The Essence of Terrie Rimson & The Eclectic Soul Band at The Beautiful Stirling Club Las Vegas

The Essence of Terrie Rimson

The Stirling Club, Spirit Lounge Las Vegas

Wednesday 4/14/21

Terrie Rimson and I become connected on Social Media when I was promoting that I had plans to do a Indie Artist Show in Las Vegas, NV where I now live. From the time of the initial engagement, I knew she was an amazing talent and I wanted to experience her in person. Through my work at the hospital and the Pandemic taking over the world, taking over and shutting down Vegas, The Entertainment Capital of The World…It appears she made a move here. As I limited my interactions with people outside of my job, it kept me from coming out and meeting this beautiful and very talented lady. She had no fear in being out and networking during the Pandemic, but I did.

She is amazing at promoting and marketing herself and her projects and I noticed that she was going to be doing her own show at The Stirling Club in Las Vegas on April 14th, so I marked my calendar to pay attention to this date in case I felt up to attending after I got off work. The day arrived and I was able to get off work early…so I went home to shower and dress to attend this event, in hopes that I would surprise her. I let my colleague and friend Lillian Rice know that I was a little under the weather would be meeting her there and I did. What a beautiful location, and the Spirit Lounge at The Stirling Club made for a wonderful intimate atmosphere for her show.

The Eclectic Soul Band is made up of some of Vegas Best Musicians. Kevin “Pocket” Pagie MD/Drummer, Rocky on The Sax, Skip Rice on The Bass and Dishon “Skip” Dixon on Keys along with the fabulous DJ Drim on the 1’s & 2’s.

Terrie along with her fabulous band took us on a journey of her life and love of music…Check it out.


She sang a variety of songs, blending covers with her originals which was done very well. Terrie Rimson has a dynamic voice and you can hear in her style, the Gospel background along with a Jazz flair with a sound similar to Patty LaBelle.


To tell a funny story. After her first set she walked towards me so I stood up to hung her and she leaned in and asked “How am I doing Angie, I want to make you proud,” and with the noise, I heard what she said but thought maybe I misunderstood her and she called me “Auntie.” As the show went one she looked back towards me and introduced, A lady named, Angie who was her booking agent…but it appeared that she was looking at me and the lady Angie was sitting behind me…we were both wearing leopard tops but I am Eurasian and Angie is Black…LOL . I wasn’t sure what caused this mix up but it was cute.

The only things I would say that may come across as me being critical about this show was, I feel the drummer was too loud or aggressive in a room like this and at points that did not compliment the songs Terrie was performing. The saxophone play was amazing on his own or playing with just the band but did not fit in smoothly with the songs that Terrie sang. Another thing I was not sure what was going on with the tablet on a music stand that her assistant was adjusting for Terrie when she was sitting down on a stool.

Before I left, this was a special moment for me to witness the amazing and oh so talented Ken Young sing with Terrie and it was memorable.


I left early because I was under the weather, but I am so glad that I pushed myself to come out to experience, “The Essence of Terrie Rimson.” She has her own style and I am confident that she will find her audience here in Vegas. I look forward to future opportunities for me to step out and experience more of Terrie Rimson, I believe she is one for Vegas to keep their eye on.

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I have a few more videos on my YouTube Channel.

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