As an Empath, I start to think that I experience ART differently than most people. I look at the presentation, I hear the sounds and how they blend, I pay attention to the visual, the space, the reaction from myself and possibly others. How it makes me feel really matter…the experience is the whole deal for me.

When I see or hear Art at times as if I can possibly feel where the creator was coming from or intentions…authenticity or conformity.

I get feelings as I watch Creative SoulZ online and I’m person. I sense I can feel where their energy is, if theirs health concerns (mind-body-spirit), if the are creating from their authentic self or what they believe what people will want.

I believe that I can sense a struggle or excitement of where a Creative Soul is as the Present in front of people in person or online. I feel I when someone is doing something for the money and not because it’s what they want to be apart of.

I do believe that especially here in Vegas that if the right kind of money is offered, we would get a whole different experience from a performance. I believe that they would be enthusiastic about promoting and show a sense of pride.

Sometimes, in having conversations with others…I wonder why they talk about an event differently than I, beyond people simply being different in taste and what captures their attention…

I had to remind myself that I am an Empath and experience life differently, so why would I not experience ART differently.

Now that I have come to this new self revelation, I embrace how I experience Arts & Entertainment and choose now BLOG and VLOG with my Authenticity and Honesty with respect.

The Power of 60+

Lady Flava of LadyFlavaNews

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