To Do A Fundraiser or Not

Do to continuous challenges at my job where the hospital census keeps dropping causing my hours to be cut from full time to part time. This has caused a financial stressor for me for several months. This is just one of the reasons that I decided it’s time to leave my job and return home to Seattle. Unfortunately, just as I thought I was back to full time hours, I have been cut back to part time just as I am preparing to return home… What to do?

One of my loved ones suggested that I do a GoFundMe account to see if I can get support from my family, friends, colleagues, co-works and social media followers. 🤔

I am not new to GoFundMe…but my fundraisers were centered around raising funds to support projects regarding creative soulz.

Although, my goal in returning home is to get away from the Vegas environment and get back to the beauty of the Pacific Northwest and find my motivation and direction for LadyFlavaNews. Vegas does not embrace original music and my passion is original authentic creativity. I miss the feeling of excitement in experiencing indie creators.

Let me also say this, I am a Christian and I know that I should have faith that the money will be available when I need to to secure my move back to Seattle the last week of May 2023. As long as I have full time hours, I can easily save the money to pay for the rental truck and car hitch plus gas. Unfortunately, the hospital is unable to predict the census to guarantee my full time hours.


I would love your feedback.

So, I do have a GoFundMe that I have not put out publicly. This is not easy for me to ask for financial help. 😔

But here is the link to my GoFundMe for my return to Seattle:

If you feel moved to bless me, I would be extremely grateful. This will be the only place I will post this for now, until I am more comfortable to put it out beyond this platform.

Humbling sharing with personal and professional vulnerability. 🙏

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As an Empath, I start to think that I experience ART differently than most people. I look at the presentation, I hear the sounds and how they blend, I pay attention to the visual, the space, the reaction from myself and possibly others. How it makes me feel really matter…the experience is the whole deal for me.

When I see or hear Art at times as if I can possibly feel where the creator was coming from or intentions…authenticity or conformity.

I get feelings as I watch Creative SoulZ online and I’m person. I sense I can feel where their energy is, if theirs health concerns (mind-body-spirit), if the are creating from their authentic self or what they believe what people will want.

I believe that I can sense a struggle or excitement of where a Creative Soul is as the Present in front of people in person or online. I feel I when someone is doing something for the money and not because it’s what they want to be apart of.

I do believe that especially here in Vegas that if the right kind of money is offered, we would get a whole different experience from a performance. I believe that they would be enthusiastic about promoting and show a sense of pride.

Sometimes, in having conversations with others…I wonder why they talk about an event differently than I, beyond people simply being different in taste and what captures their attention…

I had to remind myself that I am an Empath and experience life differently, so why would I not experience ART differently.

Now that I have come to this new self revelation, I embrace how I experience Arts & Entertainment and choose now BLOG and VLOG with my Authenticity and Honesty with respect.

The Power of 60+

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I’m Not The Normal Fan by Lady Flava

cropped-flava-news1I know at times people don’t understand who I really am and what I do.  In my early days on social medial we all came up together as we felt our way through, what this engaging online experience was all about.  Many of us started this online journey, going back to the days of MySpace.

My followers back in the early days, pretty much understood who I was and my interest in the independent creative soul.  In 2008 I joined Facebook and had no interested in having tons of people following me or I them.  So I thought 200 people was a doable number, as my brand grew and as I became involved in a variety of areas of the arts and entertainment industry, it was suggest that I move towards going for the maximum on Facebook, which the theory was I would open myself up to have more “real” followers.  27337050_10215300285969199_5314973132446348466_n What a challenge that was and still is when I am trying to build a brand for myself  as Lady Flava, while trying to figure out what people were buying into.  But I kept trudging through the social media challenges and intrigue.  I became known as the Independent Artist Cheerleader nationally and internationally going back solidly to 2007.   I started doing online radio shows  which I changed the name several times, with the last show being called FCH206 Radio on BlogTalkRadio featuring only music from Indie Artists to Featured Interviews with Indie Artists on The Leopard Carpet with Lady Flava.

One thing I came to realize early on, is that I am a person who thrives on supporting others.  And through my coffee house Flava, I found my love for the arts and creative souls.  My Daddy, Rev. Peter T. Koshi who now has passed, told me several times, “Susan, your Ministry is with Artists, it won’t be easy but it is your calling.

Let me share with you some of my background, so you can have a better understanding of my brand as Lady Flava in the Arts and Entertainment industry:

  • Owner/Operator of Flava Coffee House-Seattle, WA 2003-2008
  • I was involved with hosting an even in 2004, Grown Folks Cruise on The Spirit of Puget Sound as a member of a group, known as One Tha One Producitons.
  • At Flava Coffee House (2003-2008) I showed my support to local music by playing it during working hours to eventually selling it at Flava.
  • From MySpace I became connected with a variety of independent/self-published authors and soon found myself being drawn to reading their books.
  • 2006 started working with Spoken Word Artist, Lamont Carey who is now a national speaker, mentor, facilitator, activist for at risk youth and prisoner re-entry, author and of course spoken word artist.
  • I became a book reviewer for the Literary Review Team, APOOO BookClub.
  • Founded Flava Coffee House Book Reviews 2007
  • Hosted Wagfest National Literary Conference 2008
  • Closed Flava Coffee House 2008
  • Found FCH206 Radio in 2009 with LA Johnson (It was know as The Mosaic Show with Flava & LA)
  • Started working with Black Stax Hip Hop Soul Group-Seattle, WA in 2009
  • Dope Emporium Seattle Hip Hop Festival Team 2010
  • 2011 started working with recording artist and global entertainer,                        Marc VanClaggett of Marlex Records
  • 2012 became Business Manager of Marlex Records and then VP of Marlex Records/Marc VanClaggett’s business partner
  • Director of A&R for Spectra Music Group National and International R&B/Hip Hop/Jazz 2012
  • 2012 started FMarlex Artist Consulting business, now known as Lady Flava News Artists Consultation and Coaching business.
  • 2013 Representative for TRIBUTE, A Salute To The Temptations global entertainment group
  • 2014 began making promotional flyers for a variety of artists
  • 2015 Co-Found of the Sherry Gordy Presents Take The Stage Global Cyber Parties
  • 2017 moved to Las Vegas to further my brand and to establish the foundation to host my own Independent Artist Showcase in Vegas
  • 2017 established Flyers by Flava
  • 2017 Promotions Coordinator for Vegas Entertainment Group, N’Demand
  • 2017 continue to work behind the scenes for a variety of Independent Artists and now Vegas Entertainers doing promotions, publicity and administrative support in updating bios, fact sheets, one sheets, websites, blogs and creating EPKs.

During the years working in the Arts & Entertainment industry I have had the pleasure of working with or being connected to a variety of industry people from music producers, engineers, song writers, composers, singers and performers.  Working for the major indie record label, I learned so much about what it takes to be considered for a contract signing and national and global distribution.  I am also a co-owner and business administrator of a indie record label…so I understand the hard work that goes into creating and producing a quality product and the hard work that goes into promoting and marketing of the final product.

I am very big on the EXPERIENCE OF ART…So I pay attention to things that the average fan many not pay attention to.  The visual and arrangement is important to me…The sound and clarity of the mics and stage equipment to the actual singing, musicianship, stage presence and crowd reaction/participation.  I approach a book in the same fashion…the book cover appeal, the layout and font choice and size…to the story-line and did it capture my attention and why.  I am connected to a variety of authors, publishers and literary industry persons.

Although my background in the music industry is with recording artists…I love the challenge on how to experience live entertainment in Vegas…can I judge it the same as recorded music or not?  I am still working on defining this for myself.

I love the education and my continued growth through my new experience in the Entertainment Capitol of the World.  It so exciting to me…not always easy, but is has truly captured my attention which as given me a new sense of drive and determination to create a lane for myself with impact.

When I step out to out to experience any form of Art & Entertainment…I see it through a different view and standards than the average audience and fan.   I recognize that not all industry people, artists and entertainers are comfortable with me, along with my honest thoughts and opinions of my experience of their art or performance.  Honestly, I am okay with making people uncomfortable and I am okay with being called out, and people not agreeing with me.  It’s a beautiful thing to be respectful in disagreeing and trying to understand where someone else is coming from…to me this is growth!

One of my passions and part of my brand in Vegas is writing show reviews.  So far I keep is kind and on a whole honest, I will not writ a review unless I can say something positive…I may in the future be more honest in my critiques as my brand grows in recognition and respect is established.  Otherwise, if I cannot write a favorable review, I simply don’t write on.  My main goal in Vegas, is to put the wheels in motion to host my own Indie Artists Showcase, that I will call, “Flava’s Lounge.” So, I got a job to help fund making this a reality!  Stay tuned for more information.  You can follow Flava’s Lounge on Facebook at:

Please keep in mind I am one person and I come from my own feelings and experience when I share my thoughts.  I am honest with my thoughts and opinions and try to always present my sharing from a place of integrity and fairness.

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