Wine Down Wednesday’s with Barbara Cole and Zeola Gaye on Facebook LIVE

This is my special finds at Wine Down Wednesday’s on Facebook LIVE and I Love Them!

You never know what treasures you will find at Wine Down Wednesday’s with Barbara Cole and Zeola Gaye.

During these crazy times we are living in Barbara and Zeola have found a way to bring people together on Facebook LIVE social media for more than a one of a kind online shopping experience, but they have built a fun, entertaining and beautiful community including people that know each other in person, to those connected from afar and newcomers flocking to find out who is online, what unique items are the ladies selling and what the friendship saga of Barbara and Zeola is going to reveal on any given night.

I know these ladies in person and have a great love, appreciation and respect for them. I am at most Wind Down Wednesday and just enjoy the who experience and yes, of course I have made my own purchases. they know that I love Leopard Print and from time to time, they call me out during their broadcast and it has worked (smile)

If you love one of a kind clothing and accessories…are you online and looking for some fun…Come Join Barbara Cole and Zeola Gaye (Marvin Gaye’s Baby Sister) for and hour of your time on Facebook and I am sure you will find yourself returning time and time again.

Thank you to Barbara Cole and Zeola Gaye along with MOROC Entertainment for providing this platform as a family unit to ours during these times of Covid 19.

Supporting Black Owned Businesses!

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