Remembering, I scream…

Closing my eyes and feeling the vibe

Waiting for the next piano journey of scales to be played

Only you know the direction to take my mind, body and soul 

This is the music we create together

I know you, I’ve heard that tune over and over, but every time it’s a new experience…something changes and I trust the notes you play across my fragile body, you are the director of this performance, the creator of our songs

An excitement draws me to your music and I pay attention as a passion keeps me in the moment of the dueling of our musical bliss

But your creative power and authentic form of communication has captured my attention, it’s so challenging but that’s why I stand by you, besides you, under you and over you…as we create our own songs together, that only we can hear

Soft and gentle melodies 

Hard and powerful cords

Play Me Piano Man….Even if it’s just a fantasy, or a memory of once upon a time.

Written by Lady Flava 


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