What Do I Look at When I Write A Review?

The biggest thing when I decide to write a review is about The Presentation and The Experience.

First, I pay attention to the Visual.

If it’s a book, I notice the book cover and title…is it attract, does it grab my attention and does it grab my attention to the point that it captures my attention. Next, I thumb through the book to see how the pages are layer out and the font style and size. I look at the front portion and the back gives me something that screams, “read me.”

When it’s music, I look at the visual representation to see if it’s appealing and the song title or project title. The I sit and prepare for the music experience…I close my eyes to experience all elements from the clarity of the production, the arrangement of the music and sounds and if there are vocals the flow and vocal inflections and story or purpose that I identify.

Stage performances, I look at the stage arrangements, the people performing, how they are dressed and if it’s flattering on them, I watch their body language and facial expressions. I pay attention to to sounds and blends of the sounds. I pay attention to how the audience or crowd responds to the performance and if the are engaged. The flow from beginning to end and how I feel, matters to me. I also look at the layout of the space, the arrangement of the room. A concert, a music performance, a stage play or musical, dance performance and such, has many elements on what I pay attention to.

Again, The Presentation and The Experience is what my Lady Flava News Reviews are about or my real intent. It’s about MY THOUGHTS and HOW The Moments Impacted Me or Not.

Lady Flava of LadyFlavaNews

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