What Do You Need To Feel Like You Are Leveling Up in Who You Are and What You Do?

Have you ever sat and thought what do I really need to Succeed, feel Whole, feel Happy, Move Forward, feel Loved… This past year during the outbreak of this Pandemic of Covid-19, I told myself that this was the perfect time to learn why I really moved to Vegas, how to take care of myself better and how to find Joy. I am content, I feel peace but there is something that is missing that says Flava, you are all good. I don’t feel that being at peace is not enough, or is it and I am just not seeing it. I moved to Vegas with a Dream and a Purpose and that all was shot down in the lack of welcoming and the realization in the fact that Vegas is not so Open Minded to Expanding the Original, Authentic musical creativity and beyond. I could be wrong but I feel like Vegas is stuck with no willingness to expand and welcome All Creative SoulZ to thrive in the Entertainment Capital of The World. I believe there are little pockets, that stay small and then most groups or singers falls right back into the covers that The Legends were allowed to create for eternity.

I’ve been thinking about this for at least 3 of the 4 years that I have been in Vegas…with my passion for Original Music and then in a sense feeling trapped into hearing cover songs which I feel I can take in small doses to appreciate this avenue of music. This works better for me, besides I don’t have the time or energy to go to the same show over and over unless it’s a project I am involved in or it’s a show that calls my names to attend. I want to find something that screams my name and said yes, Lady Flava you need to experience This right here. I need something different, that surprises me and catches me off guard that I need to stop and breathe in the moment of uniqueness and authenticity.

So, what do you need to feel like you are living your best life as an artist and or entertainer? Do you have plans on how to grow your audience or changes that you want to make to what you are doing? Are you stepping outside the box or sticking to what you have been doing?

I feel what I need is support from those that I support. If I work on your project, help to support what I do which may very well include you and your projects. If I play your music on my radio shows, let people know that I am playing it. No one who is doing something publicly can get out there and gain exposure on their own…I know, I am a one person team and it is a lot of work to brand and post, stay relevant on all the different social medias and trying to find that right # or phrase, picture or flyer that will capture peoples attention. I know I need to be around people that think outside the box and are forward thinkers…these type of connections fuels my soul and I become energized and excited about working on creative projects. I want to develop Win Wins with industry people and beyond that pushes me to be better and encourages me to learn something new that will help me grow into the master plan and essence of Lady Flava supporting creative soulz.

My challenge to you is, What Do You Need to find the Drive, Determination and Excitement to expand who you are and what you do.

Let’s connect and see where we can help each other grow and go beyond what we are doing today. I would love for you to share your thoughts and we can explore together.

2021 Post the Covid Pandemic (Covid still exists) but the doors are opening up where people are able to be amongst each other….

Lady Flava of Lady Flava News

Email: ladyflavanews.com

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