Check-In with Your Health…Mind-Body-Spirit

Check-In with Your Health…Mind-Body-Spirit 🙏

  • I got my eyes checked this past week.
  • I saw a new primary care doctor today and she is awesome.
  • Monday I’m getting full labs done.

I need to know where my health stands so I can make adjustments to be as healthy as possible, because I Matter.

Please Check-In with Your Health…You Matter!

So many Creative SoulZ I know in the Arts & Entertainment Industry have health issues. Some working on there health, others ignoring it and sadly, some have passed.

So, with a horrible health scare of someone that I love and due to the passing of someone who mattered to me… It’s time to practice what I preach and officially check-in on my health.

– I eat healthly

– I make fresh green juice and smoothie every day.

– I take herbs, vitamins and minerals

– I do Prayer and Meditation in the morning and at night.

– I exercise every day.

So, I’m getting the professionals involved to check-in with the rest medically.

Let’s do this together!

Lady Flava of Lady Flava News

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  1. Lady Flava
    Jun 15, 2021 @ 07:06:00

    With so many asking for prayer and with loved ones with severe health issues or passing on…As we come out from under the of the umbrella of The Pandemic of Covid-19…I think about health and wellness more and more.

    I live a pretty healthy lifestyle, but I honestly do not know how my overall health is since I moved to Las Vegas. Last week I got my eyes checked, I found a primary care doctor and yesterday I had full labs done. I still need to deal with the lump in my breast, which I’m closer to the direction to go with that.

    We need to stop playing with our health and get checked out.

    We need to understand what healthy Yummy eating looks like, drink my water, move and learn to breathe properly.

    Let’s stop playing with our lives. Let’s encourage and support each to become healthy Mind-Body-Spirit. Let’s lead by example.

    Soon I will know how my overall health is and I ready to make more changes as necessary. I want to take a natural and holistic approach as much as possible but understand that medications maybe necessary. Right now I’m starting with the know high blood pressure that is also effecting my left eye. I know what I need to do for that.

    Let’s get healthy together. #LetsDoThis



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